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100+ Ideas for Your Romantic Valentine Dinner by alexey ,  Feb 7, 2018

Sunset views, saucy cuisine, seductive wine lists: let the sparks fly at America’s most romantic restaurants.

You know the clichés: long-stemmed roses, soft lighting, strolling violinists.

Well, forget all that. Real romantic restaurants have cut the fluff. Instead, they’ve focused on what’s really important: great food and wine, excellent service, and an authentic ambience.

Contrary to what your eighth-grade girlfriend may have told you, romance isn't all about flowers and heart-shaped candies. But the word "romantic" has become so sappy and overmarketed that it's often tough to remember its actual meaning (we prefer the Byronic sense of "remote, adventurous, mysterious"). And sadly, many so-called romantic restaurants rely on the same clichéd formulas whether you're in Mexico or Manhattan: bland decor, food-as-afterthought, stuffy waiters, and the inescapable strolling violinist/guitarist/accordionist (does anyone actually enjoy that?).


Minimalist and sleek, Aldo's is The Ascott Sathorn's underrated outdoor Mediterranean Bistro and Wine Bar. For the health conscious, its Mediterranean menu is among Bangkok's best, featuring a heavy helping of fresh salads and seafood.

But for those who feel Valentine's Day shouldn't be about weight watching, they carry a heartier selection of meat-based dishes and scrumptious desserts like the melting chocolate cake.

“The most romantic restaurant in Rome"

I reserved a table in The Library Romantic (there’s also a Library Bistro) for my wife and myself on the back of the positive tripadvisor reviews and we weren't disappointed. The atmosphere created in this intimate and charming restaurant is fantastic and, as the name states, romantic really is the best way to describe it.That's not to detract from the food as it was of an extremely high standard. Traditional Italian dishes, although perhaps of the slightly lesser well known variety, made with the best ingredients available which, when you're in Italy, means the best ingredients available anywhere.My wife had a pasta dish with white (I think) truffles that she confirmed was the best food she'd had in Italy to date. As this is was our second trip to the country, with the first being our honeymoon when we were splashing out on top quality meals most days, this was high praise indeed. My turbot main was also superb and I heard a few of the other diners as they were leaving actually recommending it to the new arrivals!

BREEZE at The Samaya Restaurant (Bali)

Paresa Resort
Ranking high on our 'Top 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Phuket', Paresa Resort 'Diavolo' was one of the nicest experiences we had lately. Location and setting help a lot in the ranking, but if you happen to also have great food and excellent service, it is so perfect, you won't forget this night for long time. On a friend's recommendation, we actually had our wedding party at Paresa not so long ago, and we even were the first couple to have such party. It was just perfect and unforgettable.

Cafe De Paris

Last Update: Jun 17th, 2011



715 E Las Olas Blvd Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (954) 467-2900

From the outside, it seems like a cold, barren place. You can't hear any music from the sidewalk as the doors are always closed. It looks dark, and there's never anyone at the bar. I've thought about going in here countless times and always just kept walking on by. Today I went in, despite the emptiness.

As I sat at the bar, I was thoroughly surprised. Whoever did their website really did them an injustice. The pictures on their website are done in black and white, which makes the place look cold like concrete; which is exactly the impression you get as you walk by. But inside, it's really quite the opposite. The bar is bright and colorful, and the place is filled with music from a very good live pianist. It's really quite a delightful ambiance

Beachfront dining at Coconuts (Bermuda)

Dine directly on the beach

Celebrate a special occasion with Bermuda’s most romantic beach dining experience with a 6-course specialty menu and a glass of champagne. Dine beneath the stars in the glow of tiki torches with your toes in the sand. Beach dining is available for an additional charge and advance reservations are required.

Clos Maggiore 33 King Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 8JD | Tel : +44 (0)20 7379 9696 | | BOOK ONLINE
Sir Winston's, a contemporary American restaurant aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Calif., was chosen as one of's Top 50 Most Romantic Restaurants in 2011.

Sir Winston's, a contemporary American restaurant aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Calif., was chosen as one of's Top 50 Most Romantic Restaurants in 2011

Romance at Constance Moofushi, Maldives

Varvary Restaurant, Moscow, Russia

Varvary Restaurant, Moscow, Russia

It is the most famous Russian traditional restaurant that offers exciting and delicious cuisines. Varvary in Moscow is known for its gastro-experts having a typical type of Muscovite. The environment of this restaurant is quite romantic as it offers different types of romantic music and sensational dance nights.

Palazzo Ducale Restaurant (Moscow, Russia)

Venice … What do you imagine when you hear this word? The houses and streets, which seem to grow out of his own reflections on the surface of the water channel, beauty and elegance of the palaces…This unity of romance and luxury can be seen in the restaurant «Palazzo Ducale», which is an embodiment of the same Venetian Doges Palace in St. Mark's Square. Valentine’s Day diners will be treated to a sumptuous set menu that is accompanied by fine wines and romantic music.

You may also put your imagination to use in order to design your own table. Swaths of lace, pieces of ribbons, paper hearts, lace doilies, conversation heart candies and other frilly objects you happen to have at home can be added to your table so that you end up creating a perfect Valentine effect.
First of all you should decide on the tablecloth. You need not necessarily cover the table with a heart-covered tablecloth. A simple lace tablecloth will also do, or try using a plain pink or even a flowered tablecloth.