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Magellan TW0204SGXNA Echo Fit Smart Sports Watch with Activity and Sleep Tracking (Pink) by Review Summary ,  Sep 26, 2015

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Magellan TW0204SGXNA Echo Fit Smart Sports Watch with Activity and Sleep Tracking (Pink)
Report Date: 09/25/2015
Based on 45 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 2.2
Returned or considering to return: 33.3%

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Individual Feature Rating
Run3.1   average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"When you are in the middle of a 10 plus mile run this can be incedibly frustrating."
"The level of frustration brought about by trying to connect the apps to the watch whenever I wanted to start the run is so frustrating."
"And last but not least the battery life is terrible on my run yesterday it already says the battery is low and needs replaced."
"The main problem is syncing with my phone when I'm ready to run."
"Within a year, something as simple as a $2.00 app went from helping me from being unable to complete a single mile run to finishing a marathon."
"It was great taking it out on runs very convenient to be able to see your pace and time and everything and being able to manage your music while on the run."
"I also use it with MapMyRun app and it works great and I can control the music on my iPhone right from the watch, I can pause music, and skip songs; very nice feature when Im out for a run."
"I really like the ability to put my phone in a pouch before I run and be able to start and pause the app, and see my pace, distance, etc."
"APPSI DO want to mention that I assumed the watch could control multiple apps at once on your phone (i. e. multitask by being able to control RunKeeper AND a music player while on a run)."

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