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B&W Love by alexey ,  Apr 28, 2013
Fantastic effects can be produced with black-and-white photography. It is important that photographers keep the special needs of monochrome photography in mind when they are shooting pictures. Black-and-white photography is all about contrast, so look for ways to bring that out. Lighting across the shot reveals texture and depth. Low light conditions often reveal subtleties not seen in color pictures. Also look for patterns, shapes and irregularities in the frame. These are what stand out in a black-and-white photo.
In general B&W photos are more about the mood and the feel of the image. 
Shooting black-and-white photographs is different than shooting color photographs. There is more contrast in black-and-white. Photographers must therefore light to emphasize the differences between light and dark areas. Black-and-white photography is especially effective in low contrast situations like a cloudy day. Closer attention must be paid to composition. Since there is no color to draw the eye, shapes and shades are more important. Shadows, therefore, play a must larger role in black-and-white photography.