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Pallet Furniture : Amazing Benefits and Ideas!! by Priyanka ,  Aug 13, 2013
Summers have arrived with all its charm and beauty of nature and so is the need for beautiful outdoor settings for spending sunny days and cool nights. The outdoor pallet furniture offers a highly affordable option for using the recycled wood for making beds, sofas, planters and fences for large garden. The pallet furniture is becoming popular for its low cost and high appeal. With your art and skill, you can change the landscape of your outdoor completely by putting some effort and time on these pallets.
Who wants a couch to slip in and watch your favorite TV channel and enjoy. This is the wish of every single person around you. And a comfortable and a very cheap couch are inexpensive to find. This is not the only reason that you quit the idea of having a pallet couch in your TV lounge. But most of the couches are so huge that they occupy so much space and do not allow the environment to be open and airy. So we have introduced the idea of pallet couch, which is very cheap to purchase or create and is not very huge to occupy space from your TV lounge and allows it to be airy. All you need for creating a couch is to have some wood pallets, arrange them into the way you want your couch to be. Now add some steel feet to it so that it is stable and immoveable. Then you can stuff it with feathers and wool to make it comfortable and cozy. Next step add cushions on it and the couch is ready to jump on it and do whatever you want and enjoy living room. The idea of a diy pallet couchNew and Fresh White pallet couchPallet couch frameBeautiful and Modern Lounge corner with pallet couch
Old pallets are very cheap material, so you can see this interesting and useful DIY ideas how to use them. Well then people grab for work and do something creative, at the same time cheap.

Despite the drear weather lately, the deck decor is coming together!

We power washed, we prepped, we stained, we built…

…an outdoor pallet sofa!

It is heaven.  Take a look (or just come on over to enjoy…)

A Summer Essential for the patio or deck: an Outdoor Pallet Sofa - Easy to make and costs less than 5 dollars!

And guess what’s the best part?  It cost less than $5.

Thankfully pallets are readily available in our neck of the woods (for free).  I usually snag mine from the back of my local Lowe’s – thanks Lowe’s, you’re the best!

After staining the deck, I knew I wanted something nice and comfy to fill the space right outside of our dining room slider.  It used to look like this before…

Deck before the super awesome makeover

But went to this with a little TLC…

A Summer Essential for the patio or deck: an Outdoor Pallet Sofa - Easy to make and costs less than 5 dollars!

Here’s how:

I got 4 pallets that were all about the same size (40″ x 30″) and made 2 “sofas”.  If you’re wanting to make something similar, then you can make yours as small or large as you desire.  If you’ve got a big patio or deck to fill, think about making a humungo sectional. How cool would that be?!

A Summer Essential for the patio or deck: an Outdoor Pallet Sofa - Easy to make and costs less than 5 dollars!

Using 4″x4″ posts from the fence we took out last year, we cut the legs using a compound miter saw (this is a favorite of mine <= affiliate link).

Determine the height of the legs:  A typical seat height is 18-20″, so we measured the height of the cushion we bought (4″ high) + the pallet thickness (5″ high), so the legs needed to be 10″.

Cutting the legs for the Pallet Sofa

To attach the legs, we used flat brackets (mending plate <= affiliate link) and braced them from the leg to the pallet edge.

Attaching the legs to the pallet sofa

Outdoor pallet sofa legs

To attach the back pallet, we used (3) 90 degree L-brackets (corner brace <= affiliate link)  for each “sofa”, so 6 in all.

Attaching the back of the pallet sofa

Then it was complete.  That’s how easy these bad-boys are to make,  But I will warn you…  THEY ARE HEAVY.  So you will definitely need some muscles & braun to lift and move the pallet sofas.

Once they were in place, we were in love!

Check out my little guy chilaxin’…

A Summer Essential for the patio or deck: an Outdoor Pallet Sofa - Easy to make and costs less than 5 dollars!


A Summer Essential for the patio or deck: an Outdoor Pallet Sofa - Easy to make and costs less than 5 dollars!

A Summer Essential for the patio or deck: an Outdoor Pallet Sofa - Easy to make and costs less than 5 dollars!

One more step we could have taken, but haven’t (yet or maybe never) is to paint or stain the pallets.  They certainly don’t need to be left the raw wood, it just depends on the look you desire.

A Summer Essential for the patio or deck: an Outdoor Pallet Sofa - Easy to make and costs less than 5 dollars!

A Summer Essential for the patio or deck: an Outdoor Pallet Sofa - Easy to make and costs less than 5 dollars!

I’m sure you’re wondering about the cushions. Right?  Boy, they were difficult to find.  I found lots of cushions, but they were all too $$$.  The tricky part was the seat depth of the pallet sofa which is 30″.  It’s the perfect spot for lounging and napping (you’ll never want to get up), but finding a cushion to fit was rough.  In the end, I ended up finding these oversized seat-with-back-cushions at Lowes.  They were a bit pricey at $55/each, but they are mega thick and durable.  They’ve been left in the rain a few times and survived, thankfully.  With the cushy back, they fit just right for the 30″ depth.

A Summer Essential for the patio or deck: an Outdoor Pallet Sofa - Easy to make and costs less than 5 dollars!

With 3 cushions across, they were just the right size to allow for some extra room on the ends of the pallets to rest a drink & drink tray.

A Summer Essential for the patio or deck: an Outdoor Pallet Sofa - Easy to make and costs less than 5 dollars!

Even though it’s been practically raining every day, I have been totally loving our new deck space.  Many a days ahead will be spent snoozing lounging!  A more thorough deck tour to come – I promise!  Until then, you’ve gotta make this pallet sofa!

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Tables and Chairs

The outdoor location can be given a classic touch with low level coffee tables, seating arrangements and planters and get a word of appraise from your friends and family. Beautiful painted chairs with lots of cushions, dining tables and chairs and daybed made from pallets will serve large family gatherings.


If you can’t afford expensive sofa’s, then consider having a pallet sofa in your house. You can make a pallet sofa by yourself or purchase it for less cost. There are several benefits of pallet sofa.

Benefits of Pallet Sofa:

  • The cushions on the sofa are light and portable.
  • Easy to wash couch on it.
  • Pallet sofa’s can be kept outdoor.
  • Pallet wood is very strong which wont easily break the sofa.
  • Long lasting sofa seat.

If you keep the pallet sofa outside which means residing them on the deck of your house, it will look beautiful. You can enjoy the weather outside by sitting on a comfy pallet sofa. You do have to make sure that the pallets are clean before deciding to make a pallet sofa. You won’t have to regret if you wish to throw the pallet sofa because it is inexpensive furniture which makes your house look unique and beautiful.

If you build a pallet sofa, you have the freedom to choose the color of seats and cushions you would like to put on it. Making something out of pallet checks your creativity and sofas is a need in every house which could be made easily.

pallet sofaPallet sofa plans.

pallet sofa

Wooden pallet couch plans.

pallet sofa

pallet sofa

DIY Pallet sofa or couch.

pallet sofa

pallet sofa

pallet sofa

pallet sofa

pallet sofa

pallet sofa

pallet sofa

pallet sofa

pallet sofa

pallet sofa

pallet sofa

pallet sofa


The pallets can provide a beautiful and stunning looking garden bench and accessories decorated with wooden pieces. These pieces are arranged in specific order to make a stand or rack in which you can keep hanging planters of herbs and shrubs. The stands can be placed horizontally or vertically to enhance various corners of your garden. The cases can be wrapped with some fabric to prevent the dust from coming out.

outdoor-pallet-furniture (1)

3. Daybeds and Sitting

Create a wonder to your lawn or backyard with a beautiful daybed made from pallets which will not only stay over time but also will cost much less. Beautiful resting chairs can be placed in front of swimming pool and cushioned to relax you and enjoy sun bath. All this requires integrity and concern for proper measurement and designing with utmost skill. The pallet daybeds can be given fresh printed cushioning to go with nature and season.

outdoor-pallet-furniture (2)

4. Patio Shelves and Stands

Designing the outdoor pallet furniture with your own hands provides such a joy and excitement which is matchless to any other task in the world. A pallet shelf is another option for adding interior design to your patio or backyard. It can be painted or left in original color to match the modern or vintage look.

outdoor-pallet-furniture (3)

5. Kid Playhouse

The kids play house is perfect furniture item for outdoor which will give your children a place to gather with their friends and spend quality time. The perfect exterior and interior can be painted up with bright colors for making it more appealing and eye catching.

outdoor-pallet-furniture (4)

6. Lounger

You can enjoy beautiful weather and nature beauty by sitting or lying on a pallet lounger placed in the backyard. It can be made movable by adding some wheels or placed at any place to match the overall theme. A comfortable and trendy cushioning will add to the elegance of this project.

outdoor-pallet-furniture (5)

7. Potting bench

It speaks a quite interesting idea for creative and useful benches for placing small and large planters and decorates any odd corner easily. The nature is best theme and you can use ceramic or wooden boxes for planting herbs and placing it on bench for decorating outdoor.

outdoor-pallet-furniture (6)