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Headphones Case For Sennheiser Hd650 Hd600 Hd598 Hd558 Hd518 Akg K550 K551 K240mkii K240s K272hdii K242hdii K99 K77 Ath A900 M50 M50x Sony Xb700 Xb500 Xb300 Ma900 Ma100 And More - Headphone Full Size by Review Summary ,  Sep 17, 2015

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Headphones Case For Sennheiser Hd650, Hd600, Hd598, Hd558, Hd518, Akg K550, K551, K240mkii, K240s, K272hdii, K242hdii, K99, K77, Ath A900, M50, M50x, Sony Xb700, Xb500, Xb300, Ma900, Ma100 And More / Headphone Full Size Hard Shell Large Carrying Case / Headset Travel Bag With Space For Cable, Amp, Ipod, Parts And Accessories
Report Date: 01/03/2016
Based on 23 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 4.6
Returned or considering to return: 0.0%

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Individual Feature Rating
Fit4.2   average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"While not a 100% Perfect fit, it's pretty darn close."
"If you paid for any Sennheiser headphones that fit this, I am incapable of over promoting this."
"It would get full rating if it would have the perfect fit...."
"Perfect fit"
"My HD-650s fit in the molded foam insert perfectly."
"The case fits perfectly in most backpacks, and if you buy a shorter cable from a third party, it makes transportation and setup super easy."
"The foam inside makes it a snug fit for the 558's, and so far, has done a pretty great job of keeping my investment safe."

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