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Hairdo Fashion Faux Pas by VeresJanan ,  Oct 10, 2012

Hairstyles Gone Wild

These are definitely fashion hairdo faux pas...

Now, we’re all about going bold with your beauty, but sometimes a courageous look can turn real cooky real quick. What better day than National Hairstyle Appreciation Day for us girls to admire, laugh at and reminisce about all the crazy hairstyles celebrities have rocked over the years. Whether they pull it off or give us a nice little chuckle, celebs have raised the bar of possibilities when it comes to ‘dos. From spikes to shaved heads to crazy colored coifs—trust me, they’ve got it all covered.

- Nicole Debari

Amy Winehouse

A lot of celebrities have their own signature look, some subtle and some, well, not-so-subtle. This soulful songstress definitely wasn’t shy in her music or her look, taking the classic ’60s style and turning it up a notch (or three). May she rest in peace, but the memory of her huge beehive will live on forever!

Just Plain Kooky!

Britney Spears

One of the most memorable hair mishaps in Hollywood has to go to the one and only Britney Spears. As her life was falling apart, so was her hair! The pop princess shockingly shaved off her locks for a G.I. Jane-esque dome ‘do. The question still remains—girl, what were you thinking?! Luckily, Ms. Spears has made a great comeback and so have her long, luscious locks!


Cassie’s “Skrillex” hairstyle was one of our bad fad fashions we just had to break up with, and we’re still not over this half-shaved look! With her beautiful feminine features, Cassie surprisingly pulls off the edge, rocker ‘do, but it’s still not making us want to bring a buzzer to our heads!

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Spooky! Perfect for Halloween!

Benji Madden

So maybe we’ve forgotten about the band Good Charlotte over the past few years, but Benji Madden’s hair-do from his rocker days is a hard image to forget. Super stiff and spiked to the max, his “liberty spikes” were just as serious as his punk persona. There’s still a few bold, grungy rockers walking around sporting this look—it seems punk isn’t dead after all, eh?

Katy Perry

This season is all about vibrant colored clothes, but Katy Perry takes this trend a step further with her showstopping royal blue hairstyle. The retro cut, an homage to pin-up icon Bettie Page, harks back to yesteryear while the rich bright blue hue screams futuristic. With her bright ‘n’ bubbly personality, the style definitely fits Ms. Perry but we’ll leave the blue ‘dos to her!

Lady Gaga Can Get Away With Just About Anything, Even These Incredible Hairdos..

Miss Beehive

Gaga beehiving herself in public – except for the not wearing pants part.

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Get it? Telephone, like the song!

This makes the “Marie Antoinette called” joke even funnier.

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"Punking" Out With Bizarre Hairdos