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Top 10 Best Dance Clubs in San Francisco by Tanya ,  Jan 25, 2013
Mighty 119 Utah Street, SOMA District

Nightclub impresarios Pete Glikshtern and Jeff Whitemore, who currently own Mighty and who used to own Club Six, are expanding with a new venture in the Mission called The Public Works at 161 Erie. Grub Street notes today that they went before the Entertainment Commission this week to apply for their extended hour and entertainment permits, and their liquor license app in also in.

The Guardian did a profile of the pair a few years ago when they took over Mighty, and in it Glikshtern cites some New York clubs and bars as inspiration for his aesthetic, places like the now defunct Save the Robots and Twilo. Whitemore was the manager of the famed Trocadero Transfer back in the day, and has more Burning Man-esque tastes.

Matthew Camp and Yoway Buorn are listed as general managers for the new venture, and beyond that we're still on the hunt for details. Our guess is we won't see the place open for a few months, and given all the recent strife over nightclub violence and the Entertainment Commission itself, getting the place open could be an uphill battle.

111 Minna - 111 Minna, SOMA District,

Truth be told, a great night doesn't necessarily have to end with an empty wallet; however, an inexpensive venue may be difficult to locate.

Luckily, San Francisco provides an abundance of nighttime events that are cheap, and still keep patrons entertained.

Below are venues that are inexpensive throughout the year; it is good to check each place's website for the evening's events, as some may have themes, and expect full capacity.

Please note: this list is inclusive only of entrance and cover fees. Alcohol is an entirely different beast, so for the budget-conscious, plan accordingly.

Temple - 540 Howard St., SOMA,

The after-party will be held at Temple, a cool, white-lacquered room with ample space, two bars, and a boatload of screens.

Temple is located on 540 Howard Street. Between 2nd and 1st Streets, south of Mission Street. A good 15-minute walk from the conference venue.

One complimentary drink ticket will be given to each attendee at the door. A few food nibbles will circulate the floor — if you are dead hungry we recommend you grab a pizza slice or two on the way over as our offering will not constitute a full meal.

1015 Folsom - 1015 Folsom, SOMA district

Includes: 4 dance floors when the whole space is opened; This space is host to many parties every weekend and the clientele depends on which party is going on; Friday and Saturday nights is mainly straight but is gay friendly; This is a large club with 3 levels; Hours: Depends on event; call for info

Club 6 - 60 6th St., SOMA District,
Six's upstairs Lounge area with sofas galore is a rarity in the city. With a high ceiling and minimal decor, the Lounge is a great place to relax with friends and listen to the phat beats being played downstairs in the Bassment. The Basement with its low ceiling and twelve speaker system can make even the timid want to dance all night long. Six is a great mix of relaxation (Lounge) and high energy beats (Bassment) where one can have the option of sippin' a martini on a comfortable sofa or gettin' down underground where only the music can be found.Club Six is 3 Clubs in one. 3 Rooms, 2 Floors. The White Room is a Art Gallery/Lounge. The Darkroom was designed for live performance.The legendary Bassment is downstairs
Supperclub - 657 Harrison St., SOMA District
If you are looking for an ordinary place then supperclub is not for you... But if you are up for a full night out and a innovative multi-sensory fine dining experience, then supperclub is the place to be. You don't eat "a la carte" at supperclub. Instead, we serve a multi- surprise menu rooted in excellent food, creativity, and experimentation. Enjoy Nelson German's menu at a leisurely pace as you relax on oversized beds (bed seating available on first come first served basis)and enjoy the DJ, VJ, art and performances in a dramatic interior designed by the award-winning Concrete Architectural Associates of Amsterdam. After dinner the best national and international DJ's will play their tunes and make you want to party! Are you up for it?

Element Lounge 1028 Geary St., Nob Hill District

Element is an exclusive lounge venue located in the heart of San Francisco’s Civic Center/ Tenderloin district. Element’s stylish interior features a unique contemporary décor, comprised of steel, river rock, fire, water, aged woods, and Akasha. Furthermore, Element Lounge regularly throws the wildest parties and attracts the Bay Area’s sexiest people.

Element’s state-of-the-art sound system blasts a mix of mashed-up hip-hop and dance music. Provocative and avant-garde artwork decorates the walls and adds supplemental texture to a venue which has become a mainstay amongst San Francisco’s elite nightlife community. Also, Element is famous for its imaginative libations and features some of the best VIP bottle service specials in San Fran.

With its superb atmosphere, hot and eclectic guest list, and great DJ acts, Element Lounge throws the sexiest party in the Bay. So next time you plan on hitting the town with your friends select the Element Lounge for the most unforgettable after dark experience in San Francisco. Element Lounge is San Fran’s premiere nightlife destination.

 Icon Ultra Lounge - 1192 Folsom St. SOMA District
con Ultra Lounge is located near the very up & coming trendy downtown LA Live scene, and she is making waves as the most popular nightclub in the city of Angels. This super sleek venue is not just a club; it’s an adventure with its multi-level, multi-rooms of excitement, multi-patios, not to mention probably the most spectacular enormous rooftops that has ever graced an LA nightclub with a perfect view overlooking staples center, LA Live, and downtown LA skyline. So if you’re looking for the perfect escape, drop everything and head to icon; this is a party you won’t want to miss.
Suite One8one 1192 Folsom Street, SOMA District
Suite one8one lights up the night in san francisco as a shelter for individuals seeking intelligent nightlife. the pleasurable beats can be heard and the infectious rhythm can be felt the moment you walk into suite one8one's luxurious, state-of-the-art space in downtown san francisco, california. suite one8one provides a music agenda specializing in sophisticated hip-hop, soulful house music as well as Detroit funk, and various genres of popular music including rock. suite one8one appeals to individuals seeking the finest nightlife without the hassles of large clubs and the monotony of bars. once you are in suite one8one, there will be no more ropes or rules. security's goal is to compliment your evening, not to hinder it. we encourage you to dress well, drink and dance the night away with other fabulous people. suite one8one has created the perfect atmosphere for people in the know by going back to basics: the best dj's playing the best music, gorgeous decor, smooth lighting, a sound system to reach your heart, plenty of comfortable vip space, mouth-watering drink concoctions, impeccable service, a large outdoor patio with a special area for smokers and much more! suite one8one's space is built to be comfortable with a large, open dance-floor in the center of the room. the large vip area just above the floor consists of custom bedding and furniture adorned in brilliant colors. suite one8one's inventive lighting effects enhance the design of the club and radiate like a pacific sunset. offering greater intimacy, the goal at suite one8one is the careful selection of all the right ingredients that combine to create a brilliant night out on the town. suite one8one is the ultimate san francisco nightspot to be glamorous, meet people, dance, drink and be alive.
 Cafe Cocomo - 650 Indiana Street, Mission District
Cafe Cocomo is a popular spot in San Francisco featuring a huge dance floor, live bands, full bar, and salsa lessons taught by Jake Jacobs.