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Red Wedding Dresses by alexey ,  Jan 20, 2014
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Red and white is a very popular wedding color scheme. Although red wedding dresses can be a bit dramatic for some brides, they can be absolutely beautiful for women who want a dress that is obviously not white. Pair it with a bouquet of white and red roses for a stunning look. Red wedding gowns can be ideal for the fall season, as well as winter and Christmas themed weddings.
Red Wedding Gowns -- Should You Wear One?

Many young women are bored with the monotonous selection of strapless white and ivory wedding gowns. These brides want their gowns to be as unique as they are. Some are choosing colored gowns according to the season. Spring brides are choosing pale pastel pinks, lilacs and blues. Those getting married in the summer are adding deeper shades of turquoise, aqua, purple and hot pink to the gowns. Chocolate, rust, olive and eggplant are popular for fall brides. And winter brides are selecting deep reds and blues, as well as black and white gowns, to make the boldest statements. Red, however is the one color that symbolizes passion and romance, and is thought to inspire young lovers all year long.

A red wedding dress or bridal apparel is the norm in many cultures. And many American brides are catching up to the idea that it is an awesome color in which to speak their "I dos."


However, in America, red still has some conflicting connotations. Some Western brides and their families find it almost offensive.

Our research shows that a lot of this sentiment against red came from the powerful influential Queen Victoria back in the 1800s. Red went from being a luxury color to being associated with "loose women." In Europe, countries such as England have begun to adopt red again. In France, it used to be considered very bad luck to be married in white. Afterall, Marie Antoniate chose white, instead of the customary red, and we all know that worked out.

Other cultures, however, have always embraced red and continue to do so.

In China, the color red is considered good luck and a strong color that can keep away evil spirits. The traditional Chinese wedding dress in northern China is usually wears a wedding dress call Qi Pao which is embroidered with elaborate gold and silver designs. Brides from southern China usually wears a wedding dress call Qun Gua, Kwa or Cheongsam, also elaborately adorned with golden phoenix and dragon.

“[The] Chinese believe that red brings fortune and luck, and the bride is traditionally expected to do exactly that for her husband,” Hung said. “However, in most Chinese weddings, the bride changes 2-3 times. So she might start with a red Chinese dress, then a western dress, then [change] again.”

We are the first to admit that we love Vera Wang, her dresses are utterly amazing and whatever she makes is breathtaking gorgeous. Before you freak out and say I would never wear a red dress to my wedding, we want you to know that anything you see here is available in a traditional white or ivory.

This season several designers dared to go beyond traditional white and featured a show-stopping gown in red.


This isn't in regard to a different culture.  This is in regard to simply wearing a color that will draw attention away from the bride.  I can understand it some,  But is this a little out of control?  I can understand someone being "shamed" for wearing something outrageous for the purpose of trying to shift the center of attention to themselves, away from the bride.   (Some people are like that.)  But making a blanket statement about red?  I don't think a plain red cocktail dress, (or non-bridy white dress, for that matter) could really take away from who the center of attention is...  Besides, outside of certain moments, ceremony, first dance, cutting the cake etc,.. I didn't expect my guests to sit there and stare at me all night. 

Fashion alert! White wedding-dresses are out, according to runways at Bridal Fashion Week, and red gowns are in.

For as long as we can remember Valentino was the mastermind behind red dresses, but now fashion gurus like Oscar de la Renta and Romona Keveza have added ruby red to their highly coveted bridal gowns. And Vera Wang? Her bridal collection was most colorful of them all, including colors from rosy red to crimson and everything in between.


Does this look like a violent color and poor taste? Definitely not! This is such a pretty wedding dress in red from Tomy Mariage.

What most brides don’t realize, however, is that culturally and historically, the use of red in weddings is quite common, especially in Buddhist and Hindu cultures where the color is a symbol of good luck. In fact, the tradition of wearing white bridal gowns is fairly recent, made popular only after Queen Victoria’s marriage in 1840 - and the subsequent marriages of her daughters in 1858 and 1863 - wherein they all wore simple white satin dresses with an orange blossom wreath headdress and lace veil. And because royal weddings have always influenced the wedding ceremonies of non-royal couples (with the brides often imitating the princesses’ style of dress), it’s no wonder how the tradition has stuck to this day.

If you want to be the center of attention and have all the eyes on you, you can go for bright, bold and daring red wedding dresses. Red is considered as the universally sexy shade out of all wedding dress colors and it is associated with blood, passion, love, fire, roses and a lot more. Red wedding dresses usually say a lot of things since they are sexy, beautiful and tantalizing. Maybe, a red wedding dress is a reminder of more romantic time? Red wedding dresses turn out to be sizzling and promise an ultimate attractive look for any bride.

Red Wedding Dresses

Roses are red, no actually wedding dresses are. Wedding dresses like every other fashion has evolved with time. Be daring or be different it’s merely about your personal choice whether you want it or not. For that plush-uptown look, red definitely is the most promising of all. Lehngas, ghararas, sarees, shalwar kameez, gowns, drapes blouses and dupattas; red has a long way to go. You can have little of skin show for all that chic look. Whether its off-shoulder or belly-cut red makes it all look opulent on that big day of your life.

Brides have been breaking away from the traditional Red wedding dress ever since some new trends granted black, blue, fuchsia, green and every other unconventional color to be a new ‘Red”. But no other color can be as, “invigoratingly red as The Red itself”.

Stéphane Rolland Spring Couture 2012Stéphane Rolland Spring Couture 2012
Jillian Sposa Wedding Inspirations

For the modern bride there are choices our grandmas could only dare to dream of let alone actually speak of. For instance, the idea of a red wedding dress is now more than just an idea, it’s a reality. The wedding of style, class and color is becoming more and more popular. In keeping with the times, the bride can choose to wear whatever color she wants and not have to feel one bit embarrassed about it. Instead she can walk down the aisle with pride and dignity, wearing her femininity literally on her sleeve.

The Red Wedding Dress In History And Culture

The Red Wedding Dress Goes Further Back Than Most People Think!

Some brides showed their support for the American Revolution by wearing red dresses on their wedding day. Apparently it wasn't too scandalous for the late 1700s, which is ironic if you think about it. People had different expectations of women back then. Modern society doesn't blink if a woman decides to move in with her boyfriend, but if she wears anything other than white on her wedding day, my oh my! In Eastern cultures, red has long been the traditional color for wedding dresses. It's associated with joy and good fortune.Looking over the shoulder in the Red Dress card

Vera Wang Bridal Spring 2013

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something…red? Yep, red bridal gowns are a thing for the spring 2013 season, if the latest shows are any indication. It’s bridal fashion week, and while the traditional white dress is still by far the most popular color, red has come out as a surprising trend for spring 2013. Vera Wang’s collection was entirely red with not a speck of white or ivory, running the gamut from scarlet to deep magenta. Oscar de la Renta, whose refreshing collection featured a lot of color (by bridal standards), also showed two red dresses.

What’s turning these designers onto a color that in Western countries generally screams “sex!” and not “bride”? It might just have something to do with China’s ever-increasing influence in the fashion world.

Vera Wang’s collection was titled “Mei Meng” (with accompanying Chinese characters) which means, “Dream.” Per the notes in Wang’s spring 2013 lookbook:

Short Red Wedding Dresses 2013Short Red Wedding Dresses 2013

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