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Celebrity Couples and their Body Language by Priyanka ,  Mar 1, 2013
Among the celebrity weeklies' many scientific contributions, none is more entertaining than the "body language expert" who can divine deep interpersonal details from one single photograph. Let's apply this rigorous method to New York City's romantic royalty.
In the world of celebrities, socialites, and reality stars, relationships are more often "blink-and-you'll-miss-it" than "long-term." That's to be expected, of course. Think of all the temptations when countless other beautiful people are around! To size up the potential of a handful of newer and more high-profile couples on the New York City scene, we turned to Patti Wood, the "Babe Ruth of body language experts" who has evaluated unspoken signals for hundreds of media outlets over the years. Join us below as Wood breaks down which twosomes are destined for eternal bliss-and which are bound for a break-up

Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner

Background: Real estate heiress, jewelry designer and Celebrity Apprentice co-host Ivanka started dating real estate scion and New York Observer publisher Jared Kushner more than two years ago. They were married on October 25th.

The verdict: "Her whole body is facing toward Jared, which means she's all about him. Most women do not pose this way. She doesn't care that people are taking photos; she is clearly proud to be next to him. Her left hand is up, showing she wants to touch him in a loving way, and her shoulders are up in a half-hug, suggesting she just wants to be closer to him. Her broad, relaxed smile also says that she's at ease with him. As for Jared, his pelvis is angled slightly toward her, and he has his arm around her in a protective manner, but not a controlling one. All of their body language signals show that they have a good sexual relationship and care for each other very deeply. It looks as if they'll have a long future together."

Body Language: Will They Last?Tinsley Mortimer & Prince Casimir Sayn Wittgenstein Sayn

Background: It's unclear when the Tinz and "Cassi" first got together, but they were pictured together back in July when they attended the Cartier International Polo match. (Things went south with her ex-husband Topper when they separated in January of last year.) While Tinsley has been seen out with former American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis recently, Cassi appears to still be in the picture for the time being.

The verdict: "The first thing I noticed about this photo is that this guy has a strong ego, which is indicated by his foot jutted out in front of him as if he's trying to emphasize he's his own man. She's awkwardly positioned, showing that she's off-balance in the relationship. She's got her legs pulled and shoulders pulled back but her pelvis is forward, like she can't make up her mind if she wants to be with him or not. Her outside arm is down, not reaching toward him, which is odd for a truly solid couple. There's tension in her face, meaning she's uncomfortable, and all of her body cues suggest she doesn't feel balanced, safe or secure with him. It doesn't bode well... at all."

Body Language: Will They Last?Topper Mortimer & Valerie Boster

Background: Topper Mortimer, Tinsley's estranged husband, reportedly first got together with Vogue editor Valerie Boster during fashion week in September. She recently threw him a birthday party at one of his favorite hangouts on the Upper East Side, preppy palace Dorrian's.

The verdict: "Here, he's doing something called 'overlapping,' where he's positioning his body around and behind her, and his chest is leaned in toward her. This means he is comfortable and at ease with her, but he's not enveloping her so tightly that he feels he needs to control her. Valerie's a little more conflicted: She's planted in her own seat but she is only leaning her upper body toward him, as if she is hesitant to give up too much and wants to remain independent. Her crossed arms indicate she wants to protect their relationship from the public eye. I'd like to see them a little more affectionate with one another, and while this doesn't appear to be a sexually-charged relationship, it doesn't necessarily mean it won't last."

Body Language: Will They Last?Kate Hudson & Alex Rodriguez

Background: The actress and the New York Yankees third baseman first got together back in May, after she allegedly ended her relationship with Owen Wilson and A-Rod and Madonna split up.

The verdict: "This couple screams 'passion.' She's pressing into him with her pelvis, which says she really digs him sexually. She's even got her hand on his rear end, and her whole body is arched into him. Likewise, Alex has his pelvis and stomach forward, but he's holding back a bit, which you can see through his restraint with his elbows. He's definitely the alpha in this relationship and seems preoccupied by people watching them. Overall, it's clear she'd do whatever he wants. If the sex continues to be good, she's going to do her best to make it work. I'd like to see a little more tenderness in the relationship, though."

Body Language: Will They Last?Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy

Background: The Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy got engaged on October 8th after dating for 11 months. She announced she was two months pregnant in mid-October.

The verdict: "The fact that she's sitting on his lap suggests two things: 1) she depends on him, and 2) they have a good sexual relationship. Her arm is very relaxed around him-she's not clinging on for dear life-and she has a relaxed smile, indicating she trusts him absolutely. The intimate gesture of their heads touching means they are balanced and like-minded. His arms are relaxed around her in a protective, loving way, and his joyous, open smile shows he could not be more enamored with her. This is a very solid couple."

148193Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl

Background: The socialite and star of The City started dating German  model Johannes Huebl in the spring of 2008.

The verdict: "What I like here is that her feet and body are angled toward him, and his body is shifted subtly toward her. Body and foot positioning says a lot about a couple's connectedness-and in this case, they have a strong connection and bond. Their hands are intertwined, indicating they feel at ease with one another and are protective of each other. Their relationship is one where each goes for comfort and strength. Given this pose, it's likely that they have a soulful, private relationship, but also a bond that is sweet and dependable. It looks to me as if they have a future."

Body Language: Will They Last?Emmy Rossum & Adam Duritz

Background: Actress Emmy Rossum went public with Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz in late September, immediately after her super-secret music executive husband, Justin Siegel, filed for divorce. It remains a mystery how Duritz, who's dated Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston in the past, manages to reel in ladies who are infinitely better looking than he is.

The verdict: "He's definitely claiming her as his 'woman' in this photo in a controlling way. He's gripping her arm so she can't move, and it's actually sort of disturbing. His gestures say, 'She's mine; isn't she gorgeous?' Emmy, on the other hand, may have the side of one hip toward Adam, but the rest of her body is pulled away, meaning that she's definitely not entirely at happy with him. It's also interesting how she's holding her purse. When couples are really into each other, the woman automatically moves her purse to the hand furthest from her companion. Here, her purse is a physical barrier, which also translates to an emotional barrier. There's also tightness around her mouth, which suggests some conflict with these two. I wouldn't expect them to last long at all."

We have cared too much about other celebrity whereabouts to keep up much with what’s going on between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new relationship. For all we know, she’s back to her old ways sexting NBA players so who knows where this relationship is going, but maybe a few body language signals could alert us whether there is already trouble in paradise and maybe we should all move on from following this couple and take it for what its worth…a publicity stunt.

PPF 033617 Kim K. and Kanyes Body Language: Will They Last?

At the Stephane Rolland Show during Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France, you see Kim K. and Kanye pictured with French designer Stephane Rolland and singer/actress Bingbing Fan.

PPF 033612 Kim K. and Kanyes Body Language: Will They Last?

While it is obvious there is tension between the two in this photo, our analysis of celebrity couple’s body language tell us the following:

  • Notice Kanye’s hands in his pocket. When a man puts his hands in his pocket, it means they are closed-off.
  • Notice his stance. A closed stance like this shows that this guy is not ready for a relationship.
  • Also, pay attention to his facial expressions. Men typically show less emotion than women and, as a result, their expressions are often more reserved and harder to decode. This means, however, that when he does show an obvious expression on his face, then it is genuine and should be taken seriously.
  • Notice his negative body language signals such as lack of eye contact, poor posture and hiding of the hands. These gestures indicate that he is either insecure, uninterested, bored, keeping something, lying or nervous. Negative body language like this indicates he is anxious to get away for some reason. Kim notices this and tries to make him feel more at ease by shifting attention away from herself as you can see with her hand placement. She is trying to bring him back in.
  • Look at the direction his body is pointing. If a man’s body or certain body parts are pointing toward you, then there is a high probability that he is interested and wants to get closer to you. Pay attention to the direction of Kanye’s feet, legs, knees and face positioning. When a guy likes someone, he will subconsciously position himself in the direction of that person. On the other hand, if his face, legs and feet are pointing away-as Kanye’s is, then he is expressing a subconscious desire to keep a distance. This form of body language is a tell-tale sign that he’s not interested.
  • Notice in both photos he never gives a warm smile or look that signals a romantic interest. In both images he has a serious expression on his face. This is a sign that he feels like he is wasting his time.
  • Okay, we noticed this one from the BET Awards. Kanye never offered Kim a kiss or accepted one from her even when he won an award.
Joel Madden looks on with concern for partner Nicole Richie, who appears to be uninterested in returning his affections, defensively keeping her arms folded.
It appears the birth of their son has tested the relationship of Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman, who have been rarely seen together recently, and when they are, they appear more interested in their own company than each others.
Marc Anthony appears concerned for wife Jennifer Lopez as he hesitantly holds her hand, after rumors that their relationship is at the breaking point.
New parentsBen Affleck and Jennifer Garner appear to have a solid and supportive relationship, as the actor protects his wife from photographers
After spending most of last year joined at the hip, the most talked about celebrity couple Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson seem to be struggling to hold a conversation.  It seems that you can have too much of a good thing.
Not only have Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt proved to be perfect parents to their six children, the amazing couple still take time out to be together, as this happy pose reflects.
This is certainly not the look of love as Jennifer Love Hewitt angrily stares at her then fiance Ross McCall. From this photograph, it is no surprise that the couple called of their engagement 4 months later.
Distance usually makes the heart grow fonder, but the distance in age of this relationship appears to be having the opposite effect.  It’s possible that Bruce Willis may struggle to keep hold of his younger girlfriend Emma Heming, who is 23 years his junior.
Tom Cruise shares a loving glance with wife Katie Holmes while holding her stomach.  Is this Hollywood couple suggesting that they are planning baby number two this year?Supermodel
Heidi Klum gives husband Seal a super big kiss as they enjoy a family day out.  This loving couple famously renew their wedding vows every year on their anniversary, since they tied the knot in 2005.
shton Kutcher is still a love-sick puppy over wife Demi Moore.  Despite the couple’s 15 year age gap, they both continue to be happily in love since marrying in 2005.
Mariah Carey made headlines last year for her secret marriage to Nick Cannon.  Despite Cannon confirming the couple are planning to have a child together, it appears from Mariah’s pose that the love of her life will always be the limelight.
Has the birth of son Zuma put pressure on Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale‘s relationship?  The once glamorous couple were pictured spending a day out together recently, looking unhappy and stressed.
Nicole Kidman may have shared a steamy kiss with her co-star Hugh Jackman in her latest film “Australia,” but in real life the actress only has eyes for husband Keith Urban, as she reassuringly clasps his hand at the film’s premiere.
Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker uncomfortably pose in public, after rumors that Broderick had an affair with a younger woman.
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Life looks great for this couple. Angelina has a genuine smile; she's glowing with happiness and has sparkling smiling eyes. She's leaning slightly towards Brad and touching him affectionately with her left arm. Brad is pleased as punch and very proud of her. His right leg is pointed toward her as he smiles and looks adoringly at her. His hands are in his pockets indicating he is completely relaxed in her company. There's a comfortable and friendly chemistry between them. They look like a very loving couple.
Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend Oh dear! Keira looks very clingy, needy and possessive. The way she holds his face and pulls him toward her indicates she that needs people to know Rupert is hers and wants 101% of his attention. Rupert is definitely looking elsewhere and his right hand on the front of her left shoulder seems to be pushing her away as he avoids her lips. He looks uncomfortable. There's no eye contact and no chemistry between them. This image does not bode well. Watch out Keira!
Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis These two look like a couple who have known and felt confident with each other for a long time.  Johnny looks in control, secure and comfortable. His hand is on top of hers as he takes the lead. His eyes are firmly focused ahead portraying confidence and a steely determination Vanessa looks comfortable in her partner role. She seems in step with him and confident enough to steal a look around at her surroundings.
David and Victoria Beckham Wow! Sparks will be flying tonight! Victoria's head is tilted down and her eyes are looking at the floor. It seems she's done something wrong and is in trouble with David. She's holding herself stiffly back and trailing behind him. David looks thunderous with a gritted jaw line, tightly set mouth, furled troubled eyebrows and eyes firmly focused ahead. He has a firm grip on her hand and his arm is stretched straight and dragging her out. It suggests they've had a serious disagreement and he wants to get them out away from prying eyes ASAP.
Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson This relationship could be a little one-sided! Kate is holding herself upright and appears a little unyielding. She is smiling as her face is turned towards him but her eyes are looking down. She doesn't appear to be as relaxed and keen as he is. Owen is leaning in towards her in a relaxed and confident way with his arm held protectively round her. His smile and his eyes indicate great happiness with his partner and he appears to be very much in love.
Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale They look like a solid couple who are comfortable and relaxed in each other's company. They are posing for a work photo shoot, something which they seem used to doing and take in their stride. Gavin's head is slightly bent towards hers indicating affection and togetherness with Gwen. His left arm is slightly bent in a protective way for her to link her hand through. Gwen is leaning in toward him and closely linking her hand through his arm. She looks serene and very secure of her relationship with him.
Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans What a lovely couple they look! Sienna loosely holds the dogs' reins with her left hand while holding on to his right hand, leading him in a confident way. Rhys looks confident and happy to be lead by her. Both look really happy and thoroughly relaxed with each other. Even the dogs look comfortable and secure in their company. They walk in step with each other.