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Which iPhone App Crashes All the Time? by alexey ,  Oct 4, 2012
An iPhone application crashes all the time?  E*Trade Mobile Pro does it very consistently. Every morning I start this application and do the following steps:

1) Login to my account 
2) Turn ON streaming quotes and look at changing numbers for a minute
3) Then I switch to something else: my emails, text messages, Skype
4) After more than 30 minutes I come back to the Etrade Application and IT CAN NOT START - freezing and then crashing.  

Recently I start getting the following message (previously it was a silent crash):

Does anyone experience anything similar?

I searched Internet but mentioning of Etrade Mobile application crash I found related to year 2009:
FIX FOR OS3.0 BETA 4 USERSrating of E*TRADE Mobile ProBy: Rummey - May 6, 2009Version: 1.0I found a fix for all the crashing... follow closely:1) Press your home button and launch the iPhone settings.2) Turn on Airplane Mode. This is just temporary and will help keep the app from crashing.3) Launch the Etrade App. It is the "Dashboard" that is causing the crash so you need to select the "I" in the lower right hand screen and scroll down the list and turn off "Markets Overview" and "Quote Details". This is the culprit. These are the ENEMY!4) Now close the app by pressing the home button and go turn off airplane mode.5) Presto! The app works!
eTrade App Available downloaded . . . crashes every time I try to load it up. __________________ BabbleBall 2 is out!"Nature does nothing uselessly" - Aristotle