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Exotic Wedding Dresses by alexey ,  Oct 24, 2016

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Welcome to our Exotic Wedding Dress Collection.  We keep adding more dresses as they become available.  Check out our collection periodically. Enjoy!

Exotic wedding dresses
can be a great idea for the future brides who plan to celebrate their wedding day in the outdoor spaces of the beach with the sea waves brushing the shores and the sun rays caressing gently the naked shoulders of an excited bride when saying ‘I do’ for life.

Princess Jasmine

Bold and exotic, the Princess Jasmine wedding dress literally floats, thanks to the lightness of the sensual satin used to create it. Held together by a crystal and pearl encrusted necklace that exudes soft beauty, this wedding dress is worthy of any princess bride!

Nowadays, as the generation changes, our option do exactly the same, Exotic Wedding Dresses are one of the living facts that we have distinct taste and styles now. We follow various believes or maybe we follow what our heart desires. When you say exotic it doesn't revolve on just one aspect, there are distinct definitions behind that. As long as you don't follow the norm or something that has been followed for the longest time or pick the other way as an alternative to the usual tradition then you pick out exotic wedding dresses. There is certainly absolutely nothing wrong in picking out this sort of wedding gown on your wedding, so long as you might be pleased and that's what you know would truly show off your beauty then go ahead and wear it, wedding take place as soon as in a lifetime of a girl, could possibly also celebrate it to the fullest. The only boundary you need to believe off would be who you are going to marry as you must be sure that the person you might marry may be the individual you seriously desire to be with and like probably the most. Exotic Wedding Dresses don't necessarily mean flashy, rocky or extravagant. Some options are very simple however the cut looks distinctive than the typical lengthy trail and beaded settings, the taste could be regarded as exotic as the cut is sexier than the usual wedding gowns readily available. There is absolutely nothing wrong wearing sexy wedding gowns just ensure that you may carry it really well. The color could vary as well, it is actually essentially the bride herself could decide on what color does she desire to use on her wedding dress. Does she would like to follow the motif, does she want to stand out, and does she desire to follow the classic white color or make it red, violet, pink or whatever color she prefers. The cut may be ordinary or as the standard but the color is far from the norm thus could be called exotic. Exotic Wedding Dresses are created out there to those that wish to be diverse and somebody who desires to have her own fashion statement. Be distinct and make sure make it bolder. For those who decided to wear something out of the ordinary or something that is new to the eye, you have to ensure that it is possible to carry it nicely, even if how great looking your wedding gown might be, in case you cannot carry it with confidence then it'll never look good at all and vice versa, even if the wedding gown is really distinctive but you had been be a able to project right and your assets had been complimented then you got the right wedding gown for you.

New Trends, Colors, and Details

A woman's wedding dress is the most important fashion decision of her lifetime. Most brides take months visiting different boutiques and obsessing over bridal magazines until they find "the one." Women are no longer limited to the traditional whip cream white ball gown of the past. There are an infinite number of dresses to fit the style of every bride, whether she is after a glamorous, romantic, or a cutting edge look. In fact, the bridal industry has blown up in the last few years and designers are creating unprecedented dresses to win the hearts of the most discriminating bride.

The exotic wedding dress or exotic dance dress is also a discreet decision. if this being your favorite dress you will not like to abridge its size, although, it can be easily worked out by appending some gathered lace or tulle along the border. if you tend to select exotic evening gowns or any other exotic dresses, the color should complement with your body. In other sense, it should neither be too dark not hot pink, Ferrari red or black! At the same time, however, it is not necessary that you make your choice with ivory, creamy or other vivid colors. So again, always go for the color that complements your body and personality. If your body is bulky or large, you should go for exotic prom dresses plus size that will suit to your personality.

If you have got your minds set on a beach wedding, here are a few tips that can make it easier for you as you plan a truly unique occasion to this equally unique setting. Looking for the ideal dress to wear for your destination wedding? What makes exotic beach wedding dresses?

There are some tips to help you choose wedding dresses which will be perfect for walk down the beach. When it is a beach wedding you have to note that the weather could get quite windy at times and as the bride has to walk in the sand, so the bridal gowns have to be chosen carefully. Traditional beach dresses are normally white gowns but there are some trends that use unconventional frocks and colors like pink and brown as well.

If you are considering a wedding with an ocean view, you will also have to consider exotic beach wedding dresses. Embellishments consist of sequins, stones, stone or beads can be use in some designer trends. For example, a bridal gown that veils bordered with sea shells could be a perfect ideal for beach wedding. Maxi dresses are other option if you want to go for something unconventional, silk or lighter fabrics, shorter dress styles in chiffon, three quarter length frocks and full skirt bridal gowns. Have a back-up plan in case of bad weather, the heat and sand should be considered upon the season of the wedding location.

For modern brides who prefer casual bridal gowns, floral patterns can be used to add the exotic nature of the weddings. If you want to move away from the traditional bridal gowns strapless, halter plunging necklines, sleeveless or even one shoulder dresses could be the style that you may considered.  Shorter knee length gowns are what you can go for to avoid the flowing or draping look on the beach. Use the good combination of colors to add charm on exotic beach wedding dresses.

2011 plunging neck couture wedding gown by Shady Zeineldine

And with a blurry whoosh! the first week of 2011 zipped by! Thankfully, we have some really stunning couture wedding dresses and evening gowns from Shady Zeineldine Spring/Summer 2011 collection to end the work week with.  For a start, check out the ruffle top with deep plunging neck and sheer netted skirt combo of the dress above — just beautiful. Below, a strapless figure-hugging sheath wedding gown is paired with a gorgeous, ostentatiously ruffled bridal coat.

2011 couture wedding dress by Shady Zeineldine

Bustier dress featuring a variety of textures. Side note: quick, someone take us to Greece now!

Backless Wedding Dresses 
 The biggest advantage of backless wedding dresses is that it can show off the beauty of the body. You have to know that you can’t see your back clearly when you stand in front of the mirror. Take good care of your back because it will face the eyes of spectators at the wedding ceremony.
  Sexy Backless Wedding Dresses 
 Satin and linen are two of the greatest materials that are used for making wedding dresses, so choose a backless bridal gown made of fine and soft fabric like them. Most styles have halters and V-neck, and some carry accessories such as beadwork, sequins, embroidery, lace, ribbon, etc.

This is a very well known idea: women want to look like stars in their bridal day and we sincerely can understand why. This is a belief that is encountered between women to get married and if they don’t want to look like celebrities, they sure want to be princesses. So, leaving behind the princess bridal gowns, there are some women who search for the kookiest models of bridal gowns and they succeed obtaining the “wow” effect with such pieces of clothing on.

In case you didn’t seem to be pleased of your research when it comes to unique bridal gowns, then maybe our helping hand will seem pretty useful to you. So, the most common idea when it comes to a unique wedding gown is that it should imitate a little bit a model that was worn on the red carpet by a celebrity.

Beyonce wedding gown

Like in the case of the wedding gowns that Beyonce has worn on the red carpet and on the stage: we are certain that they caught your eye instantly and that maybe you are considering of adopting the wedding dress that you want to wear in the big day, on the pattern of one of these models.

If you want to imitate the wedding dress from every little angle, don’t expect to look exactly like her. Everybody envies Beyonce for her great looks and not only. In order to wear a similar gown to that worn by Beyonce on the stage, red carpet or even wedding day, you definitely need to look at your best and have lots of courage.