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Makeup Tips for all ages by Tanya ,  Feb 11, 2013
It's incredible – the years pass and you finally think you know exactly what flatters you, when suddenly, you start to notice new expression lines or wrinkles appearing on your face. You find yourself thinking Hmm, has that one always been there and I just now noticed it? Or maybe one day you notice that your favorite foundation just isn’t right for you anymore...


Stop looking for what’s “wrong” with your face and enjoy your young, smooth skin! If you are in your early 20s, you are probably still dealing with acne to some degree. (OK, OK, acne can still be a bit of a problem no matter what your age, so it’s good advice for all ages to remember not to touch pimples and be sure to have a concealer that treats and covers at the ready.) At this age, you should also focus on:

  • Protecting your skin from the sun. Believe me, now is the time!
  • Washing and moisturizing your face morning and night.
  • Correcting minor imperfections: You don’t absolutely need foundation. Tinted moisturizer should be sufficient, or if you want, powder and a good concealer that both hides and treats blemishes.
  • Avoid using very bright colored makeup during the daytime, and save those smoky eyes for going out. As far as blush, consider using a touch of pink to freshen up your skin.
  • Opt for lip gloss instead of lipstick, and don’t forget to wear mascara.
  • If you have undereye circles (which you can have at any age – it makes no difference if you’re twenty or fifty), it’s important that you always use undereye concealer. That being said, keep in mind that your concealer shouldn't be too light. Choose one that’s about two shades lighter than your skin tone. It’s important not to use too much concealer or you’ll create expression lines that don’t even exist.
  • It's very important to remove your makeup at night!

If you are over twenty-five, follow the advice above, but you should also start using creams designed to both moisturize and prevent signs of aging.

The key word here is prevention, not treatment. You’ll have plenty of time to use true wrinkle creams later.


Yes, I know, I’m in this age group too: Every time you look in the mirror you discover a new, shall we call it, “expression line” and wonder if it was there before and you just now noticed it.

In your 30s the results of sun exposure also begin to appear. Now is the time to take care of yourself. Don't just let yourself go.

Here is some makeup advice:

  • Do your makeup however you want, but avoid products that are overly heavy!
  • What does that mean? Avoid cream shadows, overly dense pigments, and don’t go overboard with loose powder.
  • Go for flattering eyeshadow colors that contrast with your eye color, but don’t overdo it during the day!

  • Make your eyelash curler your new best friend, and use brown eyeliner to fill in your eyelashes for a quick and sexy look. Then blend it a bit with a dark eyeshadow. This is a fast and attractive look at any age.
  • If your skin has red undertones, use a bronze-colored blush, and if you have more of an olive tone, go for pink blush.
  • Start highlighting your T zone, but don't go overboard on products in cream formulas or those that are too shiny.

Above all, moisturize, protect, and cleanse your skin with products designed for your skin type. And yes, now is the time to start using wrinkle creams to treat those expression lines...


I haven't yet entered my 40s, but let me just say that the forties are the new thirties.

My best friend is forty-two and she looks fabulous (and she’d kill me if she knew I were telling you her age!)

  • Now’s not the time to stop using makeup - on the contrary. Continue to use the advice I’ve given for thirty-somethings, and try to remember that makeup is for bringing out your good features, not just covering up things you don’t like.
  • Make your concealer, mascara, and eyelash curler your new best friends. (Always curl your lashes before putting on mascara.)

  • Another important thing to know: Keep your lips moisturized, because normally they become thinner at this age. Thanks to lip gloss, this can easily be corrected!
  • If your pores seem to becoming more enlarged (this can also happen in your 30s), use a prebase under your foundation. Prebases are concentrated moisturizing creams that close your pores and help keep your foundation in place all day, avoiding shininess.


I have to tell you the same thing I told the forty-somethings: I’m not in my 50s yet, but I’ve assessed, taught, given advice to, and made up many women in their fifties.

You should, of course, moisturize and care for your skin daily. Protect yourself from the sun! If you haven’t done it up to this point, now is the time to start.

The most important things to consider makeup-wise are:

  • Don’t use a lot of eyeshadow, unless you are a makeup master. Does that mean you can't use eyeshadow at all? Of course not, but forget about the pearlescent shades, colors in the blue family, and bright, shiny, or creamy oranges.
  • Make your eyeliner (brown, gray, or black, depending on your preference) your best friend.
  • Use the liner to fill in between your eyelashes and blend upwards with a brush. Be careful not to go past your last lash.
  • Curl your eyelashes and pile on the mascara. This will give your eyes a quick lift.

  • Don’t neglect your eyebrows. Good brows can take off ten years: comb them, fill them in, and always keep them well-groomed.
  • When choosing a foundation, you can use one that has a lifting effect or contains reflective particles.  The most important thing (and this goes for everybodyJ) is that it is the same shade as your skin.
  • Don’t forget your lips. Leave the browns and instead go for the more lively pink or orange-based tones. They’ll add freshness to your face!

Read the advice above for women in their thirties and forties, because you will be able to incorporate a lot of it into your daily routine as well


My mother's sixty-ninth birthday is coming up soon (she’s proud to be almost seventy and look as good as she does). Honestly, she doesn’t actually use much makeup at all (except when I go visit her and do her makeup for her every day I'm there), but she's beautiful. Let me say that at this age, a positive attitude is half of the battle.... so smile!  

If you’ve never really worn makeup, don’t make things too complicated for yourself, but don’t neglect it, either: a little foundation, a touch of pink blush, mascara, and, of course, lipstick. (If you dare, using eyeliner to fill in between your eyelashes is a trick I use that lifts the eye at any age and gives your eyes depth and liveliness.) When choosing lipstick, go for a color that you like. If you want, add a dab of gloss in the middle after you've applied your lipstick, and your lips will look fuller and more radiant.