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More keeppies by Priyanka
Regrettably Tacky Celebrity Photos by Priyanka ,  Dec 26, 2013

Eric Bana with a single red daisy in front of his face. Sarah Jessica Parker in gym clothes plus a misplaced Perrier bottle. David Duchovny in shiny leggings on a disco ball. Christina Ricci emerging from a space egg. Here's a gallery of cringe-worthy celeb photos from the 80's and 90's. Posing and styling lessons learned, hopefully!

There’s not much to say about these photos because, well, there’s much to laugh about. Don’t deny it! Deep inside, you’re laughing out loud at these ridiculous photos.

Usually Kim K. looks astonishing in whatever she is put in however I think maybe her stylist was sick that night and she thought she could honestly dress herself. This is not cute even on Halloween!
"Do You Really Want To Make Me Cry?"<< BackNext >>Yes Boy George I think you did want your fans to cry with all of that colorful yarn, barrettes and poof balls hanging off of your head and neck!
Spice Girls brought the go-go wear back to the forefront with their neon clothes or what little they did wear and those thigh high platform boots. Women were walking the streets (no pun intended) again swagged out in platforms.
Boy bands were all about poppy feel good music so to put a little edge to his style JT decided to rock the bandanas like there was no tomorrow. Hope he got his street cred after that.

Christina Aguilera

Photographer: "Christina, honey: when I look at you I immediately think Futuristic Indian Princess. Now get in that half of a glass bowl and pretend you're a kitty-cat."

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Photographer: "You're certainly no angel, Jen. Keep the wings, lose the clothes, and lets slather you up with honey and lube. Can somebody get us some dry ice up in here?"

Girls really did think this was hot. Twisted Sister and other heavy metal bands used a multitude of hair spray just to keep the hair high and stiff. You see why we now have oxone problems?             

Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin

Photographer: "You've won a freaking Oscar so I know you can at least pretend that you're happy so, SMILE!"

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

Photographer: “Long black velvet gloves always imply that a woman has class.”

The Highest of High Top Fades!

This was barbers' all around worse nightmare. When Kid N' Play sported their extremely high top fades all the boys from the neighborhood took a serious break to grow their hair out as long as this group did. It sucked sitting behind them in class.


Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell was enjoying a relaxing vacay when the cameras caught her slippin’ in the worst way……and shared it with the world.
Tyra Tyra BanksWe WOULD say that Tyra wishes these pics would disappear, but she usually puts them out herself. Says she wants her fans to know  she’s real like them.  Uh, ok.