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Why Do Customers Return Acer Chromebooks? by alexey ,  Apr 30, 2015

Acer Chromebook

The ideal Chromebook

The Acer Chromebook is a super portable laptop with enough power to last all day on a single charge. Its fast wireless connection delivers smooth web-based media on its brilliant high-resolution display. With 11" and 13" screen-size options, you can find the perfect one to fit your life. It’s also available with a touchscreen.

April 29th, 2015

We have developed a unique algorithm to analyze thousands of customer reviews.  We can say based on our analysis that the Acer Chromebooks are highly rated products.  

Overall satisfaction is at 4.4 out of 5 stars.  

This is a very good rating!

While most customers like them, small percentage of buyers returned or exchanged them due to some problems or dissatisfaction.  

Returned or exchanged: 3.3%

This report is based on a subset of all reviews belonging to the customers who decided to return.  

Our analysis indicates that the top three reasons people are returning Acer Chromebooks are as follows:

  1. Screen
  2. Power
  3. Performance

Here what customer who considering return say about specific issues:


"It is still a very good battery life, but not an upgrade from the C720.The screen, while bigger, at 13.3 inches compared to the C720's 11 inch screen, is nowhere near as clear, sharp, or bright as the screen from the C720.Finally, the performance was disappointing, considering that this Chromebook is slightly more expensive than the C720..."

"I initially went to the 13" Acer Chromebook:Acer Chromebook 13 CB5-311-T7NN (13.3-inch HD, NVIDIA Tegra K1, 2GB)and I was so unhappy with that one that I ended up returning it (screen was dull, performance was slow, case felt flimsy, and battery life was bad).I am very happy that Amazon has this 15" Acer Chromebook now, because it is exactly the size I wanted, and it so far, feels like a great computer."

"I'm returning it for this reason and instead I'm going to try the Toshiba Chromebook 2 which seems to have an amazing screen but with a so-so processor."


"OMG-these are the best-I had to return mine actually since it failed to power up the second time I used it, but I ran out and bought one at BestBuy for $200-in case of failure."

"I guess I can run it on wall power constantly, but that is horrible.Unbelievable that Amazon won't accept returns after a month with the terrible record that Acer has with repairing this model."

"I want to give 5 stars, but for now I cannot.  I purchased the C720 on 2/8/14 and within the first 48 hours I experienced a few "crashes."  I chalked them up as crashes and within the first week focused on finding a bad Chrome extension.  I eventually disabled all extensions but the issue still persisted.  About once a day I would experience a "crash."The next step was to contact a Chrome Ninja who did some troubleshooting with me and eventually had me do a powerwash.  After trying this and sending some system data they indicated my Chromebook had been put in developer mode and that they could not help me.  This was interesting because a) it was a new Chromebook and b) while I know what developer mode is I certainly did not perform the steps at any time to enter into developer mode.  After explaining this to the Chrome Ninja he reviewed the information I sent again and said the Chromebook was no longer in developer mode but had been put in dev mode at some point in the past.  Given that, he said the only way for him to continue to assist was for me to do a full recovery of the machine.  No big deal, I made my USB recovery disk and completed the task and started over.After performing the recovery, the machine was still randomly "crashing" 1-2 times per day.  After the Chrome Ninja reviewed the latest system info he replied back and said I have a power issue and that I'd need to contact Acer for support/repair.  What I ignorantly wasn't realizing is that the Chromebook wasn't necessarily crashing, it was completely shutting down.  I should have realized that given that I had to press the power button each time it happened for the Chromebook to boot back up, but I just wasn't putting it together I guess since this is my first Chromebook.Now that I realized what was happening (thank you Chrome Ninja), I contacted Acer for repair since I had unfortunately purchased the Chromebook from Best Buy and I was past my 14 day return window.  At first, Acer wanted me to pay for shipping to their facility in Texas.  While I was annoyed they would even think I would pay for shipping (I told them the Chromebook was brand new and less than 30 days old) it was admittedly not that hard to get them to pay for the shipping.  I simply asked the Acer support representative and it took him about 5 minutes to confirm a free shipping label would be approved.  After a brief hold, he came back and said he was emailing me a shipping label.So, that's pretty much where I stand.  I have shipped my brand new Chromebook that I've used maybe a dozen times off to Acer for repair.  While I consider myself an understanding person, I'm quite disappointed that I'm now without my device for a period of time.  I can only hope that they actually repair it correctly and that the issue does not occur again.  Given the random nature of the issue, I'm skeptical at best.  I am hopeful though given the fact that there are so many positive reviews for this device I have to be an anomaly.I will update my review and rating once I get the device back from Acer.  If anyone else experiences a new machine that just randomly shuts down, don't wait until the return period is over... just swap it out for a new one immediately!UPDATE: 4/15/2014-----------------My Chromebook has been in repair with Acer twice now.  The first time, regarding the power issue above, they simply "Reloaded OS" and sent it back.  I had told them, more than once, that I had already done that and it didn't help.  After receiving the Chromebook back in late March, I began to experience the same issue of the Chromebook just randomly powering off on the very day that I received it back from repair.  So, I immediately called Acer support and they immediately, without trouble, sent me a shipping label (again) to send it back for repair (again).  After just 1 day of having the Chromebook back in my possession, I turned around and shipped it off again.I received the Chromebook back today, 4/15, with a note reading, "Unable to replicate symptoms of the unit shutting down.  Unit remained powered on while streaming videos from youtube for more than 24 hours.  No trouble found."  Fair enough, but at this point I'm just waiting for the issue to happen again, at which time I will send it in... again.  Luckily, Google has been very helpful and they are helping me figure out what the issue is.  I just have to wait for it to happen again and they're going to analyze the data I send them from a feedback report.I'm trying to remain patient as I know my issue is difficult to replicate and is very random, but I would love to be able to talk to a more technical person at Acer to explain my issue as I believe things are getting "lost in translation..."  The other issue is I'm thinking it's battery related, and I would be the Acer tech left the Chromebook plugged in, and I've only experienced the issue while on battery power.Given the above... I've updated my rating to 2 stars."


"I expected its performance to be at least on par with that of the C720, but I was disappointed to find that it was slower, lagged more, and would actually occasionally freeze and crash (which almost never happened with the C720).For those reasons, I decided to return it and go back to the C720."

"(screen was dull, performance was slow, case felt flimsy, and battery life was bad).I am very happy that Amazon has this 15" Acer Chromebook now, because it is exactly the size I wanted, and it so far, feels like a great computer."

"I also wanted to say that my GoGo WiFi was much better on my return flights (previously, it was kinda slow and in one leg not even available).Also, Google Chrome Remote is great in terms of reliability, but needs to be updated for better speed."

"I'm returning it.1) It is slow to respond to mouse commands so it's out of sync with my selections, resulting in pages/choices being displayed that are unwanted as it attempts to "catch up".2) The audio from the speaker gets severely distorted whenever my hand is on or near the touch pad; it has now become worse, to the point that audio is distorted all the time.3) The computer takes too much time initializing startup items once the desktop appears.4) I'm not impressed with Windows 8.Other than those observations, the one positive  thing about it is that from all outward appearances it LOOKS like a laptop computer."

We hope that this information will help you with your buying decision.