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Easter egg decorating ideas! by Sagittarius ,  Mar 13, 2013

Who else but Martha Stewart…

Discover a myriad of Easter egg decorating ideas ranging from the quirky Ukraininan pysanka, through to gorgeous lace and tissue paper creations, exquisite pearl embellished eggs plus, there’s one for the chocolate lovers too!

Good Housekeeping has 5 more!

I couldn’t believe there would be more unique Easter egg decorating ideas, but I have found 5 more at Good Housekeeping.  Simple but creative.

From the archives

Now you’re probably all mesmerized and googly-eyed from the beautiful Easter eggs at Martha’s and elsewhere, but if you’d like more, in this post you’ll find a simple guide to egg dyeing with a couple of basic ingredinets and some pattern making ideas. There’s even edible table decorations for  the more advenuturous of you, gardener types even. You should be able to, in the next week, plant and grow these in your dyed, hollowed out shells. They make a perfect addition to the Easter breakfast table.