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Base Deluxe Charging Kit WH500W440W740 by Review Summary ,  Nov 3, 2015

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Base Deluxe Charging Kit WH500W440W740
Report Date: 12/09/2015
Based on 40 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 4.7
Returned or considering to return: 0.0%

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Individual Feature Rating
Battery4.4   above average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"Received the Plantronics W740 instead of the W745 by mistake, this part upgrades the base, for around 40.00 I got the hot swappable battery the W740 was missing instead of having to buy a complete new package."
"I use this device with Skype and have problems with it dropping the call if the battery dies, so expect I will not be able to change battery mid-call, but will be able to change batteries between calls."
"Nice to have the extra battery charged on those long conference call days.,"
"no more dead batteries during phone calls."
"It's great to have a battery backup and it's great that this comes with the extra battery."
"Just updating the battery from my old one seemed to have made a great difference."

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