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Yellow Wedding Dresses by alexey ,  Jan 5, 2013

Why wear a colored wedding dress? Click here to find out....

Pale yellow dresses are common for brides who don't want to wear white. They can be an ideal option if you want a color that won't make your skin look washed out. Yellow wedding dresses can be ideal if you are planning a summer wedding and plan to incorporate shades like orange and pink into your color scheme.

I'm definitely not a traditional bride, and I have my heart set on wearing a bright yellow wedding dress. I'd like to find something knee-length with a '50s- or '60s-style silhouette, but I'm not having any luck.

I'm also not getting all the support I'd hoped for. My parents, friends, and fiance all agree it would be weird for me to wear a traditional long white dress. They want me to wear what makes me happy.

My sister, however, who is my maid of honor, flat-out said I would look stupid in a bright yellow dress and people would laugh at me. She's also butting heads with the other bridesmaids, my friends, who she's written off as "weirdos."

Assuming I can even find a yellow wedding dress, how do I deal with my sister's attitude? And is wearing a bright yellow wedding dress weird?

Here are my thoughts:

You know what would be weird? Wearing a wedding dress that didn't feel like "you" because you were worried about your sister or your guests Tsk, tsk-ing behind your back.

You should spend your wedding day surrounded by the people who love you and know you best, and I hope that your nearest and dearest will be happy to be there even if you show up in a potato sack.

It sucks that your sister is being a bitch, but my sister and I get on like balloons and porcupines, so I get that you can still love her, even if you don't see eye-to-eye on style. Still, it's super-rude of her to pick on you, so I'd have a comeback ready the next time she pushes your buttons.