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Things You Didn't Know about Women by Priyanka ,  Jul 17, 2013

1. No we do not enjoy watching boring action movies and sports games we know nothing about, so it wouldn’t kill you to watch “The Fashion Police” with us every once in a while without complaining that your testosterone levels are dropping.

2. No we do not enjoy getting waxed at the salon. It’s time, money, and energy wasted on agonizing physical pain, so it wouldn’t hurt you to trim your nose hairs and tweeze your unibrow. We also understand that you’re a man and you’re entitled to chest hair, but please don’t abuse the privilege. If you can braid them, shave them!

3. We also burp and fart . . . in private. How would you feel if your woman rubbed her belly and burped after each meal?

4. We get our nails manicured on a weekly basis so that our delicate lady hands remain soft, polished, and appealing. We’re not asking you to have lady hands too, but we don’t want you to have Godzilla hands either. Cut your nails, push back your cuticles, and don’t chew at them. It’s quite simple.

5. We have eyes; we can see when your vision wanders from our face to our breasts. Please keep in mind that there is no way to be subtle about it. If you want to sneak a peek while we’re not watching, go ahead, but don’t gawk at them while we’re talking to you. Eww.

6. You’ll never understand what PMS truly is . . . neither will we. We don’t PMS every month, but we still enjoy the privilege of acting like monsters with you when we can simply blame it on PMS. It’s the perfect excuse to call you a stupid prick. You may think it’s a lame excuse, but it’s not – it’s a darn great one.

7. We’d rather be with a man who doesn’t dance rather than with a man who can’t dance but still insists on dancing like he’s at a gay parade. If you don’t know your moves, sit down. Contrary to Abba’s song, you are not the dancing queen.

8.Whether we’re out on our 1st or 93rd dinner together, we want dessert. Whether we ask for it or not, we want dessert. Whether we’re dieting or not, we want dessert. When you’re in doubt, order us dessert (preferably something with lots of chocolate) – why? Because we want dessert.

9. If we love you, we will turn into worriers. We will worry about what you eat, how you sleep, and everything else. We do not like hearing that we are like your mother; so instead of complaining, appreciate that a female of the world actually gives a crap about you.

10. Whether you’re going to the beach, the supermarket, or to your cousin’s wedding, we expect you to look sexy and smell good. Whether you are bathed or not, drowned in cologne or just back from the gym, it’s all the same to us as long as you smell good; even if it’s your natural manly smell (but as long as it’s not a bad case of body odor – unacceptable).

11. If you wear a suit or a tuxedo the right way, you’ll have the power to make any girl swoon over you – you’ll have the power to turn us into porn stars. True Story.

12. We understand there’s a three day rule to calling a girl after you first meet her. We don’t like that rule. It’s become so cliché and we don’t like men who need to plan their every move. This is not a board game, so spontaneity won’t give you an ulcer. Call us the next day; not only will be appreciate it, but we’ll appreciate you.

13. We don’t like virgin men, but we don’t like men who screw whores either. If you spend your nights in “cabaret central”, it’s nothing to brag about. If you have to pay a woman 50 bucks to get down and dirty with you, it’s nothing to brag about. During sleepovers, we laugh about sex-payers like you.

14. When we ask you what outfit we should wear, just pick one! We won’t wear the one you choose so don’t be angry; but nevertheless, pick one!

15. Never underestimate a woman’s instinct. We’ll know you’re going to cheat before you even know it. No matter what tactic you choose to hide it, we’ll know. If we don’t tell you anything about it, it’s because we’re devising a plan to ruin your life. You never know, we could also become friends with your new slut while we’re at the nail salon. We function that way.

16. Differentiate between your ex-girlfriends and your ex-f*** buddies. If you call your ex-girlfriend a whore, it means you’ll call us a whore too at some point. As for your ex-f*** buddies, we don’t care for them; your relationship CV is like your professional CV; focus on quality.

17. We never stop thinking; whether we’re sleeping, eating, driving, watching TV . . . we never stop thinking. We understand you can’t multitask, and so you fall into deep trances of nothingness, but we can think, type, take a phone call, and kiss you good morning all at once. Embrace that and don’t be surprised when we keep asking you what you’re thinking about . . . we just haven’t registered yet how empty you are inside.

18. If we’re playing with our hair, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re flirting with you, it could mean we’re so bored that we’re amusing ourselves with something else . . . or maybe because you’re standing way too close that we can see the back of your tonsils. On that note, we hate being smothered with kisses and hugs on a first date. Keep your tongue, lips, and hands to yourself. We don’t appreciate being harassed by a horny beast.

19. We understand that you’re the man and no being is more powerful than you, but you won’t bust a nut if you ask for directions when you’re lost. I believe that’s the biggest turn on ever: a man who admits to not knowing something and takes the initiative of finding out.

20. We take way too long to get ready, we know that. That being said, we love how it always takes you 12 minutes to get ready (whether it’s for a football game or for a cocktail dinner). If you take more time to get dressed, we’ll wonder what you’re doing in there.

21. No, not all of us are programmed to get married, and not all of us are devising evil plans to get you to pop the question. Many of us are actually very happy being independent.

22. Every woman is attracted to other women, to a certain degree of course. Why? ‘Cause we’re so darn hot!

23. All women have expensive taste and like expensive things; so even if your woman is simple and easygoing, it would still be nice to buy her those nice diamond earrings.

24. Never refer to us as your “lady friend”, whether we’ve been dating for a week or a year, or that’s exactly what we’ll become.

25. Stop watching too much porn and trying to reenact it in real life unless you want a wailing, screeching, freak-beast woman. Real-life sex is totally different.

26. No matter how ugly, unsuccessful, short, fat, or bald you are, if you’re funny, we’ll go out with you.

27. We don’t like men who call themselves pimps or who dress like pimps. For starters, look up the meaning in the dictionary. It’s so ugly when you wear dark shades at night, big gold rings on your pinky finger, or big gold chains around your neck.

28. We like sexy fit bodies, but it’s a big turn-off when you look as though you’ve pumped air into your biceps at the petrol station. Never count your calories in front of us and never act anorexic like food is the enemy; only women are entitled to that annoying privilege.

29. There is nothing sexier than a man who helps us cook, clean, and wash the dishes. Yummy!

30. When we run into your ex-girlfriend in public, you better put your arm around us (whether we are in a fight or not), and oh you are in deep sh** if we are the ones that have to introduce ourselves.

31. “Bros before Hoes” . . . sure darling. Would you like us to count how many times your friends have tried to hit on us? That being said, our enemies better not be your friends.

32. We never need more than 4 minutes in the WC. When we’re in the ladies’ room for half an hour, it’s because other girls are making us wait; while doing that, we start playing with each others’ breasts (okay don’t get too excited, I was just kidding).

33. When you say “I made her come 14 times”, we’ll just laugh at you. You were fake-orgasmed!

34. Your obsession with your Play station, X Box, iPad, or whatever, is pathetic . . . especially when we walk into the room and you treat us like we’re invisible. I’ll tell you what we really think about your new top score, we’d like to take it and shove it up your a-hole.


So, you think you've got women all figured out do you? The fact is, there are many things about women that would probably seriously surprise you. Some of these things contradict the so-called status quo, while others actually confirm old cliches. Check out our list of the ten most surprising things that you didn't know about women below! 

1. Tighty Whiteys Are Like Kryptonite To Us 
Guys, white briefs just aren't a sexy look no matter who you are. You can have the most amazing body ever, but if you take off your pants and we're blinded by bright white briefs we're going to want to run screaming in the opposite direction. Watch-Porn-Videos-fun-Couple-Together

2. We Sometimes Like Porn, Too 
Most of the time, we prefer a lot of foreplay and a few sexy words to get us in the mood. Every now and then, though, we can get just as into adult films as you do. 

3. Never – EVER – Refer To Us As “Ma'am” 
If you're looking to score, don't ever call a woman “ma'am.” It's the surest way to make us feel old, unattractive and matronly – even if we're still under the age 25. 

4. Don't Badmouth Your Ex 
In some small ways, hearing you badmouth your ex might make us feel more secure. For the most part, though, it is a real turnoff and can make us think that you have really low self-esteem. Don't go there. 

5. PMS Really Is An Actual Phenomenon 
When we complain about PMS, don't roll your eyes and act like we're making up excuses. It is an actual medical condition, and it can make our hormones go haywire – in a bad way! You're licensed to have your doubts if we seem to have PMS all month long, though. 

6. A Bit Of Machismo Can Be A Good Thing 
Generally, we like guys who are tender and who are open about their feelings. When the situation warrants it, though, nothing is hotter than a man who really gets a tough “edge.” Don't fly off the handle regularly, but don't be afraid to let your inner tough guy shine through every once in a while. 

7. Want To Get In Our Pants? Be Funny 
Humor is definitely the number one aphrodisiac for a woman. What you lack in looks, fitness, money and other things can be more than made up for with a great sense of humor. If you can make us laugh, you're bound to go far. 

8. Know How To Answer Questions With Sensitivity 
When we ask you a tricky question – i.e., “Does this make me look fat?” absolutely never hesitate to say “No way.” Understand that this is our way of looking for reassurance – nothing more, nothing less. 

9. Don't Talk About How Hot That Chick Is 
Yes, we notice when you gawk at other women. It's annoying, but what's even worse is when you talk about it. Please don't rave on about how attractive some random woman is, unless we specifically ask for your opinion! 

10. Dote On Us – But Don't Overdo It 
To a certain degree, we like it when you dote on us a bit. Calling us to say you love us and randomly buying us flowers is nice – smothering us is not. Strike a nice balance and you'll be up for a “best boyfriend” or “best husband” award in no time!

20-Things-You-Didn't Know-About-Women

While most men would like to think they have a pretty good grasp of the female species, most women would prefer to disagree. Here are 20 things research, surveys, and nerds in lab coats have uncovered over the years, that most of us men will likely benefit from knowing.

1. Urinary Tract Infections are Often Caused by an Unclean Guy… 

If you don’t want a red light in the bedroom… wash your stuff! Enough said…

2. She Likes Porn, Too! 

According to most studies, nearly 20 percent of all women are regular customers to porn, whether they’ll admit it or not. In 2006, a study at McGill University, monitored the genital temperatures of women who were subjected to various videos of the flesh. What they found, was despite the disinterest on their face while viewing these flicks, their temperature gauge told a different story. A story that spiked the Fahrenheit needle within the first 30 seconds of people getting naked. It took around 11 minutes for women to reach maximum arousal, but according to similar research, that’s about the same amount of time for a man. We’re not so different after all.

3. Most of Her Fantasies are Set Around You 

According to surveys, most women in a relationship prefer fantasizing about their current partner (hot or not), than celebrities or imaginary characters on the cover of romance novels. This is quite the contrary to most men who regularly engage in fantasies about women other than their current partner. Interestingly, while the majority of American guys prefer ex-girlfriends, classmates, or co-workers to take the starring role of their fantasies, 25 percent of Canadian guys prefer fantasizing about an imaginary character, such as Jessica Rabbit or Barnie the Purple Dinosaur, while bumping an ugly.

4. If She Cuts the Night Short… She Might Really Need to Cut Something Else 

Like the popular kids book, Everybody Poops, there is a new edition coming out soon for college guys, called, Everybody Farts. Depending on what she had for dinner, she might start filling up faster than a hot air balloon in the Mohave Dessert, and if she has no convenient place to release the pressure (far away from you), she might have to put an abrupt end to an otherwise perfect evening. This, however, does not mean that she didn’t have a good time, and should not effect your confidence to call her the next day.

5. Your Sexy When you Drive, Shave, Hold a Baby, and Wear a White T-Shirt 

But not necessarily in that order. Even if you miss second gear, nick your chin, and the baby burbs green peas all over the white shirt, you’ll still be sexy-cool in their eyes!

6. If She Cheats, You Deserved it (at least in her mind) 

Most guys cheat because they can, while women, according to studies, cheat because they feel entitled. A Toronto study on women cheaters found the majority (about 90 percent) who cheat on their boyfriend/husband feel no remorse or guilt. For one, these women believe emotional cheating (“I’m in love with my co-worker”) is much more inappropriate than a quick romp on the desk (“My co-worker is hot”). Studies at Marymount Manhattan College have shown, women tend to release themselves from the burden of guilt when their happiness is on the line. In other words, if their partner is not up to the job of making them happy, they feel entitled to find happiness, whether it means cheating for momentary pleasure, or as a catalyst to remove themselves from the current relationship.

7. Squeezing Boobs is not Foreplay 

Most guys claim they already know this one, but according to the complaints of mass women on campuses around the globe, it is clear these lessons have not yet been taken into practice. While guys in porno’s appear to achieve quite a success rate by using this technique, those giggles of joy reverberating from the women’s plump, luscious lips are called, acting. If you really want to pleasure a woman, touch and caress… don’t grab and squeeze. But don’t forget to at least introduce yourself first!

8. Women Have Hair in Strange Places 

We can really only blame society for this common misinformation among guys. Women have learned from an early age, that hair in every other place other than their head, is bad. Considering this perfect fantasy has gone on for centuries, a lot of guys just don’t realize that it is normal for a woman to exhibit hair on their breasts, buttocks, lower back, and stomach. If your girl doesn’t have any of these signs of being a disciple of Bigfoot, appreciate the time she has spent getting rid of it.

9. She will Mirror You if She’s Interested 

This is an interesting experiment to partake in, even though I would not base any major conclusion on its outcome. Studies have shown that men and women who like each other, engage in a phenomenon known as “mirroring”. For instance, whenever a guy leans forward during a conversation at a bar, and the woman is interested in him, she will lean in after him, thinking, Hi, brown eyes. If he then leans back in the opposite direction, crossing his legs, she will pull back, crossing her own legs, and wonder what she did wrong. Researchers theorize the reasoning behind this phenomenon, is that women are trying to show interest by placing themselves among the same level as their suitor, displaying similar actions and mannerisms.

10. They Know You’re Lying… So Why Bother? 

A lot of guys think they can weasel their way out of a stiff predicament by lying… but it is usually best to just fess up and get it over with.

11. One, Simple “Thank you” Goes a Long Way 

Women often feel unappreciated for all the things they do for their guy. While some guys will do the obligatory dinner and a movie to thank them, according to research, showing appreciation is a lot easier than they realize. Studies in married couples and roommates have found that even when a relationship is completely lopsided in chores, the overworked partner will remain satisfied, as long as the other person remembers to say “Thank you” every now and then.

12. Male Friends “are” and will “Always Be”, Just Friends 

Don’t mistake a woman’s friendship as an open door for something more to develop, according to most surveys. Once a woman has filed a guy away in the friendship cabinet where she also has been known to keep her tax information, he will almost never be able to sneak out into the lingerie drawer. Women love male comrades, especially to confide in them when another guy has treated them badly. After a first date, a handshake is an automatic invitation to do her taxes, a hug puts you in the running for seeing that lingerie, and a solid goodnight kiss gets a pinky in the drawer (pinky, not winky). Remember, if you fail the first time around, you’re better off keeping low a few months before re-trying, than hanging out in Friendsville, keeping track of old lingerie tax receipts!

13. Don’t mention PMS… Unless Your Asking to Buy Her Pads at the Store 

Women do not like men to mention these three syllables, especially under the context, “Are you PMS-ing again?” Instead, it’s always better to hold your tongue, wait it out, and live to say something else wrong another day.

14. A Head Nod Does Not Equal Conversation 

Men are innately simple creatures when it comes to communicating. One head nod, means, “What’s up,” two nods, “Well, okay, if it will get me laid,” and three, “Yeah, that sounds pretty good.” Women, on the other hand, communicate in a more complicated way, which means they expect men to listen and respond with words. Bonus points will go to those who can create a sentence out of the last couple of words that came from her mouth. Be forewarned however, that this does not mean that she wants you to solve her problem, only listen, repeat, and understand.

15. Macho for Fun, and Sensitive for Commitment 

Most guys don’t realize that they can dictate their relationships simply by the way they look and act. According to a study at the University of Aberdeen, when women were shown photos of men enhanced as either masculine (square jaw, small eyes) or feminine (small chin, raised eyebrows), they overwhelmingly preferred the feminine men when instructed to search for a lifetime partner. Further studies have gone on to show that masculine men are usually the more preferred when a woman is looking for a good time. Who knew dodging commitment could be so easy!

16. Want to Really Impress Her… Ask to Meet Her Family 

Many women have a very strong bond between their family, and when a guy initiates interest in that bond, it is the equivalent to a woman having lifetime season tickets on the 50 yard line of every Superbowl.

17. Some Pickup Lines Actually Work… 

A classic study at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, put Bam Margera’s arsenal of pickup lines to the test on over 205 undergraduates. What they found was intellectual, humorous lines worked reasonably well on most women, while the sexually-loaded lines were a big turn-off. The men in the study were given the exact same pickup lines, asking which ones they thought would fare the best under a first time encounter, and they overwhelmingly chose the sexually loaded lines (i.e. “Hi, I can carry a dozen donuts without even using my hands.”). What this research suggests, is instead of using old, tired lines, try complimenting a women sincerely (“You know your martini’s, this restaurant makes the best in town.”); making her laugh (“If you were a pirate and I was a tree, I’d let you shiver me timbers.”); or put together your own custom line for the situation (“Did you know this restaurant used to be a old mine shaft?”).

18. Woman’s Lib Does Not Include Going Dutch 

According to countless surveys, women still expect (and appreciate) a guy to pickup the check. There are a number of reasons for this. One, it is not presumptuous for a man to pay for a date, if he was the one to initiate the date in the first place. Two, some women believe that due to the uneven pay scale in the workforce (about 20 percent), men theoretically make more money, and should therefore pickup the tab the majority of the time. The only caveat is, if she insists on paying half, let her, otherwise you’ll risk appearing inflexible, chauvinist, and disagreeable.

19. Women Like Spontaneity… Her kind of Spontaneity 

Flowers given on a Thursday afternoon after a tough Chemistry exam is…. spontaneous and good! Flowers given every Valentines Day from freshman year to senior is… not spontaneous. Whisking her away on a weekend trip on short notice is… spontaneous and good! Showing up 15 minutes late for a date, exclaiming, “So, what do you want to do now?”… might seem spontaneous on your part, but will seem rather lame on hers!

20. She is Less Excited About Receiving Lingerie, Than You Are About Giving It 

The saying goes that all women love pretty, shiny things, but when it comes to a glimmering Las Veas showgirl costumes, not all women are excited to climb aboard your fantasy train. There are two things you can do to ensure these gifts are accepted with open arms. First, don’t make lingerie her only gift. Second, “Find someone close to her size and relay that to the salesperson,” says Tyran, a Fredrick’s of Hollywood lingerie model. “Buying her a size that is too big is a no, no.” You wouldn’t stroll into an auto part store, asking for engine oil without at least having any idea of the weight you needed. The wrong weight could potentially lead to an engine seizure before even getting your dipstick in the tube!

Twenty One Things You Didn't Know About Women 

1. We don't need to be told that we're beautiful or sexy every five minutes. It sounds like a lie after the third time. Once a day is fine.

2. Your teeth, hair, and nails need to be clean if we want to kiss you, suck your fingers, or run our fingers through or over your hair!

3. We could care less what your status is. When you're with us we need your full attention. Cut the damn cell phone off!

4. We're not impressed by your use of slang. Speak proper English, please!

5. We want to be taken care of, but we also want to be seen as equals. I can take out the garbage and mow the lawn and you can mop the floor and comb my daughter's hair. It's about teamwork!

6. We hate that you can't hold a fork correctly.

7. Sagging pants are only attractive to young naive women.

8. Women today are tough because we have to be. Many of us are raising kids by ourselves and working full time. Don't be scared. We're doing what the men won't do and we actually like it!

9. When you disappear without a trace we're aware that you're cowards, but it still hurts. Have the balls to exit like a man!

10. If you're married or have a girlfriend we're not interested in being your side trick.

11. We think video games are stupid and so are you for playing them nonstop.

12. Even if you like the extra junk in our trunk we may not and will work out or eat light to get the body WE want. It doesn't matter what YOU think.

13. We don't really care how much money you make. Sure, it's cool if you have a lot of money in the bank, but it's cooler when we have our own.

14. We like to have time away from you.

15. We're turned on by the fact that you have regular dental and medical check ups.

16. We're freakier with a lil' liquor in us!

17. We check out your feet too.

18. Being homophobic or showing prejudice of any kind is a turnoff and not funny at all. In fact jokes about "faggots" make us wonder if you're on the down low.

19. Wearing pink does not turn us on.

20. We're attracted to nerds not thugs.

21. "Hey baby, wasup?" is not a way to get our attention.

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Women at Work

Over the last few days we have been reviewing the UN report on The World’s Women 2010: Trends and Statistics. This report is produced every five years, following the Beijing Declaration adopted in 1995 at the Fourth World Conference on Women.

As we’re currently running the Capp Women at Work Survey focused at the individual level (you can complete the survey here), we have also been looking at trends and statistics at the international and national policy level.

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about women at work:

1. Women’s participation in the global labour market has been steady at about 52% from 1990 through to 2010, whereas men’s participation has declined from 81% to 77%.

2. Women spend at least twice as much time as men on unpaid domestic work, leaving them with total work hours that are longer than men’s in all regions of the world.

3. Relative to their overall share of total employment, you’re significantly less likely to find a woman as a legislator, senior official or manager, and much more likely to find a woman as a clerk, sales worker or service worker.

4. Following from this, more than three quarters of women’s employment in most of the developed world is in the service sector – a significantly higher proportion than men’s employment, although this is increasing for both genders.

5. And this looks unlikely to change soon: Based on participation in tertiary (university / college) education, women are predominant in the fields of education, health and welfare, social sciences, and humanities and art, but they are significantly under-represented in science and engineering.