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Philips 9173 Lapel Microphone for Digital Pocket Memos and Digital Voice Tracers (LFH9173-00) by Review Summary ,  Sep 11, 2015

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Philips 9173 Lapel Microphone for Digital Pocket Memos and Digital Voice Tracers (LFH9173/00)
Report Date: 12/15/2015
Based on 59 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 4.0
Returned or considering to return: 1.7%

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Individual Feature Rating
Microphone4.4   above average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"The audio was awful, and the only thing I think is wrong is that a reviewer said this mic records in Mono while the Sanyo Xacti wants a stereo mic."
"This sound is weak and muffled compared to the walmart mic."
"So I carefully pried the clip off of the wire (be careful, the wire channel is so tight you could damage the wire), flipped it over, and reattached it to the mic wire."
"Only complain is that the windscreen is easy to loose, and when you do, you pretty much have to buy a new mic."
"I'd recommend it for your computer microphone jack."
"This is a great little microphone."
"I wish this same microphone had a cable to instill confidence."
"Let me just point out that a great microphone is no better than the reliability of the cable."

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