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Non Traditional Wedding Dresses by Sagittarius ,  Dec 17, 2012
Today’s modern bride is nothing like her grandmother. Brides these days are opting to break many of the old wedding traditions, including — gasp! — wearing colors other than white, wearing dresses that are far too revealing, or even, wearing cuts that fall above the knee

Not all brides are into the big puffy white wedding dress style. For some women, the perfect wedding gown is whimsically romantic and not very traditional. For other women, the conventional style is too boring and too plain for their taste. Our fashion bridal dress designers always encourage their clients to never settle for less but to go for a more spectacular look for their big day. You won’t have the chance to wear another gorgeous wedding dress again.

And even if you will remarry, you might not want the same pompous design for your second ceremony, but something more simplistic and clean. This is the only chance you have to express your personality and taste in fashion. And the truth is that nowadays there are more unique dress choices than ever before! We know that many modern brides want to wear a non traditional dress at their wedding. And this wish is always related to the desire of planning an unconventional wedding. You can’t wear a whimsical dress at a traditional or classic ceremony, that’s for sure.

If you are bored of the same old wedding dress styles you can try something new or relatively less popular. The dress of a bride’s dreams usually describes her personal style and individuality. Those who are willing to adopt the nontraditional style are the offbeat brides who are ready to adopt a bolder look for their big day. An unconventional wedding gown usually reflects the vision of the bride of the perfect wedding for her. Not all weddings are the same and not all brides have the same desires and expectations. Some of us are satisfied with a simple and clean design, while others prefer something a bit more eye-catchy and original.
Giving the fact that the wedding dress will only be worn one time, at your wedding, you’d better choose something outstanding and memorable. The chances you’ll be wearing your wedding gown again are minimum, unless you’re planning on commemorating your wedding anniversaries in the same way as you did on your wedding. But in most cases the wedding dress is fit only for the big day. This means that the design is has to be truly one of a kind. Choosing a unique dress for the wedding is the best way to go more creative and individualistic.
You can create or design your wedding dress yourself if you have talent in this field. But before choosing anything, we suggest you discuss with the church to see whether you are allowed to dress in black or in another unconventional design. Those who get married in church must obey to the rules and standards of the venue. But you can also wear your nontraditional gown at the reception!