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Ipod Touch 4th Generation 4g Power Volume Button Flex Cable by Review Summary ,  Sep 9, 2015

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Ipod Touch 4th Generation 4g Power Volume Button Flex Cable
Report Date: 12/09/2015
Based on 71 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 4.5
Returned or considering to return: 1.4%

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"While changing the screen to my son's iPod 4 touch my husband broke this cord."
"If you're a novice practice soldering on an old circuit board of any kind before you attempt to remove and replace this cable."
"This power volume button flex cable is perfect replacement, it was not easy to replace it but once done saved me allot of money and nerves :) thank you"
"while replaceing a screen i broke this cable.. but it was a cheap fix and the only rough part was reassembly with the fresh cable i also noticedthat who ever packaged this thing used a sharpy to remove the official apple branding on the cable it self so its good to know your getting a genuinereplacement"
"Perfect replacement for the original cable."
"I manage to figure out how to test these cables and they both tested GOOD."
"The ipod that needed to be fixed required this cable and it was the perfect size."
"I had to get a very tiny flat-head screwdriver to compress the buttons in on the flex cable before I was able to apply the cable flush to the bottom of the case."

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