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Best Places In The World To Surf by VeresJanan ,  Oct 10, 2012
Best Places In The World To Surf

Surfing Around the World:

Besting Spots To Catch the Wave

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If you’re a surfer, the chances are you’re always looking for a slightly bigger, faster wave, with just a bit more power than the last one you rode. The search for ideal surfing conditions can take a lifetime, and many have dedicated years to trawling the globe, trying to track down the perfect wave.For many surfers, the best waves are the most extreme waves. But for most, these waves are just not a viable option. The most extreme waves on the planet are big, mean, dangerous and often lethal. Here’s a guide to the ten of the best.??

 Teahupoo [Tahiti]

TeahupooAs well as being a left-breaking reef, the outer reef at this insane spot also create rights, so it’s also a confusing one to try and ride. It’s also renowned for the incredible number of barrels on offer. Heavy waves plus a seriously shallow and sharp coral reef, make this a particularly dangerous wave to surf. Teahupoo is also popular with windsurfers and kite surfers. It was famously documented in the 2003 film, Riding Giants.

Pipeline [Oahu]

PipelineThis reef break (in fact there are three, at varying distances from the shore) on the north side of the island, is infamous for amazingly hollow waves. Pitching precariously over a reef, these cavernous barrels have dished out their fair share of epic wipeouts. The flat tabletop reef, with several caves on the inside, creates a giant air bubble that pops on the front of the wave which lurches upwards just before breaking. There are also several jagged, underwater lava spires which can injure surfers who fall off. Sort out your travel insurance cover and ride this one at your peril!

Aileens [Ireland]

AileensImage Mickey SmithIf you thought the gentle landscape of the Emerald Isle were too tame to be the home of one of the most extreme surfing spots on earth, you’d be wrong. While us Irish might be friendly and laid back hosts, the waves can get nasty. Aileens might sound like the name of a bar, but it’s actually a crazy wave in Lahinch. You not only have to brave the wave itself, but also the 700ft clamber down a rocky path to get to it!

 Puerto Escondido [Mexico]

Puerto EscondidoPuerto Escondido, also known as the Mexican Pipeline, has a few spots on down the coast, most of which provide great surf all year round – but better in the summer months. The most commonly surfed section of Zicatela Beach is the break closest to town, which is primarily a right-hander. The crowd here can be fiercely competitive, though, so be prepared to put on a show for the locals and the other surfers. Be sure to check out the evening surf sessions which, when accompanied by strong offshore winds, make for some of the most awesome surfing conditions on earth.

 Shipstern Bluff [Tasmania]

Shipstern BluffFor decades this wave, once known as Devil’s Point, was more myth than reality, as no one had even considered surfing it. Shipstern Bluff’s ferocity seen at close quarters will leave little doubt that this mental right-hander could indeed be one of the most insane surf spots on earth. The only way in and out is either by boat or on foot, and the isolation of the place gives it a sinister vibe – not helped by the fact that the waters here are patrolled by enormous white sharks. On a big swell with a low tide, and full sunlight for dramatic effect, the wave can look like a living Dali painting as it warps, twists and devours itself. But amidst the madness lies one of the biggest barrels of all.

More Great Surfing Locations

Surfing is one of most exciting and blood curling sport of the world. The rush when gets when riding those wild waves is an out of this world feeling. Here are ten great surfing locations for you to visit and get a taste of pure thrill.

Botany Bay, Australia

Situated right next to the Sydney, this bay offers a combination of clear blue water and wild waves. This surfing location is hard to miss, whenever you visit Australia.

Viking bay, United Kingdom

viking bay

If you are visiting United Kingdom this summer to roam the abbeys and the moors take a look at this peaceful surf location. The water gives you a slight chill adding to the thrill you get from the sport.

Pavones, Costa Rica

Pavones-Costa rica

This tropical surfing location offers surfing opportunities all year round. The water is warm and the sand white. You can surf all day and laze in the evenings at this surfing spot.

Bali, Indonesia

bali, Indonesia

Not only is Bali a serene and peaceful island, it also offers some of the most exotic surfing location. Visit Bali to enjoy the local hospitality and surf on the gentle beaches.

Byron bay, Australia

botany bay, Australia

This has been a top surfing location for more than forty years. The surfing spot is visited round the year and such is the popularity of this surfing location that you can come across surfing gear right next to the beach.

Hawaii, United States


This is the place which gave birth to the sport itself. Of you have to surf only once in your life, visit Hawaii as their no other surfing experience like it.

Lahinch, Ireland

lahinch, ireland

Once you go surfing to Lahinch you will get addicted to the sport. Such is the thrill in surfing at this spot that you would want to move to this place permanently.

Noordhoek beach, Capetown

nooedhoek beach, cape town

This is a spectacular beach with dolphins dancing in and out of the waves. It is surrounded y lagoons which fill up with water at times. Don’t miss this location when you go to Capetown.

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

jeffreysbay, south africa

This is one of the most sought after surfing destinations, the ways are so wild that you can hardly lift you board. This bay is attracting more and more tourists each day due to its thrashing waves

Big Rock, California

Big Rock, California

This beach only for surfers that love a combination of danger and adventure. There are jagged rocks and once in a while sharks there as well. But the surfing experience is ultimate here which attracts hundreds of surfers every year.