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Utrasone HFI-2400 Open-Back (Discontinued by Manufacturer) by Review Summary ,  Sep 7, 2015

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Utrasone HFI-2400 Open-Back (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Report Date: 09/07/2015
Based on 12 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 4.4
Returned or considering to return: 8.3%

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Individual Feature Rating
Headphone5.0   above average
Sound5.0   above average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"All in all...i'd say they're a great headphone at this price."
"If these headphones were priced $115-$150.00 they would compete nicely with others in that range, but at over $200.00 they are over priced compared to what else you can get for the same money."
"If you are looking for a good all rounder open back headphone, DT990 880 AKG and sennheiser all have better offerings."
"Sound quality, I will keep this simple, I tested these first with music, 320kb files plugged into laptop via usb with a Fiio E17, the lows are nice, bass is present and very good for an open headphone, highs are also great, vocals were not."
"The bass is robust for a headphone of this type, however, and with its non-flamboyant mids and highs and immersive soundstage, I have yet to experience listening fatigue."

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"Returned my Sennheiser 598's which where very nice and probably technically more accurate, but I guess I wasn't looking for a sound stage, rather an overall listening experience."
"Simply amazed with the sound, comfort, and looks."
"I own 6 different models from the HFI and Pro series along with many other branded headphonesThese sit at top of the HFI series and provide a good clear sound reproductionHowever I have found them to require amplification and not to have the bass depth and feel of the pro 2500 2900 and even once you have broken them in the pro series models definitely perform better."
"If you like a warm sound look else where but if you like accurate mids and highs and punchy bass they may be for you"
"I got a high quality 30' cable and can now sit back and watch movies with great surround sound and not worry that I will wake her up during the loud scenes."

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