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Tricks to Attract Women by Priyanka ,  Jul 10, 2013
Women and dating - when it comes to this topic, there isn't a man alive who wouldn't give up Super Bowl tickets for the perfect formula to getting the women of his dreams. But what most men fail to realize is that there is no "perfect formula", but there are few simple tricks which always seem to work. Mastering of these three tricks will get you the desired results with almost any and every woman. And the funny thing is, they aren't as mysterious or difficult as one would think:

1. Control your emotions - What happens when the average Joe comes across a highly attractive woman? He immediately loses his cool. Most blow it right off the bat by fawning over the women they're interested in. When you don't reacte the same as every other guy, you have automatically distinguished yourself and become unique amongst her potential suitors. Women can smell desperation, so you want to avoid this at all costs.

2. Stick to your guns - Women are naturally attracted to men who have a strong personality. If you display the ability to think for yourself and trust in your own judgment, you have again placed yourself ahead of the pack. Don't be afraid to make a decision, otherwise, she will quickly tire of having to think for the two of you. Ever wonder why women are attracted by men with leadership skills? Well, this is why. Women simply cannot and will not tolerate a guy who is confused and looks to other people to get the answers to his life. Keep your attitude in check, and you'll do just fine.

3. Be happy being you - Nobody is perfect and most women look favorably towards men who are confident and comfortable in their own skin. She knows that you have flaws. Everybody has flaws. What will impress her, is knowing that you are not concerned with what other people think, and you don't let other people's opinion determine your feelings about yourself.

Every man interested to attract the woman like a magnet. Any one can attract a woman easily like a magnet if they follow some tricks. These tricks to attract a woman may be able to help you a great deal, but keep in mind that the best and foolproof course of action is still to be the perfect gentleman. Find out the influential, step-by-step secrets of how to meet, Attracting, Charming and Impressive kind of Woman you have always wanted.  

Whether you are looking for someone for just fun or you are looking for a life partner, many men often feel ill at ease around gorgeous and attractive women. Women can seem unachievable, complicated and hard to reach, but really, nothing is further from the truth. When you are looking for some lovely and pretty female company, there are many things that you can do to make sure that you are not spending the evening alone. There are many tricks to attract women like a magnet. These tricks give you immediate results!!

Be confident 
How to change your self confidence, for good, so that you no longer feel anxiety, self doubt and nervousness when approaching women and starting conversations. If you have no faith in yourself, why should she? One of the most attractive qualities that a man can have is confidence, and you will find that if you have it, you will have plenty of company. It does not matter what you really do, or how you really feel, confidence can be faked. A person who is happy and confident is very attractive, so walk around as if you own the place and many people will just assume that you do. Confidence in one's self! Use positive body language, take meaningful actions, and be your genuine self without regard to what others may think of you. This doesn't mean you should act like a jerk, because no one likes a jerk either. It simply means that in order to attract a woman, you must be confident in yourself.

Laws of Attraction 
Find out exactly how to talk to women so that they feel something is different about you from every other man that she has ever met. This will increase her attraction for you every time that you talk to her. This subject has been poked, prodded, turned upside down and inside out. It is contained within every magazine and book and research paper on the subject of love that you will ever run across. As a relationship expert myself, I have an entire wall of books dedicated to this subject alone, and more books and articles and theories are created every day around the globe on the differences between men and women regarding their particular triggers for attraction. It is right under your nose, every day, everywhere…on TV, out in public, you name the place its right there staring you down! Yet unbelievably, there are still people who are completely clueless about the Laws of Attraction.

Be Genuine and Original 
If you are looking for a life partner or girlfriend, be up front about that too. The right woman will appreciate honesty, and you don't want to be with one who doesn't. Think about what you really want, and make sure the girl of your choice knows it too. Of course, everyone knows that being "nice" is considered socially acceptable in the world. But, women do not choose a lover based upon how nice they may be – that's how they choose their friends.

Use of Body Language 
Use of body language is flirting and tone of speech in order to attract and understand women. Dress up to impressively. What to wear as far as style, fashion and colors go in order to make women 'feel' like you are a true catch. Keep these in mind that she'll not only find you fascinating, she'll grow in attraction to you every time you speak. Discover the inner workings of the female mind and how attraction works for her. One thing that women value in a man over anything else, demonstrate this and women will get crushes on you. Hint: It isn't money, looks, values or self confidence. History has shown us that very powerful, wealthy people have fallen head over heels in love with others that have neither power nor wealth. What did they have? They had a personality, and that personality was based upon confidence! You see, positive character traits are compelling attributes that act like magnets and literally draw women to you instantly. Believe it or not, women prefer to be romanced by men who hold out their arms and pull them in for a hug rather than men who pull out their wallets whenever they seek attention.

Take Some Action 
If you want something, you must take some action to get it. If you find out that it was not what you really wanted, then you move on to the next challenge. Life is a constantly evolving experience of action after action after action. So, if you want to approach a woman you are attracted to and get her number or if you are dating someone that you feel like kissing, do not just sit there acting all nervous and confused. Instead, walk right up to her and ask for the number or move right in and kiss her. 

Top Seven (7) Female Psychology Tricks To Hack Into Her Mind

Trick Number One: Trigger an aura of mystery.

When trying to get a girl to fall for you through girls psychology, you have to show them that you see something special in them and find them incredibly interestingbecause of it. The key here would be not to tell them what that something is, though. This will make them think about you 24/7.

This trick works because it increase the levels of female curiosity while boosting their attraction towards you at the same time. Just remember to stay mysterious every single time you are around the girl that you like in order to maintain that attraction for as long as possible.

Trick Number Two: Get rid of her ego somehow.

Girls are used to getting attention whenever they want, so you have to get rid of a girl’s ego somehow if you want to succeed at attracting her. Basically, you need to focus on doing certain things whenever you are around the girl that you like. Spend more time talking to her friends than to her, for example, or pretend like she doesn’t exist when you are hanging out with a whole group of people. Not only will this make her jealous and make her feel ignored, but she will also try much harder to get your attention on her because of it.

Remember: girls love things that are rare and consider those things to be extremely valuable. So, if you make yourself unavailable to her, your value will automatically skyrocket in her eyes and she will want you more than ever. This is just how girls psychology works.

Trick Number Three: Use her emotions to your advantage.

Picture of a girl's psychology

If you know how to manipulate a girl’s psychology to bend to your will, then you’ll be super successful in dating. One such technique is fractionation.

As mentioned earlier, girls let their hearts rule them instead of their heads. So, if you can successfully manipulate a girl’s emotions to your advantage, you should have no trouble making her fall for you completely. You may need to go through several trials before actually succeeding at this, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. There are more tips found at online seduction knowledge repositories (such as – go check them out when you have got the time.

Trick Number Four: Use reverse psychology.

Why do you think girls go nuts over limited edition designed handbags? It’s simple, really: they are hard to get. So, if you want to appeal to girls, you have to play on that bit of girls psychology and become hard to get yourself. To do this easily, just disqualify and reject girls on a regular basis. Basically, you have to make them feel that you are impossible to get and that you aren’t interested in them at all. Instead of just making your value skyrocket this way, girls will start running after you and throwing themselves at you if you do this right.

Trick Number Five: Create some confusion.

In a nutshell, all this trick really involves is messing up a girl’s thoughts. This trick is different from the tricks mentioned earlier because you don’t actually have to try and control her mind – just confuse her a little bit. By confusing the girl of your choice, you can actually make her develop a subconscious obsession with you.

How can you confuse her by using girls psychology to your advantage? Well, one thing you can try is alternate the feelings of being reserved and being attracted to her. Understanding psychology of girls shows that this trick will work because at getting girls to fall for you because it is shrewd and unexpected. Plus, girls love it when guys play them hot and cold. They just won’t admit it.

A good technique on “hacking” into a girl’s mind using the famed female loophole is called fractionation. It involves making a girl experience a proverbial “emotional roller coaster” by using covert psychology and persuasion methods. Some question the need to use these “mind control” techniques on women, but as long as you don’t harbor any ill intentions towards women then why not?Picture of pretty girls

Trick Number Six: Practice the art of intense eye contact.

Without actually resorting to actual hypnosis, it is possible to attract a girl just by making eye contact. You just have to make sure that you learn how to use eye contact in a way that will make her feel like you are boring into her soul. This may take some time to master, though. A lot of the time, guys end up looking at girls for too long while practicing this in the beginning that girls start thinking they are being rude or creepy. If this happens to you, don’t give up just yet. Once you do get to focus her properly, you will actually be able to gain her overall admiration in the end and even get her obsessed with you. Try it!

Trick Number Seven: Successfully create a lingering presence.

Another way to hypnotize a girl without using actual hypnosis would be to make her feel like you are there with her, no matter where she goes. This might sound strange and creepy to you, but it can be a very effective method if done right because it can easily make girls develop an attachment to you. Plus, if you are extremely good at it, you can even make the girl work hard for your attention.

If you hesitate to use a technique like fractionation to seduce women then you’re probably not that ready for seduction success.

Naturally, before using any of the tricks on girls psychology mentioned above, you will have to exercise a bit of caution. After all, these tricks may prove to be dangerous if used too much and could backfire if used inappropriately.

Sometimes it’s the most usual and common thing that makes a lasting impression. A smart comment or a couple of small gestures can really impress a woman, while an offensive remark or a display of irresponsibility can change the game. A Smart Woman will quickly decide whether you are worth a Date or Not! All the little things you do or don’t do will help her make up her mind to go for a Date or to find the other Man Who tries all the possible tricks to woe a Women. Keeping in mind this reality, here are 10 most simple but effective ways to make a women feel special. None of this ways are time consuming or difficult. So learn this tips and make your lady know how special she is to you!

1. Make her the center of attraction
The last thing that any free-thinking human being wants is to feel second best.  A Woman doesn't want to feel as if she doesn't matter. Make her feel like she is the only girl in the surrounding. Remember why you asked this woman out in the first place: You were intrigued by her! Let it show that you mean it.

2. Compliment on her Looks
So here’s the thing, you need to give her a compliment, but You need to be  little more original than, “You have incredible eyes.” Instead Compliment the way she looks in her outfit. Say something like, “You look great in that dress.” It’s a great way of telling her she looks hot without opting for same old compliments and it also communicates that you’re attracted to her in a way.

3. Ask for advice
Whether you’re hunting for an apartment, trying to cook or  let's say trying to set your friend up on a date, women are impressed when you ask them for advice. It shows her that you value and her opinion matters a lot. Be careful not to come off as clueless here, though; you don’t want to act like you know nothing. You also don’t want to put her on the spot or make her feel uncomfortable. When asking for advice, get her perspective on a limited set of options. For example, does she think you should set up a friend on a blind date? Such question allows her to easily express her opinion and sparks a healthy conversation.

4. Open car doors (Be a gentlemen)
You may feel this one is cheesy! Open the door for Your Woman. Opening the door for a woman is a sign of gentleman. The otherwise admirable push for gender equality has largely eliminated acts of chivalry like this one. Do your part to bring chivalry back by opening the door for her. I bet, this is one is worth it.

5. Ask her questions
When you’re getting to know a woman you should do your best to make her comfortable. Talk about a subject she’s comfortable talking about -- like talking about her. As Woman loves to talk about themselves a lot, trust me when I say a lot I am way more serious than any other thing.  It’s a subject on which she has a lot of expertise, after all. Asking her questions about her past and her favorite things will allow her to open up and feel much more comfortable, it shows her that you’re interested in more than just her looks. 

6. Ignore your phone. Please!
It makes them feel as if she is not of much importance when you take a call from someone else or check your text messages in the middle of a conversation. That’s why ignoring your phone is one of the most important way to make her feel special. The culture of texting has gotten way out of hand. Too many men think it’s perfectly acceptable to take a phone call or fire off an e-mail while you’re on a date or in the middle of a conversation. Get a life! Its uncivil. When you’re talking to a woman, let her see you silence your phone or turn it off completely, it shows how important she is for you!

7. Be well Groomed always!
Any Shabby facial hair styles or even a hint of body odor will kill your chances with women. Women want their men to be well groomed always. They want them to look and smell good all the time. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to be clean-shaven, but any facial hair you do have should be well maintained.

8. Socialize With Her Friends
One of the things that speaks to our potential is our ability to fit into her social network. Women are attracted to likable, social, charming men, the kind of guys their friends and families will love. So, engage in conversation with her friends even if you don't feel like. Impress them and you’ll impress her. Just make sure it’s clear that she’s the one you’re interested in. lol

Women are attracted to many things in a man, and if you think it’s something like looks of Brad Pitt and an attractive bank account, coming in a package with Ferrari 458Italia, you are quite far from the truth. The real working tricks to attract women are

  1. Humor. If you don’t know how to make an acquaintance with a cute girl over there, it’s easy with just a drop of humor. Say something like “I’ve noticed that you’ve noticed me and I’d like to notice that I’ve noticed you too”
  2. Intrigue. The best way to intrigue a woman is to start a conversation with an unusual nontrivial question like “Can I tell you something that nobody has ever told you?” After she responds affirmatively, make a compliment to some detail in her appearance or behavior, say you believe she’s very talented, etc.
  3. Surprise. Approach the lady, you like, with a rose and say: “I was aching to show this rose how beautiful you are!”

Rule #1 To Attract Women with Body Language: Gesture

How To Attract Women with Body Language

You might be wondering what it is so special about gesture. Well you might want to try observing other men by paying close attention to their body language next time. You might be surprised to figure out a lot of intuitive hints about their hidden personality.

Some of the commons gesture displayed would include indecisive eyes movements, slanted sitting postures, and untidy clothing which implies their insecurity and lack of confidence to themselves.

If you are serious to learn how to attract women with body language, you might want to put yourself in the shoes of a lady. Do you think a woman would be attracted to a guy with such characteristics? Well by making sharper observation this would help you to learn from the mistakes of the other guys, as well as correcting your own if any.

Rule #2 To Attract Women with Body Language: Domination

It is not hard to illustrate this concept to you if you have notice such strange scenario before. Have you encounter any guys that seem to dominate lot of space compared to the other? By dominating space here doesn’t mean that he is occupying the physical space, but rather indicating their social presence.  They always feel very comfortable when mingle around with people in public as if they were at their home. Another thing with those guys is they never try to guard against other or become dodgy.

The result? Most women would find this type of men more charming and attractive, as they express themselves confidently. Those guys normally are more decisive in their conversation, steady in their movement, and firm in their words. You can start learning from those guys (with reference of most movie celebrities) and internalized those styles with you.

Rule #3 To Attract Women with Body Language: Into Her Space

Personally I would agree that the most effective ways to attract women with body language is not being too self-conscious or intimidated to go deeper into her personal space during conversation. Do not take me wrongly, as it doesn’t imply that you should intrude her personal privacy.

What I am trying to say here is that you would demonstrate your ability showing to her that you are mature enough to stay close with her, and even going a step further by having body contact during the conversation.

Most guys didn’t realize how powerful this technique is when communicate with girls by applying some flirty movements. With a little light touches on hand, playful and cheeky poke, as well as hip check, this would demonstrate to her how confident you are to yourself, and you are ready to explore her space. Of course, things might looks weird if you are doing it at first, so a better suggestion is to warming things up by touching personal belongings like jewelry or other items first.