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An easy way to build chest muscles by alexey ,  Mar 30, 2013

An easy way to build chest muscles

In this era when everybody is so conscious about his looks, won’t big biceps, flat chest and boulder for shoulders be what you want? Everybody desires a muscular body, the main emphasis being the chest region. The look and personality of a man automatically becomes many folds appealing with muscular built. So, here are some tips on How To Build Chest Muscle. The good news is , chest is one of the easiest muscle group. With only two things in mind, you can get maximum results: first, with every rep, a complete full range of motion should be completed. Secondly, the speed of lifting weight should be correct with concentric and eccentric motion.

Here are some chest workout that would surely help in building your chest muscles. First is the bench press. It is the staple for any chest workout routine. Either dumbbells or barbells can do while doing this. Bench press also has further variation, being incline bench press, flat bench press and decline bench press. The inclined position works best for the upper chest, declined for the bottom part of the chest and flat one for the mid-overall chest. To add width to the chest, dumbbell flies are the favourite option. The proper form to suing them is to keep the arms slightly bent throughout the exercise. The weight should be taken down as lower as possible. A stretch across the pecs should be felt at the end of rep. the arms should be then pushed up again to form an ‘A’ shape’ at the top. For a simple chest workout, here is a regime that is highly suggested. 2 sets of incline bench press, 3 sets of flat bench press and 2 sets of decline bench press in the same order followed by 2 sets of flat dumbbell flies should be done with breaks and stretching intermittently.

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How the muscle grow can make you look better

Many people attempt to build their muscles by weight lifting. Your program success can be ensured with a little knowledge about science of the movements, maximizing efforts as well as energy expenditure. As we know, the human body contains three types of muscles: smooth, cardiac and skeletal. The smooth muscles generally form the wall of hollow organs like stomach, intestines, uterus, bladder and blood vessels. Cardiac muscles, as the name suggests, are present in the heart. The skeletal muscles are those which are responsible for the body movements. The characteristics of skeletal muscles are maintaining, conditioning, strengthening and building. Your conditioning program aims at the hypertrophy of these skeletal muscles by training them correctly. Using A Scientific Approach To Gain Muscle can do wonders to your regime.

muscle grow can make you look better

The choice of exercise should aim at a particular set of muscles. The movements should be designed to cause muscle hypertrophy. There might be hundreds of exercise to choose from, but the training experience, equipments available and time are the determining factors. The order of exercise is also important. A very common approach of the order of muscles used is, performing the large muscle groups first (like legs, chest, and back) and then gradually progress towards the smaller muscle group (biceps, triceps and calf). One other technique which is also commonly used is to alternate one upper body exercise with one lower body exercise. Weight lifting which forms an important part of the regime should be followed religiously. The load or intensity which describes the amount of weight and the set of movements dome with it should be controlled. A percentage of 1 rep-max load should be done with 6 to 12 repetitions only. The intensity of the work out depends on the number of set done, therefore for muscle hypertrophy, 3 to 6 set should be performed for each set of muscle group. Resting between exercise is equally important.