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Kingston Digital HyperX Predator DataTraveler 512GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (DTHXP30-512GB) by Review Summary ,  Oct 7, 2015

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Kingston Digital HyperX Predator DataTraveler 512GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive (DTHXP30/512GB)
Report Date: 10/10/2015
Based on 64 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 3.8
Returned or considering to return: 7.8%

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Individual Feature Rating
Speed4.0   below average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"Given the large price point and the failure to perform in the same ballpark as an HDD, I find it hard to justify owning this device."
"Performance: this unit fails to out-perform a LaCie Rugged thunderbolt 1TB HDD... even when the LaCie has an encrypted filesystem, this unit *unencrypted* has only a 20% edge."
"The size is nice, but big size and really slow is a terrible combination because we're talking about 2 hour backups or 3 hour backups turning into 6 or 9 hours when trying to replace an HDD with this unit in my case."
"Speed is good, size is small, but downside is having to have a USB3 power cable and adapter to use it."
"Very fast and so far reliable."
"I am impressed with its performance, capacity and design, I will say however that there is still some room for improvement, faster speeds, greater capacity, smaller design etc."
"Its very good and very fast shipping"
"What led me to this technology:When I first got this hard drive it came with a digital bio-synchronous adapter for transporting my memories, it served me well when a group Yokuza thugs attempted to kill me and secure the data, however I was able to access the one profile and slow down time to perceiving 1 nanosecond per moment fly through the mob and even dodge bullets."
"[tally] [samurai Bridge models] time cp -R anneva Volumes Test0.047u 6.066s 2:55.64 3.4% 0+0k 29+478io 0pf+0w====== 51 MB sec unencrypted (vs. rating of 160MB sec writing)Deleting the results, and copying it again resulted in this:0.049u 6.412s 3:54.71 2.7% 0+0k 405+655io 0pf+0w====== 38 MB sec[tally] [samurai Bridge models] time cp -R anneva Volumes Hyperbak0.080u 7.938s 10:12.83 1.3% 0+0k 350+694io 0pf+0w====== 14 MB sec *encrypted* (expected to be slower, but this is a disaster)LaCie thunderbolt 1TB comparison test:[tally] [samurai Bridge models] time cp -R anneva Volumes Terabak0.076u 7.914s 3:38.61 3.6% 0+0k 399+522io 0pf+0w====== 41 MB sec *encrypted* (3x faster than the encrypted FS applied to the flash drive)WD My Passport Ultra (with hardware encryption)[tally] [samurai Bridge models] time cp -R anneva Volumes Ultrabak0.064u 7.867s 2:09.91 6.0% 0+0k 400+500io 0pf+0w====== 70 MB sec *encrypted* (over 5x faster, and roughly double the best speed of the Predator)Even though the WD is a USB 3.0 device, it beats out the LaCie Thunderbolt as it handles encryption in hardware."

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