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Exotic Wedding Ideas by alexey ,  Sep 7, 2013

Hot Air Balloon Weddings New Zealand

A Hot Air Balloon wedding in New Zealand offers a truly 'out of this world' experience. Taking off at sunrise allows you to enjoy the beginning of your day and your new life together in an original and memorable way. Canterbury's geography and climate are ideal for ballooning and there is no other place in the world where it is possible to fly from the centre of the city, in view of the sun rising out of the ocean, toward snow-capped mountains. Flights are available year round - weather permitting - and are always early morning in the cool dawn air when the winds are light. Departures can range from as early as 5.00amin the spring and summer to as late as 7.00am in winter. The balloon flight is approximately one hour but you should allow up to five hours for the whole experience from pick-up to return.

Hot Air Balloon Weddings New ZealandHot Air Balloon Weddings New Zealand

275x250.jpgA pair of loved-up daredevils have walked down the aisle to get married -- but only after it was raised 160ft in the air.

Happy Monday everyone! I have a fantastically cute wedding to share with you guys today. Denise + Dave threw their special day at their own home they recently purchased together in a small town outside of Chicago. How sweet is that? :) With the love and support from family and friends, it was a true handmade wedding. From the escort cards, to the pom-poms and special tissue garland hanging from their front porch – every detail has a bit of family love in it. Multiple generations of twins, loving friends, local foods, hand-carved details and sentimental stories. Congrats to Denise + Dave!

wedding couple on bike

Kristi Tatebe & Ben Johnson

Kevin Dunne

Kristi Tatebe catches a ride with new hubby Ben Johnson at their wedding in Kaleden, BC, in 2010

wedding bride horse riding trend of 2012

A memorable entrance by the bride to her wedding while on horse is a new trend for 2012.

The motorcycle bride: I think I’m in love with everything about this photograph. I love her vintage-y veil and hair, and the simplicity of her dress, which shows off her complex body art. AND she has a lovely steed!

Motorcycle Bride (from

Bride and groom driving to their wedding in a motorcycle with sidecar

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Bride and groom driving to their wedding in a motorcycle with sidecar

Scottish Weddings

Different, again, is the Scotch wedding, which, as often as not, takes place in the house of the bride's mother or in a hall instead of a church. Up in the Highlands, where the wearing of the national costume is more universal than down in the southern counties, these marriages are most picturesque and partake more of the character of a festivity than a religious ceremony. They generally take place in the evening, and are followed by a supper and dancing in which the newly married pair generally join, leaving the assembly by the last train which can take them away to start on their honeymoon.

A military wedding, the bride and bridegroom passing under an arch of swords, formed by men of the bridegroom's regiment

Indian Wedding Party on the Ganges River, Varanasi, India

Indian Wedding Party on the Ganges River, Varanasi, India    Stock Photo - Rights-Managed, Artist: David Zimmerman, Code: 700-00430663
A Japanese wedding boat

Wedding boats like this one are just one aspect of Japan's diverse and wide ranging culture

Couple marry in zero gravity

Well, whatever floats your boat.

G-force wedding (Pic:Reuters)G-force wedding (Pic:Reuters)

Well, whatever floats your boat... Groom Noah Fulmore ties the knot during a zero-gravity jet flight after his bride insisted on doing something unusual.

Erin Finnegan, 30, who wore a" space fashion" white outfit, said:" I've been to a lot of boring weddings, so I wanted to do something different."

The New Yorkers experienced weightlessness as G-Force One, a modified Boeing 727-200, manoeuvred above the Gulf of Mexico. Noah, 31, admitted he had trouble lining up the first kiss - so they must have really struggled with the cake...

G-force wedding (Pic:Reuters)
You may spend all your life dreaming of marring your beloved prince at a romantic place. You have fashion taste quite different from others and want to create some impressions on all the guests who come to your wedding party. So an exotic destination wedding is perhaps on your mind. From the classic Aegean Sea to ”God’s own country” (Kerala, India), from the enchanting windmills of Netherlands to a love soaked Venice, it could be anywhere for you to hold your wedding .To create a harmony wedding party, many brides are opt to select a appropriate bridal gown to coordinate their wedding ceremony.You can marry the love of your life in a distinguished Grecian style by the side of beach. Grecian style dresses always represent the flattering, gorgeous and elegant touch.............