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Sades SA-738 PC Gaming Headset Headphone with Mic LED light Sades Retail Gift Box by Review Summary ,  Sep 7, 2015

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Sades SA-738 PC Gaming Headset Headphone with Mic LED light + Sades Retail Gift Box
Report Date: 11/04/2015
Based on 6 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 3.2
Returned or considering to return: 0.0%

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"4) The headphones connect with the usual headphone and microphone jacks (3.5mm), and uses USB for the lights (so you can keep it unplugged if you want to).VALUE_____________________10 20For the price, this is an okay choice, but maybe not the best, mainly because of the lack of audio quality."
"AUDIO QUALITY_____________________08 20Audio quality is a bit disappointing."
"(see video sample) Audio quality isn't very good. Not comfy for long term stuff (i. e. gaming, which is what they're designed for) and they don't seal in sound very well. You can NOT record audio on an Apple device (e. g. iPhone, iPad, Macbook pro, etc) using these headphones."
"AUDIO QUALITYThe audio quality sounds great on this headset."
"Audio is good, as well."
"Big BEWM bass, no distortion when I cranked up the headset to maximum volume, all in all, as good as one will find at this price range with auxiliary wired plugs (as opposed to those that are *real* USB output headphones, which can achieve even deeper and richer audio, but also at a much higher price tag).For those who may have less than a wonderful experience, best I can suggest is to play with the PC's audio manager."
"However, a dual wire to USB adaptor worked great with this headset, such as HandAcc Aluminum USB Audio Adapter for Windows and Mac Plug and Play."

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