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How to Promote Your Own Webinar by blogger ,  Jul 30, 2014
Start promoting your webinar at least one week before the event – For best results, start three weeks out. While the majority of your registrants are going to register the week of the webinar, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start promoting early. According to the 2013 Webinar Benchmark Report, starting promotion at least seven days out can increase you registrations by over 36%! The percentages start to go down, with 2 to 7 days at 27%, day before at 16%, and day of at 21%.
3 is the magic number for email campaigns deployed -Given that you are starting webinar promotion at least one week out, three email campaigns is the optimal number for webinar promotion:
  • Send one initial campaign to promote your webinar, talking about the topic and the problem it will solve for those who listen in the subject line
  • Send out another email a couple of days later with the subject line including any guest speakers or results-driven language
  • For people who have already registered, send out an email the day of the event to increase attendance
  • For people who still need to register, send out an email the day of the event to increase registration
Send emails on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays – The days with the most registrants are Tuesdays with 24%, Wednesdays with 22%, and Thursdays with 20%. Stick to the middle of the week to make sure that your emails aren’t ignored or deleted.

Did you know? 64% of people register for the webinar the week of the live event.

Where do I promote it?


This is the first and most obvious place. Prepare a special landing page or a box on your home page. With ClickMeeting, you can also embed your meeting room on your website, complete with logo, graphics, and links.


If you have a subscriber list, you can invite them with the help of email marketing.

Set up a series of emails using an autoresponder and remember to send the last one on the day of the webinar – just as a reminder, so that people get a gentle nudge or a last-minute chance to sign up.

Tip: It’s always a good idea to have a sign up form on your website to add subscribers and collect leads – especially if you’re running a series of webinars.

Tip: Just be sure to target your messages – gather relevant information and then send out your invites to those people who should be interested in the subject.


If you run a blog, this will come naturally. Write posts informing readers about the webinar – and give some info on what they can expect. Remember to make this as attractive as possible – it’s your space (no character constraints), so use it wisely.

Link to the blog from your website, and share the link to the post on Facebook and Twitter (don’t underestimate the importance of great copy here. Use catchy – and relevant – text that will appeal to people the moment they see it).

Create some buzz! Use Twitter and Facebook to post and Tweet about the event. Again, create a schedule to remind and reach new attendees. You could start advertising a week before, then follow every two days, then once again on the day of the webinar, e.g. 4 hours before the event, so people still get a chance to block out some time on their calendars.

Event websites

Visit webinar listing sites. Some of them, like WebinarHero, tweet links to webinars they’ve listed, so this gives you even more exposure.

If video is something you do well, you can use short promotional videos to get the word out about your webinar. Emphasize your “hook” and point out the benefits of attending. You can even give a short “sneak peek” of your content in order to show people how valuable the event will be.