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Offshore Merchants by alexey ,  Oct 9, 2014
Offshore Merchants provides credit card and ACH check processing with NO VOLUME CAP and effective risk management tools to mitigate your online exposure to eCommerce and mail/phone order fraud. Credit is not an issue with our offshore merchant accounts.High risk merchant accounts are for businesses that are the target of fraud or operate in an industry that has a high turnover. Offshore Merchants can provide your business with a high risk merchant account to accept Visa and MasterCard.
High volume merchant accounts are available domestically and internationally. We currently process payments for companies doing from $10,000/month to over $60 million/month. Our solutions are unable to be obtained anywhere else! Forget paying 11-12% when doing large volume. High volume rates start at 2.5% - 4.7%.
Offshore merchants has a number of different solutions for high risk merchant accounts. If you require a high risk merchant account for a business processing over $100k/month or more, we have a customized processing solution specifically for your company. If your business is requiring less than $100k/month in volume, we have a specialized solution for you also. We offer high risk merchant accounts for all types of businesses in almost any type of industry. Don't be fooled by thinking there is only one type of high risk merchant account available for your business.
Offshore merchant accounts usually take 3-4 weeks to be approved with competitors. can approve high risk merchant accounts in 7-14 days! We also provide a number of solutions from domestic US banks as well! Domestic high risk merchant accounts are a great choice for companies that want fast payouts and low rates. Our domestic high risk solutions may require your business to provide previous processing statements. One of our highly trained representatives can answer any questions you might have.
Don't lose another sales because you do not accept credit cards or debit cards. Businesses today, especially online businesses or phone based businesses need to accept multiple forms of payments. Merchant accounts are the best way to accomplish this. Over 80% of face to face transactions are completed without cash. Over 90% of non-face to face transactions are completed with credit cards or debit cards. These simple statistics show what type of business you are losing by not accepting multiple forms of payment. On average most consumers will spend 20% more when they do not have to pay with cash.
Your business can for only a small fee, expand with more customers purchasing more products, more often. If you don't accept credits with a high risk merchant account, then your competitors will. Almost every type of business requires credit card processing. Less than 10% of people carry over $20 with them in cash when they shop and online businesses are mandated to offer credit card processing if they are offering a service or product that requires a real-time approval for fast access to services. Years ago, businesses would accept cash on delivery for products to customers without a credit card. Today, people without credit cards are able to apply for credit cards and get approved while anyone can get a debit card for free and also a prepaid credit card.
Merchants that currently operate with a domestic merchant account are also able to open a high risk merchant account with no processing cap to allow for jumps in business without the risk of exceeding their cap and losing business. Agents are welcome. Do you have a high risk account that needs placing? Give us a call. We also offer private labeled gateways for agents and affiliates. Contact one of our helpful representatives to find out more about high risk merchant accounts.
We provide the following:
  • Quick Turn around: high risk merchant account applications approved within 7-14 days
  • Detailed assistance provided throughout the merchant application underwriting process
  • Risk Management Technology: state of the art risk management applications to mitigate your online exposure
  • Customer Service: we offer high risk merchant accounts with support via email and live operator

Merchants that process with Offshore Merchants are aware of their increases in business since they have began processing cards. High risk merchant accounts are much different from any other type of business because they have been classified as a higher risk industry. Visa and MasterCard have placed warnings for their low risk processors explaining that these types of businesses have a higher chance of fraud and chargebacks.

It is very important that merchants understand how they can make the best decisions in the high risk arena. Many offshore processors or internet providers are scams. If you have been searching for high risk merchant accounts for a long period of time, you would have realized this when six months ago you are searching through completely different companies then you do today.

Only work with credit card processors who can guarantee payment and who have been working with their banking relationships for many years. Offshore Merchants is proud to have ongoing successful relationships with many different banks domestically and offshore. Our banking relationships have been trusted for years with merchants processing ten of millions monthly so that you can rest assured that your company's payouts will be quick and hassle free.

The most important factor when processing a high risk merchant account is getting paid. When you are dealing with a regular low risk merchant account, you need to worry first about the rates and support. In the offshore environment, the trust with the processor is always the most significant item.

Process with a trusted processor and experience the difference of getting paid on time and for the full amount guaranteed. Many companies will tell the merchant anything to set them up, however shortly afterwards, the merchants are surprised with hidden fees and higher than quoted discount rates. Don't put yourself in a similar position.

Offshore Merchants currently provides high risk offshore processing solutions for thousands of businesses charging millions of dollars in monthly volume. We pride ourselves on guaranteeing fast payouts, on time with low monthly fees. Contact one of our high trained sales representatives today and experience the different of working with a proven leader in the high risk merchant account industry.

Acceptable Merchant Account Types

TMFOnline DatingWeb Hosting
Timeshare Time ShareInfomercial
Downloadable SoftwareOutbound TelemarketingInbound Telemarketing
ToursTravelTour Guides
CanadianInternational AccountsHigh Risk
Negative Option SportsbookMembership
Offshore ReplicaPrepaid Card
ContinuityPharmacyHigh Risk ACH
High VolumeAffiliateCredit Repair
Loyalty Gift Card Sports ForecastingFinancial
Pharma High Risk Check Processing

Ach Processing Services

Adult MerchantsHigh Risk e-checkHigh Risk ACH Processing
EscortCompanion Services High ChargebackTicket Brokers
Recurring BillingFree Trial/Trial OffersNutraceuticals
China PayMedical Discount CardsMLM
Cruise LinesAuto WarrantiesCall Centers
Ecigarettes / EcigsOdds Making Medical Marijuana Merchant
Tobacco Penny Auction Quasi Cash
File TransferForexPayFair
Poker MP3

Canadian Dollars - Euros - British Pounds GBP - U.S. Dollars - Yen - Australian Dollars - New Zealand Dollars - Swiss Francs - Hong Kong Dollars - Singapore Dollars - Swedish Kroner - Danish Kroner - Polish Zloty - Norwegian Kroner - Hungarian Forints - Czech Koruny - Israeli Shekels - Mexican Pesos - Brazilian Real - Malaysian Ringgits - Philippine Pesos - Taiwan New Dollars - Thai Baht

Offshore Merchants can provide high risk merchants with offshore merchant accounts. Many legitimate businesses operate in industries that are considered by Visa and MasterCard as "high risk". This means that banks are at a higher risk of loss by offering processing for these businesses. Domestic banks will not provide service. We are able to setup most merchants within 4-8 days and we have a high approval rate. We accept most merchants.

Fast growth can also become a barrier for businesses since domestic banks are not willing to increase processing volume caps for businesses with fast growth. This is not an issue with an offshore merchant account from Offshore Merchants.This means you can still use your domestic merchant account while also integrating our offshore account in the same virtual terminal. You are able to charge normally and the charges will be processed between both accounts and you will never have to worry about reaching your cap.

Bad or lack of credit is also a major factor for domestic merchant accounts. We do not run credit checks on offshore accounts! Credit is absolutely not a factor. If you run a business, you can process with us! Domestic high risk merchant accounts do require a credit check.

Card acceptance an important issue with high risk merchant accounts. Many processors will explain how they can setup your company at this rate within 3 days etc. But what type of cards are you going to accept? Many offshore accounts only allow you to accept Visa OR MasterCard. All our accounts can accept Visa and MasterCard.

We Specialize in providing merchant accounts for the following industries:

  • Adult

  • TMF

  • Debt Consolidation

  • Weight Loss Products

  • Aggregators

  • Timeshares

  • E-Tailers

  • Travel Industry

  • Pay Day Loans

  • Collections

  • Sports Forecasting

  • Multi-Level Marketing

  • Tobacco

  • Escort Services

  • Credit Repair

  • Investments

  • High Volume

  • Match Listed

  • Alcohol

  • Online Dating

  • Astrology/Psychic

  • Dating Services

  • Discount clubs

  • Discount health cards

  • Pharmacy

  • Herbal Products

  • and More!

Contact one of our helpful account representatives to assist you in the setup of a high risk merchant account or offshore merchant account for a high risk merchant.