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Tips and Ideas How to Make Vintage Style Jewelry by Tanya ,  Jan 26, 2013


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      Determine what is to be salvaged from the junk jewelry. Discard heavily corroded metal pieces, rhinestones that have lost their foiled backing or have turned cloudy and plastic or acrylic beads that are peeling or have a rough texture--these are difficult or impossible to salvage.

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      Create brooches from mismatched post or clip-on earrings by gently breaking off the post or clip mechanism with pliers. Sand down any rough edges with a file. Attach a pin finding to the back with jeweler's glue or you can make a pin/pendant by using a convertible pin finding instead.

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    Make a bracelet or necklace from the remains of several junk strands of beads. Mix and match vintage beads or add new beads in coordinating sizes and colors. Add your own spacer beads and findings.

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    Use odd lengths of old necklaces to make a new necklace by attaching the chains to a multi-row clasp with jump rings. Mix the old chains with bead strands or new chains for an even more creative design.

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    Reset prong-set paste jewels into your own findings. Gently pry the jewels out of the old sets, measure the size with a millimeter gauge and set into ring or earring castings of corresponding sizes.

  • Tips & Warnings

    • Scour flea markets, thrift stores and yard sales for vintage jewelry and buy in bulk when possible. If the seller has separate prices on several items you're interested in, offer one price for the lot.

    • Many vintage plastic and acrylic beads were glued together, although they may appear to have been strung on thread. These are often impossible to remove from the glued-on stringing and are hard to reuse. Test bead strands by attempting to rotate individual beads; if the whole strand moves, the beads have been glued.

    • Sometimes vintage beaded necklaces and bracelets need only a restringing and/or replacement of clasps to be ready to wear. It's always a good idea to restring old bead strands, as they were often strung on silk or cotton threads that degrade over time. Restring on nylon or beading wire and replace clasps that may have become weak or corroded over the years.

    • Take care when cleaning vintage jewelry. Never soak items; this can corrode metals, destroy the foiling on rhinestones or ruin plastics. Clean metal, glass beads and rhinestones with a soft cloth barely dampened with Windex. Clean plastics and woods with a soft cloth barely dampened with furniture polish.

    How to make vintage jewelry-a pair of fashion vintage jewelry earring

    Main Vintage jewelry making supplies:

    Natural Howlite Bead

    Synthetical Howlite Bead

    Cat Eye Bead

    Czech Glass Bead

    Tibetan Style Connector

    Earring Hook


    Nylon Wire

    Assistive tools used in how to make vintage jewelry project:

    Side Cutting Plier

    Wire-Cutter Plier

    Round Nose Plier

    How to make vintage jewelry?

    Step1: Assemble beads with Tibetan Style Connector

    Part1: prepare 20cm long Nylon wire and string Round Natural Howlite Beads*5 and then pass both tips together through Cat Eye Bead*1.

    Part2: lead the left and right tip respectively through two Round Natural Howlite Beads of both sides.

    Part3: cross two tips through Round Natural Howlite Beads*1.

    Part4: take the Tibetan Style Connector and find a hole around the outer circle; then thread the wire tips through front side to back side; pull the tips to the opposite hole and thread both tips back to the front side again and cross through the Round Natural Howlite Beads*1. Tie knots at back side.

    Here, main part of your fashion vintage jewelry has produced.

    Step2: Make the dangling parts

    String Czech Glass Bead*1 with proper length eyepins; and make a Wrapped Triangle Bail with drop-shape Synthetical Howlite Bead by using one longer Eyepin.

    Step3: Group fashion vintage jewelry

    Group the above branches and a pair of vintage earring has finished!

    Like them? Follow the instructions for making a piece of fashion vintage jewelry for your own. While handle with how to projects on how to make vintage jewelry, the beads materials and color, as well as the finding supplies can be certainly vital elements. Once finished, prepare yourself for compliments merely! 

    How to make vintage cuff bracelet

    Lace and Trimmings in the color and style of your choice{all my scraps can be found at Joann's Fabric store}Thick {and kinda stiff} cotton fabric {6.5 x 5 inches}Button and pearl embellishments that make you smileHot glue, needle and thread, scissorsSTEP ONE:Cut out your cotton fabric to 6.5 inches by 5 inches.


    Fold in half lengthwise to create a crease in the fabric.You will be embellishing the top half of the fabric.

    STEP TWO:Glue down your first piece of lace/trimming.IMPORTANT: be sure to leave a small row of fabric at the top.

    And then glue down the second lace/trimming/ruffle scrap.

    And then the third...

    You can totally see the hot glue through this thin lace.So, I used an old necklace I never wear, and I glued it down to hide the glue showing through the lace.

    STEP THREE:Flip over the fabric and trim the excess lace and ruffles.Leave about a quarter inch of excess fabric on the edges, because you are going to fold in over in the next step.

    Fold over and glue down the excess trim.

    STEP FOUR:Remember that extra fabric we left available in an earlier step?Well now we're ready to use it.Fold over the fabric piece {see picture} and apply hot glue to it.  Now fold over the other half of the fabric and press it down to the strip of glue.  This step will cover up all your glue messiness and give a clean look to the backside of your bracelet. Do NOT glue the ends together yet!

    STEP FIVE:Take your large button and sew it to one end of your bracelet.

    Now take a piece of lace {about 6 inches long} to use on the other end of your bracelet.

    Open up the inside of the bracelet {because you haven't glued the sides down yet} and apply a generous amount of hot glue to the corners.

    Put each end of the lace securely into the hot glue.

    Cut the center of the lace so that you have to pieces.

    And then tie it into a bow.Now glue down the ends of the bracelet, because you are done!

    You will wrap the bow on one end around the button on the other end to keep the bracelet on.

    More details are here