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Tips for being a Style Diva by Priyanka ,  Feb 2, 2013
Many girls dream of being more like a famous celebrity. From Jessica Simpson, to Paris Hilton, or even Beyoncé, they each have their own ways of being fabulous. Now you can learn how to be like one of these famous divas while still being your fabulous self.

Dress to impress. You should always wear clothes that fit you. Not too big, not too small, not too long, and not too short. If you have a slim figure, wear jeans or even if you have a curvy figure wear long skirts. And always make sure that your clothes are clean.

Try going for silver or gold jewelry. Try rings, necklaces, bracelets,(etc.) to bring the best in you out. But don't try to put on too much or it will look tacky.

Shine your skin. The first thing people look at is your face, which means you should have great skin. Wash you face with a mild wash, tone it, and moisturize it. If you have acne try seeing a doctor if results do not show within 3 months. Don't forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water (64oz.) a day to help your skin glow and to get rid of toxins.

Stay healthy. Last but not least, you want to keep your insides as well as your outsides clean. Eat lots of fruits and veggies. Drink water very often too. And work out 3-5 times a week for 30-90 minutes. This is very important and the golden rule to looking great.

Wear lip gloss. A true Diva always looks her best and this can be accomplished with a single item. Lip gloss instantly makes your whole face look wide awake and makes you look good without needing a lot of makeup. Carry lip gloss and apply frequently during the day to maintain your great Diva style.

Show off your talents. If you can sing, sign up for a talent show. If you can model, start taking some pics. Great at dancing? YouTube, here you come! All true divas have a talent worth showing

Bring your inner diva out of you. You gotta strut your stuff and never let any haters bring you down.

When I refer to a Style Diva, I’m not talking about some rich celebrity or someone who has tons of money, wears designer clothes, and only buys high-end items. Or somebody who doesn’t even lift a finger except to dial the most expensive decorator in the city. That’s not a Style Diva; that’s a style snob — and she’s on the opposite end of the spectrum.

No, the Style Diva I’m talking about is not necessarily rich. She may not know the latest trends or be super-knowledgeable about style. She just has to have the energy and a passion to express herself and create a more stylish life. Everyone has the potential to be a Style Diva!

You get to be called Diva in itself does not need much change. You show your Personality Confidence in walk up style and to show perfect Attitude. Also, to follow these things:

If you want to show the Power and Energy in your Personality, wear the large and dark Glasses. Jack Nicholson once said about them that because of his Glasses he is known as Jack Nicholson, otherwise he is 72-year-old obese man!

High heels
The course must wear heels to look stylish. It shows you Elegant and cool, but the heels so choose, as you can comfortably carry. 

Watch The Time

A wrist Watch can be selected very carefully and in your price range. In bracelet, select the royal and designer piece. It will show you cool and Elegant.

Dress Appeal

Choose your choice and get a dress in which you stay comfortable. Do not wear just to show brands, because the way you collect the right impression will there not. Wear the Colors that showing Confidence. So you try black, white or red shades. Well, shades of your choice will become you most comfortable and Confident. 

Hair Factor

Keep your hair clean and fresh. If you leave them open, keep them well manage. If you do not want to curls or straight hair, then make them blow dry. 

Drag your shoulders backwards, the spine should be straight and walk by balance your weight on heels and ankles. Take your bag on the elbow or hold it in your hand. They do not put on the shoulders thus, like you are going to run to catch a train.


Straight-fits are accumulating at all. Well, you carry the same menu, which you yourself would feel if Confident.
A Style Diva is always creating something from nothing -whether it’s a floral arrangement as a centerpiece, or a home. A Style Diva embraces art in every sense of the word and thus is an artist!
As per the style gurus, fashion is what you wear but style is how you wear. You can wear branded expensive designer garments and still won’t look good just because you don’t know how to carry the garment. But there are many who can look hot and sassy in just a pair of jeans, halter top and some stylish cheap costume jewelry in the name of accessories.