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BLADE Nano QX RTF Quadcopter by Review Summary ,  Jul 29, 2015

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BLADE Nano QX RTF Quadcopter
Report Date: 08/12/2015
Based on 32 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 4.2
Returned or considering to return: 6.3%

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Individual Feature Rating
Flying4.0   average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"Point is, you will get irritated and frustrated flying this thing."
"You may even think yours doesn't fly right and SOMETHING must be wrong."
"I would not recommend for beginners to fly it outside."
"First frame broke flying indoors quad lost control after one of the blades picked up a hair wound around the motor shaft and slammed into the wall, frame cracked at motor mount."
"As I was flying it around the floor, the problem became apparent, two of the motors didn't spin as fast as the others."
"Any father away and I am not able to fly it at all."
"I've flown it indoors and outdoors and it handles really well but watch our for strong winds outside."
"It's super light, flies really well, is capable of acrobatics if you enable that mode, and is nearly indestructible."
"I was recommended to purchase this and learn to fly it before moving to a bigger copter."
"I can now control it really well and have even started to fly it under desk and obstacles."
"Seriously awesome and would highly recommend it to someone who is just looking to have fun or someone who is interested in learning the mechanics of flying quad copters."

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