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Hair Care Tips from Experts by Priyanka ,  Jan 31, 2013
Hair care and their styling play a vital role in building your personality and this statement is most common among women. All women love to have beautiful hair and style them differently on each occasion. For their importance in making one’s look, hair need much care to be taken. You need to be very careful in shampooing your hair and conditioning them well. Styling and shampooing can harm your hair therefore you should be very conscious for your hair care.
  • Use wide-toothed comb after shampooing your hair when it is still wet to separate the tangles.  According to the study conducted  by  Jean-Baptiste Masson,  from the Laboratory for Optics and Biosciences of the Ecole Polytechnique in France, curley hair gets less tangled than straight hair.   Avoid using metal combs on your hair which can cause hair tear. Do not over comb your hair, if you have a dry hair it will lose its  natural oils while it over-activates the oil glands for oily hair.
  • Swimming, overshampooing, hair colorings, electric curlers,excessive blow-drying, and too much exposure to wind and sun are causes of common hair abuse that can lead to dry damage hair. A warm coconut  oil thrice a week  and almond oil works on dry hair.
Clean hair is healthy hair, but it's possible to have hair that's TOO clean. Shampooing cleans the scalp and hair by removing dirt, oil, and product build-up. But shampooing too often takes out the natural oils that leave your hair shiny, bouncy, and easy to control. For Caucasian (White), Asian and Latino girls, shampooing every other day is best. For African-American girls, once or twice a week is all you need. Use a shampoo specifically designed for your type of hair. Curly, straight, frizzy, flat, stressed out, or overloaded there s a shampoo for every hair type
Say yes to hair serum. Shine serums are available that have been specially formulated to give frizzy or unruly hair a sleek sheen. Find some great options at your local drugstore, beauty supply store, or hair salon. These products moisturize your hair with a light concentration of oils or silicone, says Shorter. To apply, “use a pea-sized amount to start,” she advises. “Start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up, rubbing it into wet hair with your hands.” It’s important not to use too much serum, because it can weigh hair down, but if you feel you need more moisture, go ahead and add a bit more.
A well-balanced diet is the best way to keep your hair healthy and strong. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, nuts, brown rice, beans and pulses,  and you’ll have tresses in top condition in no time.
DON'T IGNORE YOUR SCALP Turns out there's truth behind the old adage of brushing your hair 100 strokes every night. Here's why: When brush bristles come in contact with your scalp, they stimulate blood flow, which can jump-start your hair growth. The key is using natural bristles because they are gentler than damaging metal and synthetic versions and will prevent your hair from splitting and breaking off before you achieve your desired length.
Scalp Massages, as we all know relieves tension,  and improves mental clarity which makes us feel really good!  However, if you're like most people you forget that  scalp massages are beneficial to having a healthy scalp and luxuriant hair. Scalp Massages stimulates blood flow circulation to the scalp which increases the rate at which our hair grows. They have also been instrumental for hair regrowth in clients who have experienced balding.  So if you are serious about growing healthy longer hair, get those fingers ready, all you need is about 5 to 10 minutes a day!