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English driving by michael ,  Jul 23, 2013
Driving on the "wrong" side of the road is actually not that complicate. 
I just had to repeat to myself "mantra" turn right into left lane. Left turn is obvious since you do not change the lane. 
Much more challenging was to use to right steering wheel. 
It confused my feeling of car gabarites and I tend to get closer to left shoulder. 
Since there no shoulder on most of English roads it gets pretty dangerous. 
When I finally understood this I started to "link" myself to right side (middle line) and that resolved the problem. 

British highways are really good and have definitely better surface than Californians, 
however most of the local roads are really narrow. 
Taking in account confused feeling of gabarites it was really breathtaking experience for first couple of days. 
Another interesting detail is a speed limit on the roads. Most of the roads outside of towns are 70mph. 
British don't abuse adding additional limitations. Now imagine, 
very narrow curvy road with lot of buses and trucks "flying" towards you with 70mph.
However, after couple of days I got use to this, as well. Britons was really patient despite my "too slow" driving. 
One more thing which got me confused are roundabouts. 
Since, I was not confident I prefer to stay in left lane, but... you need to watch road marks. Some roundabouts are marked this way that left lane is for left turn only, then you need to be in lane marked for your direction. Sounds obvious, but when you are struggling with other thing it is very easy to make mistake. (Again, my tribute to patience of aborigines.).
After all, it was not that bad. I guess with some caution everybody can drive in UK.