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Tips for Planning a Romantic Evening by Priyanka ,  Aug 8, 2013
A romantic dinner date is not about choosing the most expensive restaurant or about showing how much money you spent to put the evening together. A romantic evening with your significant other should be about showing the other person how much you care about them. Planning a romantic evening at home away from the distractions of a restaurant allows all of the focus to be on you as a couple. The most important thing to keep in mind is to have fun and to make sure that your partner does too. There is no need to wait for a birthday or for the next special occasion. Break down daily routine with these simple tips on how to create the perfect romantic evening for two at home.

5 Tips to Start you off Planning

First you need to sit down with pen and paper and make a plan of what you will be doing for your romantic evening at home.

  1. What does your partner like? What kind of character does he or she have?
  2. Will you be cooking yourself or ordering food?
  3. How will you set up your home for the perfect evening?
  4. What are you going to wear?
  5. What will are you doing after dinner?

The best part about entering a new relationship is that there is so much to know about each other. Newly-committed couples have a delicious time discovering one another emotionally as well as physically. If you too have found a partner recently, here are a few ways to spend a long romantic evening together and create the best memories for a lifetime.

Go out for a long drive

Few things are as relaxing as a long quiet drive after the hectic rush of a working day. And on such a drive if you can get your partner to accompany you, the experience is unbelievably romantic. Those who have done it remember the soothing hum of the car engine, the soft rustle of the wind in one’s hair and the companionable silence between two people who love and understand each other.

Cook a meal together

A meal well prepared and presented is a feast for all the senses and can be an erotic precursor to an intimate evening. While you rustle up a meal together, playfully sprinkle some parsley on your man which will give you an excuse to lovingly tousle his hair. Again you can dip your girl’s finger in a sauce and sensuously lick it off, all the while pretending to check the seasoning. The whole idea is to play with tastes, colors, aromas and textures and in the end whip up a great meal.

Watch a romantic movie

If however the two of you are fagged out after a busy day, get cozy on the couch and put on your favorite DVD. Better still, choose a classic romance like Casablanca or An Affair to Remember. If your tastes run towards the modern and the comic, go for Notting Hill or There’s Something about Mary. Wrap yourselves up in a blanket and keep the bowl of popcorn nearby. Just in case you get into the mood and are too tired to make dinner, have the pizza delivery number handy and you are set for a great evening together.

Enjoy the outdoors together

One of the most romantic ways to spend an evening is to be in the midst of nature. If you are lucky to live near a beach or in the hills, hold hands and go for a long walk. Alternately just wander through your neighborhood park and you will find that there is a magic in the hour when the moon rises like a golden disc and the birds are heading for the nests. Don’t worry about the route you should take or whether someone may be trying to call you at home. Savor these moments of togetherness which will be unlike anything you experience later in life.

Get out of town

Sometimes a change of scene is the best way to spice up an evening. Drive to a nearby resort or book a hotel room over the weekend. This will enable you both to forget about all other responsibilities and just focus on each other. To make your evening more romantic, stay at a resort with a nice garden or one where the rooms come with a Jacuzzi.

Give each other a massage

This can be an incredibly sensuous experience and a wonderful way to discover your partner’s erotic preferences. Set the mood with scented candles in the bedroom, lay out soft sheets and towels  and put on some soothing music. Choose from a range of basic massage oils like olive or almond oil which can be then blended with aromatic essences like lavender for relaxation or peppermint for a stimulating massage.

Go for a boat ride

If you have access to a water body like a river or a lake, then hire a boat and head out for a romantic evening. While  proper cruise on a big river would be more spectacular, even a simple boat ride during the sunset can create a magical atmosphere. Anchor at a secluded spot and light a bonfire. If you have packed a picnic hamper, bring it out and roast marshmallows under the stars. It will be an evening you are sure to remember for a long time to come.

Pamper yourselves at a spa

What better way to wind down after a hectic day than to go for a joint spa session. These days there are innumerable types of spa treatments to choose from, ranging from specialized beauty routines to holistic massages. While there you could also try the steam room, the pools and the saunas. The session will not only leave the two of you feeling rejuvenated but refreshed and ready for an intimate night ahead.

Listen to some romantic music

While unusual romantic ideas can spice up a routine evening, sometimes all you want is to relax at home with your significant other. Put on some soft music and set the mood for a mellow evening. If are one for the classic, explore Mozart’s great symphonies together. On the other hand, if you care more for soft rock, play some memorable numbers by Bryan Adams or Lionel Richie. Lace your fingers together and let yourselves be carried away by the tender lyrics or better still find your own rhythm and dance to the romantic music.

Plan a game

A wonderful way to stir things up between you and your partner would be to plan a lover’s game. A romantic scavenger hunt is a timeless favorite and can be played around the house. Place clues in different places and then send your partner looking for them. The final prize can be a bottle of good wine or champagne which you both can indulge in to wind up the fun-filled yet romantic evening.

These are only a few of the many ways you can spend an amorous evening with your partner. Be creative and let your imagination run wild when you are together since this is the best time to explore each other’s desire and fancies. At the same time make sure to have fun and be comfortable and you will surely have one of the best evenings of your life.

  • Lighting. Candles and low lighting are flattering to every skin tone and work very well in creating a romantic mood. Try varying candle sizes and heights to achieve the soft glow you desire. Chinese lanterns and tea lights are very romantic (not to mention stylish!) and practical for the outdoors. Ban all fluorescent lighting if indoors (the pair of you will look green otherwise) and instead opt for the warm glow of candlelight.
  • Music and Movies. Music can be very powerful in creating a romantic mood, but be sure to keep it very low (you don't want to compete with a crooning Sade when trying to communicate with your honey). You can make music an even more powerful symbol of your love by choosing songs that were popular when you first started dating. And the media blitz doesn't have to end there! Setting up several televisions to play classic romantic movies (think "Casablanca" or "A Place in the Sun") is another effective way of creating a romantic ambiance.
  • In addition to making a romantic meal, lighting some candles, and making sure that you are alone with your significant other for the evening, there are a few things that you need to consider. Here are 5 tips.

    1. Consider giving your house a thorough cleaning before hand.

    Whether you hire a housecleaner just for this occasion, or make the time to do it yourself, try to make sure that your house is as clean, or at least picked up. Having the place a mess when you are trying to have a fun, romantic evening alone with your significant other is just distracting. You don't want to think about all of those dishes in the sink while you are both enjoying a dinner for two.

    2. Don't necessarily use this opportunity to try out a new recipe.

    Chances are that you will be cooking a special dinner if you are planning a romantic evening at home. You don't have to cook something incredibly easy, but don't use this occasion to try out a new, complex recipe either. You don't want to end up having to send out for pizza later.

    3. Don't try to set any expectations for the evening.

    Usually one person will plan a special, romantic evening at home for specific reasons. In many cases, it is one person's attempt to put a spark back into the relationship. Be honest with yourself that it may or may not work. Don't get your hopes set so high as to be unrealistic. Just use the evening as it is intended, time along with your significant other, nothing more, nothing less. As long as you both end up having a good time, then it was successful.

    4. Go easy on the romantic over-tones.

    You can go out of your way to buy special wine, put on romantic music, light candles, and create a very romantic meal. You might even purchase a new outfit. However, if the message and real intention is too overt, your loved one might just feel pressured into pretending that he or she is having a good time. The last thing you want when planning a special evening at home with your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend is pressure. You want that person to feel comfortable and relax. Some people just can't relax in an overly romantic atmosphere. It can feel way too contrived.

    5. Consider planning a fun activity as part of the evening.

    You may or may not intend to spend the entire evening at home; either way, it is a good idea to plan some fun activities that you can both enjoy as part of the evening. Taking a walk, going to a movie, going out for a drink are all good ideas. If you want to stay at home the entire evening, you might have to get a bit more creative. It doesn't really what you plan for the evening as long as you know that both of you will enjoy participating. This is not the time to get your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend to try something completely new that he or she might not enjoy. Try selecting something you've both enjoyed in the past, perhaps when you first started dating.

    There is a lot more to planning a romantic evening along with your significant other than just making a romantic meal, lighting candles, and ensuring that you are alone. A little ingenuity goes a long way.

    Whether you have been married for years or just starting a new relationship, coming up with romantic, interesting dates is hard. You need to be creative and think about you, as a couple. What are your common interests? What types of activities do you enjoy - Outdoor, adventurous dates? Quiet, romantic? Exciting, interesting? Something totally different? As a couple, your ideas of romance may be completely different than mine or your best friends.

    Rather than thinking in terms of creating the perfect or most romantic date, think in terms of creating memories. This way, no matter how the date turns out, you have something to look back on and remember, hopefully, with a smile on your face.

    Use the following ideas, not to specifically plan your date, but to get your creative juices flowing. Mold the tips to fit your unique relationship.

    Try something new. If you usually end up going out for dinner and then taking in a movie, plan a surprise. Try a new type of food; go for Thai or Indian food instead of your normal fare. Instead of a movie, visit a local art gallery. Find something totally different than what you usually do when going out.

    When going with take-out, change up where you eat dinner. Instead of sitting in front of the television, get out your best china and light some candles. Fast-food can take on a whole new meaning if you create an intimate setting to go with it.

     Send your spouse, partner or date and invitation to dinner. This can be dinner at your house or an evening on the town. Include on the dinner that it is "formal" although tuxes and long evening gowns aren't necessary, it can be fun and romantic to get dressed up.

     Make sure there aren't any distractions. If you have children, make plans for them to spend the night with relatives or friends. Put a basket by the front door to place cell phones and make sure you plan your evening for a night when there isn't any other important events going on that will take your partner's attention.

    Add romantic aromas. Use scented candles, air fresheners or spices you toast in your frying pan to fill the house with sensuous or romantic scents. If you aren't planning on spending the evening at home, pick up a car freshener for the car to help set the mood when traveling to and from your date. If you intend to end up back at home, be prepared with scents to fill the room.

    Feed each other rather than using utensils. Make it a fun, romantic dinner but plan ahead by cooking foods that can be easily fed to one another. Remember to create a romantic atmosphere for your dinner. You may want to place a blanket on the floor and create an indoor picnic filled with various finger foods. Be sure to include romantic beverages - wine (non-alcoholic if you prefer) or exotic drinks work well.

    Plan a night of dancing. Check out the local entertainment, making sure to find a band or club that has a good selection of slow dance music so you can enjoy having your arms around one another all through the evening. If staying home, create the atmosphere by lighting candles or dimming the lights and creating a CD of your favorite love songs.

    Getting Yourself Ready

    Of course, one of the most important things when you plan a romantic night is to plan to look gorgeous! Make yourself into eye candy. Wear an outfit you know your partner adores-- whether it's that lingerie that he drools over, or that blue shirt she says brings out your eyes.

    Pay attention to little details in your hair and skin that you might otherwise overlook. Nothing is so romantic as a soft hand when you're holding each other!

    Tip for Guys: Really want to plan a romantic night that will blow her away? Wear a suit! I know you don't want to. I know you really don't want to. But it's the quickest way to let her know you're serious about being romantic tonight! Also, give her warning-- she'll want to look her best, and get a chance to dress up, too!

    Entertainment Ideas for a Romantic Evening

    Even when you plan a romantic night with somebody you've known forever, it sometimes helps to have an icebreaker.

    If it's been a long while since the two of you had a romantic evening on your own, there may be moments of awkwardness. So how about a movie or game to lighten the mood (and a glass of wine too!). When you plan a romantic night there's the temptation to get a gooey romantic film, but consider some good comedy. Laughter relieves stress, which will make the whole night more pleasant.

    Air of Mystery Evenings: Another idea for a sensuous evening can take on a mysterious air of its own. Where both man and woman don masks that hide their faces, and garments that conceal their bodies from each other, so as they spend time together they will start to reveal themselves on to the other bit by bit. A bottle of champagne can begin to break the ice and conversation that can be suggestive overall. Both man and woman can tell each other their fantasies sexually and whoever gets the hottest by the telling of these erotic tales must remove a piece of their clothing first. The mystery to this sensuous evening is obvious. It is for two people to discover what the mystery is that draws them close be it through their feelings, desires, and or fantasies. 

    Evenings on Bed with Dinner: Another creative idea is Bed and Dinner. This is where two partners spend their entire evening in bed with each other. This includes having a light dinner that is composed of nothing but total aphrodisiacs such as oysters, black olives, chocolate strawberries, and whatever else that will enhance the sex drive. Each partner can feed each other their meal and share one glass of wine or chilled champagne. They can also feed off each other in one way or another. The woman can don edible underwear or what not. The sky is the limit here too. Bed and Dinner is not only about food. It is about the food of love. So lovers should enjoy each other in every way that will tickle other places besides their palates.

    Want to spend a romantic evening together with your special someone but short of ideas? Fear not. Below are some tips and ideas on how you can spend it.


    Choose your place wisely. You don't want a noisy place that will upset the theme for the night. Neither will you want a place with poor atmosphere that will upset your evening. If you wish to have a more intimate atmosphere, the best place is always home where you can prepare and decorate the surroundings to get ready for the romantic evening. When it is not possible, other suggetions include secluded beaches, parks or any place that hold special meaning for the both of you.

    The surprise element

    Surprise adds to the romance factor and as far as possible, try to make him/her totally unaware of what you have planned for him/her. Tell some white lies if it is required.


    No evening is complete without a sumptous dinner. Depending on where you bring him/her, different kinds of food might be more practical. Cooking your own food is definitely more romantic and your partner will appreciate the effort. Get some tips on romantic dinner recipes here. If you're a hopeless cook, go to a good restaurant for the food or bring the food to a location of your choice.

    What to wear

    Dress appropriately. Obviously, it would be nice to dress in the most charming way if possible. But depending on the location you choose, it is not always an option. Try to wear something that is comfortable and something your partner will definitely like. If you want, you can wear something sexy to entice your partner later at night.

    Plan for the night

    What activities do you plan to do after dinner. Get romantic date ideas on what to do. A favourite will be watching a romantic movie or dvd at home. Other options include planning romantic games to play at night. Get ideas about what romantic games to play. If you want, you can also just chill out somewhere with soft romantic music in the background and just spend the night talking with each other.Activities

    Ultimately, the plan is to customise your romantic evening to your partner and your own likes and dislikes. Always be careful to think about your partner feelings and mood before doing anything. The timing is especially important as you dont want to try to spend time with him/her when he/she have other more important things to attend to and is not in the mood for romance. Have fun experimenting and being creative though!