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SpiderHolster Black Widow Spider Camera Holster for Lightweight DSLRs and Point-and-shoot Came by Review Summary ,  Sep 21, 2015

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SpiderHolster Black Widow Spider Camera Holster for Lightweight DSLRs and Point-and-shoot Came
Report Date: 12/31/2015
Based on 66 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 4.6
Returned or considering to return: 1.5%

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Individual Feature Rating
Strap3.1   below average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"I am an ardent, amateur photographer, but I really hate carrying anything with shoulder straps."
"the weak part of this, will be not having the neck strap which give me some confidence in case i drop the camera.... i may add another kind of strap safety connected to my belt, just in case."
"The stitching to the strap that the secures the lens to the pad just started to fail."
"This thing is a great idea, as I hate straps and hip holsters."
"I hate camera neck straps."
"I tried numerous strap and sling solutions but never liked how the camera swings around and how the strap restricts your flexibility when using a camera with a well articulated LCD."
"I have used dual Black Rapid supports for a few years, but I find SpiderHolster system much comfortable and convenient vs. the straps."
"Peak Design makes a holder that easily attaches to the backpack strap."
"When I hike with a backpack, I like to attach my camera to the strap of my pack instead of on my waist as it is easier to get at that way."
"The camera sits nice a snug against your hip and you can use the Velcro strap to lock into place with the lense facing backwards so you don't accidentally damage your lense."
"I've ditched my strap entirely and this is a great option to have a camera on you at all times."

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