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Three Least Returned Headphones by alexey ,  May 5, 2015

Most on-line retailers have very easy return policies, which encourage consumers returning products even if there is a minor dissatisfaction.  We have develop a unique algorithm analyzing customer reviews and figuring out what consumers return least when they are not satisfied 100%.

Here is a list of three least returned headphones.  These are exceptional products, still some user managed to say "Worst headphone ever" in a review.  Obviously customer may have contradicting opinions.  The three products mentioned just came on top of our list of least returned headphones: 0.4% is exceptionally small return percentage.

  1. JVC HAS160B FLATS Lightweight Headband Headphones (Black) - 0.4% returning
  2. Samsung (TWO) EO-EG900BW White Headsets Earphone 3.5mm Jack + 2 Set of Ear Gel S,M,L - Wired Headsets - Non-Retail Packaging - White 0.4% returning
  3. Sony MDRZX110 ZX Series Stereo Headphones (White) 1.6% returning

Quotes from the Related Reviews.  What customers say about:

JVC HAS160B FLATS Lightweight Headband Headphones (Black) 

"They're very uncomfortable after less than 30 minutes of use.Because they're on-ear headphones, you'll also experience a lot of noise leakage."

"the sound is really good, not Bose good but pretty good."

"Unbeatable sound quality at this price point and ultra lightweight--you can wear them for hours without even noticing them."

"It's not noise cancelling- so don't expect it to function as such.VALUE: considered a cheap set of headphones, but given the very good & in some cases, better sound quality from other heaphones you can get in this price range, e.g Koss UR20, Behringer, Sony etc, I would consider it OK. Not the best sound for the money."

"They seem a little flimsy but they feel real cozy on your ears and they sound great!"
"Unbelievable sound for the price."

Samsung (TWO) EO-EG900BW White Headsets Earphone 3.5mm Jack + 2 Set of Ear Gel S,M,L - Wired Headsets - Non-Retail Packaging - White

"My only complaint is the sound quality is tinny, too much treble."

"The sound quality though was disappointing as the bass one pair sounded very faint and the other pair sounded very muffled."

"These are knockoffs; I'm very disappointed with the quality of both the construction and the sound."

"The sound is too mushy, terrible lows, mids and highs."

"Great sound for the price and the case its cool"

"They seem to be Samsung OEM but not as crisp and clear or loud as others I have had."

"Never go wrong with the Samsung headsets."

Sony MDRZX110 ZX Series Stereo Headphones (White)

"As for the gym, which I originally bought these for, they aren't very comfortable to wear for a long time.The sound.. Where should I begin?"

"Does not clear sound, especially middle and upper frequencies."

"Unfortunately, music - it's not bass sound only."

"for the price you cant go wrong ive seen way more expensive headphones that didnt sound as good"

"For budget headphones, they are fine.I like that they are comfortable to wear, look streamlined and reasonably attractive, and anyone can purchase these without breaking the bank.The downfall is that the quality of the audio will never be anything more than mediocre.There is no sharpness, no depth, no fineness that comes through."

"Sony does have a problem with quality control on these headphones and you had better hope yours break before the 90 day period is over."