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Link Market by alexey ,  Mar 9, 2013

Top 10 reasons to use Link Market

Company Information

 Link Market makes link building easy and efficient.
  1. Thousands of link exchange partners to choose fromSince 2003 Link Market has provided valuable service to our members.  We have helped our members get indexed, improve search engine ratings and increase overall traffic to their site.   We have over 100,000 members that have exchanged over 5 million links.
  2. No waiting weeks, start your link exchange immediatelyWe have a set of filters that your site needs to pass. Once this is done (usually within seconds) you are ready to take your internet marketing to the next level.
  3. Comprehensive link exchange account management tools We offer everything from monthly reports, permissions / filters, to detail history of all the links exchanged through our service
  4. Human edited link exchange directory We double-check every link to make sure it has appropriate content and quality. At the same time every link in our directory has a feature to be reported for a second review by our members. 
  5. Every reciprocal link exchange is validatedThe link exchange does not happen unless both parties have a HTML link on their web site 
  6. International link exchange We have done extensive marketing throughout the world to attract small business owners from all over the world. Just take a look at our World category and you will see for yourself.
  7. Link directory management service If you are tired of managing your link pages or directory we can solve all of your issues with LDMS. Simple script installation will save you time and free up your busy schedule.
  8. Deep linking serviceWith this feature you can promote specific pages or products on your site instead of just your home page. Therefore, improving search engine rankings and link popularity for the whole site instead of just one page.
  9. Privacy, members information never sold We do not show your email information to any of our members and we will not share your contact information with anyone outside of Link Market.
  10. Fast, responsive customer serviceLink Market’s ticketing system allows us to answer your questions in a fast and timely manner.
New Members - Start your high quality, spam free, link exchange in minutes. Our link exchange services are free and very effective. Do not wait until tomorrow, improve your link popularity and PageRank today Start your high quality, spam free, link exchange in minutes. Our link exchange services and link building services are free and very effective. Do not wait until tomorrow; improve your Link Popularity, PageRank, and SE Rankings with Link Market's Free Link Exchange service today! Learn More
Returning Members - Welcome back. To access your account and continue your link exchange marketing click on the button below. Thank you, Link Market Team. Welcome back. To access your account and continue your reciprocal link exchange click on the button below. Thank you, Link Market Team.
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Rules & Policies

Our members tend to say some really great things about our service, and we're always glad to hear it when they do. Here is what some of our members have said about their experience with Link Market. 

quotation_open Just like to say thank you, because of your website I have been recieving plenty of organic traffic making it possible to become a full time webmaster.

-Kris B.

quotation_openHello, I started here at LinkMarket with no Google rank, and would like to let everybody know that with no experience in SEO, I have just clicked on the current jobs link, and added links, and requested a lot of jobs with LinkMarket. (2 months later) I just checked my pagerank, and have finally been listed as a pr1 site on Google. I am also #1 on Google for Cheapest electronics on the net, as well as many others. I am currently #2 on Google for Cheapest electronics. It doesn't get too much better than this, so I will be adding many websites that I own to Linkmarket, and hopefully, their link will be up on the top of Google as well!! Thanks for being there to help the new guy on the block. I never thought your service would help this much!!

-Marc B.

quotation_open Thanks for the great service. I have found it very easy to use and I am getting results already having only been with you a short time.

-Andrew S.

quotation_open I joined LinkMarket, and didn't think that it would make any difference. But I was wrong.

Signing up and searching for links is easy, and other sites come looking for you.

If you don't like their conent (which is easy to check with Alexa direct from the site), you can refuse the link. Simple as that.

Thanks for helping, LinkMarket.

- Danny W.

quotation_open Thank You for your excellent support. I'll surely recommend your site to my friends too. Regards, N.S.

- Nicole S.

quotation_open Hi, I started my blog on April 24, 2006. I decided to try the SEO stuff myself. I signed up 3 site exchange servcie providers including yours. Frankly speaking Linkmarket was the one I have given least notice initially. But it kept on sending me 2-3 links everyday without me doing anything at all. Well, I just visted the directory just once. Now it's three months and I realised I have done more than hundreds on successful link exchanges, and more than 80% of these exchanges were from your site.

I'm writing this mail now because Google has just recently gave my blog a PR of 5. Just wanted to say thank you to you. Ciao.

quotation_open I just wanted to say, this is my second website that I have purchased a subscription to linkmarket, and Ill be back for each website I need links to. The service is fast, simple, and costs MUCH less than buying links.

Thanks again guys!

- Chris W.

quotation_open I have got to say that this is the best service for its dollar. I have been checking my site statistics and it is increasing daily as far as the visitors that I get to my store. I have only had this service for a week I am just amazed thanks again for the great service...

- David R.

quotation_open Thanks to your services I am getting more links regularly. Other link exchange programs have many inactive members. This service has plenty of members that are actively seeking link partners and I do get link requests every day.

Great service for webmasters!

Thanks a lot!

- Karl S.

quotation_open I have been using your service for a few days and I blieve it to be very good.

I love it so much that I want to add more sites into the program!

- Nazia Q.

quotation_open I am a single parent with 2 teenage boys, I made the move to Link Market as it gave me a lot more than I was expecting. I work for myself and am looking for potential people to come and join my team, thanks to you I have lots of people visiting my site. Thank you Link Market for your Help

-Glenys P.

quotation_open Many many thanks for your valuable service... I will inform this website to my all webmaster friends...

-Madhu K.

quotation_open Wow! Thanks for the great service at a fantastic price!

My website has 10 times more hits, a higher Google PageRank, and tons of traffic thanks to all the link trading from your site!

It is so easy to trade links and saves me time to work on my own business rather than be a full-time webmaster.

Thanks again!

- Sean B.

quotation_open LinkMarket.Net: this place is a Heaven to make links exchanges with other enlightened net entrepreneurs. Administrators of this website have a deep SEO Knowledge, for example they know that placing more than 25 outbound links per page is not benefical to the linked websites. Links are hand-placed, there's not an unique inefficient .php directory builder file to upload to your server as for *******.com. This service can give positive results on Google SERPs rankings for the long-term. 

- Seo Guy

quotation_open I have given this a try over the past couple of weeks, and I must say, for reciprocal links to get your anchor text listed with little work, this is the place to do it. What's unique about this, is that the system works like a directory, where you can list your site for others but more to the point, the reciprocation process is easy.

Finding link partners.

Step 1: Search through the directory and click add next to all appropriate sites. Step 2: Do nothing and wait for the recipient to respond with a yes or no. Step 3: No - Do nothing, Yes - Add their link to your page, insert URL where link is added and hit OK.

Receiving link partners:

Step 1: Accept link recipient. Step 2: Do nothing as the person who initiated the process will now add you link as provided in the directory to their site. Step 3: Add link to your site and submit URL back to recipient.

This is the easiest link reciprocation process I have ever come across thus far. This is not going to solve all your linking problems, though it will benefit you through placing some anchor text around the web off your choice with some exceptional ease.

I don't generally give my opinions about these types of sites, but this one is above the rest and worth a try. 

- Anthony

quotation_open Just wanted to say how much easier exchanging links is now that I have started using linkmarket.

Prior to using this site I had to go through the pain of searching manually for link partners, then putting a link on my site, sending an email to the webmaster and waiting to find out if my link had been reciprocated.

Now, I can exchange links easily, with just a few clicks of my mouse, in about a tenth of the time that it took me before. Leaving me extra time to everything else!

- Suzanne M.(Edinburgh, UK)

quotation_open I absolutely love This program has helped me to build my reciprocal link exchanges. I am now starting to show up in search engines within only 1 month of joining this.

I would like to say: "Thank You for providing webmasters with this program."

- Melissa M.

quotation_open is truely your one stop shop for link exchanges. As a webmaster/marketer link exchanges are a must for and Search Engine Optimization campain. LinkMarket takes out the headaches of finding/requesting/managing link exchanges, and the best resource I have experienced with performing daunting link exchange tasks.

- James M.

quotation_open What a fantastic mind operates behind Link Market.

Before I found you, I placed total of 20 links on my 2 sites soliciting from individual sites; it was the most tedious work next to weaving a japanese kimono. Your system has a very user friendly interface and that is why I was attracted to your site at the first place. Plus it works. Bravo! Your free linking offer is very generous and truly , it would be almost enough, but I signed up for the full benefit because I can't wait to be able to manage my links, to grow them, weed them and organize them using your managing options. I wish you well and for my own benefit, I would love to see your company grow exponentially. Thank you for being.

- Basia B.

quotation_open Linkmarket is great! They have provided for free what other link sites charge for and after paying their small member fee - They can't be touched. This site has helped me get to the position in Google I have always felt we belonged - Number 1!  - Jason R. (Dublin, Ireland)

quotation_open I just wanted to let you know that I love your service. You have made it so easy to exchange links. I receive 2-4 request a day and the best part is having the html code ready so all I have to do is insert it on my site. Thanks for being available and I recommend you all the time.

- Beth Ann H.

quotation_open Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

I must say that your facility is certainly the most effective and simplest way of swapping links that I've found. I am recommending it to everyone! I thank you.

 - Steve B.

quotation_open This is one of best link exchange that i know, Site owner don't need to hire or pay for search engine optimization to increase link popularity. This is BEST WAY TO INCREASE LINK POPULARITY.

- John S.

quotation_open I just wanted to let you guys know that Link Market is BY FAR the best site out there in the reciprocal Link space. I’ve visited dozens of your competitors and used a LOT of services. I’ve gotten more quality reciprocal links in a few hours than I have with other services in months. You guys are great.

- Bryan F.

quotation_open Wow! You guys have got your act together. I've never seen such a "Fast Free Service". You had me sign up and going in minutes. Thanks So Much! 

- Dave W.

quotation_open I tell you I avoided paying for your service. But now that I have [and] I have recommended it to others, is one of my clients and he has also purchased a membership and will purchase a monthly banner.

I am getting 10-15 requests and links a day now thanks I hope we see even more people joining.

- Ed R.

quotation_open Thanks for the excellent Website. I am shocked how fast I am establishing links, since I became a full member.

- Michael M.

quotation_open I think linkmarket is an excellent service. Since you upgraded it works like a charm. I have 4 urls on linkmarket now and I love it.

- Janet F.

quotation_open I am new to the Link Market and have already received 7 trade requests! The "Live Help" has been very beneficial as well try it out for yourself! They have answered questions regarding my account, subscription, and general questions as well. I could go on, and on, but I really need to reply to these people requesting link exchanges :)

- Tommy L.

quotation_open Hi, Thanks for creating Link Market. I've established more links in a few weeks with you than ever with anyone else or trying to do it on my own. Thanks. 

- Brian

quotation_open What wonderful customer care.  Thank you, I have just had linking capability added to my site I'm a newbe!  However, learning fast.  So, hoping to learn more about link market asap. 

- Lorraine A.

quotation_open Just performed a very easy upgrade to the new Pro Plan. I migrated from the Full Membership with LDMS and Deep Linking to the new Pro Plan and my redundant subscriptions were then cancelled by LM and any monies owed were refunded (Calculated to the day I might add), all within 20 minutes. Thanks for such a great transition, I'm very happy. 

- Mark B.

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