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Bitcoin And The Blockchain Offer Superior Gambling Platforms

The third revolution is here and it is powered by the Blockchain. No industry is going to be left untouched by this new ultra-secure, automated platform. One of the sectors most affected by cryptocurrency is the gambling industry and its invention has led to exciting concepts that are superior. In this article, I will talk about how Bitcoin and the Blockchain are changing the way that gambling takes place to offer a superior platform than presently available.
#1: Bitcoin Gambling Technology

The Blockchain may have been invented to help to transform the world of finance but it is as though it was designed specifically for the gambling industry. It is due to having the perfect structure to improve many of the major problems currently faced by casinos and gamblers. It speeds up payments, automates payouts along with deposits, provides a truly provably fair platform, offers player anonymity and gives the possibility to reward users. 

Blockchain technology is a win-win situation for both gambling platforms and players. It dramatically cuts the costs of owning and running a casino along with giving better odds to those participating. If you want to see for yourself but do not want to gamble your own BTC make sure to check out for the latest Bitcoin No Deposit Bonus promotions.

#2: Bitcoin Gambling Platforms

Most traditional online casinos use Random Number Generator software to run their gambling platform games. This technology offers provably fair but it lacks the level of trust provided by the Blockchain. Rather than software running in the background that players are unable to check, a public ledger is displayed when a site is using the Blockchain. This means that each betting transaction is available so that players can check that the system is offering the stated house edge or not. 

A large number of casinos have been accused of rigging RNG software so that they can cheat players. It is impossible for gambling companies to rig the Blockchain and for the first time players can be sure that the house edge stated on the site is 100% accurate.

#3: Security

One of the major problems faced by players who use traditional casinos is that they have to enter all of their personal details to be able to deposit and withdraw winnings. If the gambling platform is not ultra secure, players are at the risk of having their details stolen and fraud taking place. Bitcoin casinos solve this problem as players can send and receive BTC in one click without the requirement of entering their personal information. 

#4: Speedy Payouts

One of the most annoying and common complaints about traditional casinos is that the payouts take too long to complete. Bitcoin and cryptos enable payments to send a lot faster along with lower costs. It also means that gambling transactions will not show up on a players bank statements which protect their credit score.

What Next For The Gambling Industry?

Gambling companies are starting to realize the huge possibilities that the Blockchain and cryptocurrency present the industry. In 2018 there are a number of new Bitcoin Casinos and Sports Betting Companies that are utilizing smart contracts to take things to the next level. With the speed of technological advances, it will not be long before all sites are on the Blockchain or they will not survive. If you want to try the best games why not try the Bonus Code located on our site.