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Celebrities and their Reincarnation stories.. by Priyanka ,  Jan 21, 2013
Many people cast a fisheye towards the concept of reincarnation because they've heard claims from people who believe themselves to be the reincarnation of some well-known historic figure.  We've all heard the jokes about everyone who thinks they are the reincarnation of Cleopatra or Napoleon.  It's hard for people to take reincarnation seriously when they think belief in one's own past lives is just an ego-driven need to feel important.

The internationally acclaimed Shanti Devi case is one of the most spectacular cases in the history of spontaneous past life recall. This was a case in India that began in 1930, long before Dr Stevenson began doing his own research. However, he did review the case from the available extensive documented information and stated that Shanti Devi made at least 24 accurate statements of her memories which matched confirmed facts (Reincarnation International, Jan. 1994 No 1 Lon).

At the age of four in 1930 in Delhi, India, Shanti Devi began to mention certain details about clothes, food, people, incidents, places which surprised her parents. Briefly, Shanti mentioned the following which were later verified to be true. She:

• identified herself as Lugdi who used to live in Muttra, 128 kilometres away • spoke the dialect of that area without having learned it • claimed to have given birth to a son and died ten days later, events which it was later found did happen to Lugdi • when taken to Muttra recognized her husband of her former life, Kedar Nath, and spoke of many things they did together • was able to identify with accuracy a number of landmarks where she used in live in the previous life in Muttra • was able to correctly state how the furniture was placed when she used to live there in her home • knew that in her former life where she had hidden 150 rupees in an underground corner of a room for safe keeping in the house. The husband of the previous life, Kedar Nath, confirmed that although the money was not there he was responsible for taking it himself • correctly identified Lugdi's former parents from a large crowd.

This case was so impressive to the authorities that a committee of prominent persons, which included a prominent politician, a lawyer and a managing director of a newspaper, was formally organized to investigate it. The committee was more than satisfied that Shanti knew things that she could not have obtained knowledge about by cheating, fraud or in any illegitimate way. None of the members of the committee knew Shanti or had any connection with her in any way whatsoever. Their definitive verdict was in very clear terms that all the evidence was conclusive proof of reincarnation.

The case became internationally known and attracted the attention of many, many sociologists and writers. For example, in the 1950s a Swedish writer, Sture Lonnerstrand, traveled to India to meet Shanti Devi and to continue to investigate for himself the documented facts. He too came to an irreversible conclusion that the Shanti Devi case is a foolproof case for reincarnation (Reincarnation International, Jan. 1994 No 1 Lon).

First an eBay seller stepped forward to tell the world he had a photo from around 1870 of a man from Bristol, Tennessee, who looks exactly like 47-year-old actor Nicolas Cage.

Then it emerged another man was trying to sell a 1860s picture of a man who spookily looked like John Travolta.

Now it seems there are plenty of Hollywood stars who may just be reincarnations of characters from around the time of the Civil War.


Heartthrob: Blue-eyed actor Paul Newman in his Hollywood heyday, and the 1860 version

A quick trawl through the fascinating Library of Congress unearthed no shortage of celebrity lookalikes.

Paul Newman had a glorious Hollywood career that began with occasional appearances on The Aldrich Family in 1949 and ended six decades later as the voice of Doc Hudson in the animated feature Cars.

Matthew McConaugheylookalike

Spooky: The droopy moustache, the jutting cheekbones, Matthew McConaughey today and in the 19th Century

He had a passion for food and created his own range of sauces and pizzas.

But in a former life did he also serve as a Union soldier fighting the Confederates at the Battle of Gettysburg. 

Or was he a descendant of the bright-eyed warrior with the half-smile.


Rugged and smooth: He's played plenty of hard men, but secretly Gene Hackman's a dapper gentleman

Matt McConaughey, star of movies such as How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and Fool's Gold, eerily has the same chiselled features of a Union officer.

We also found striking doppelgangers of Mississippi Burning star Gene Hackman and Jeremy Renner, of The Hurt Locker fame.


Southern roots? Jerry O'Connell grew up in Manhattan, so why was he fighting for the Confederacy?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, star of 3rd Rock From The Sun, is a dead ringer for a Civil War era sailor pictured in a Union uniform.

Maybe it really was one of his forefathers who played a part in bloody battles that led to the abolition of slavery.


Military background: He starred in G.I. Joe, but is Joseph Gordon Levitt descended from a Union sailor?


That same intense look: Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner ... and a Civil War fighter

NICHOLAS CAGEThis photo apparently from the 1870s of a man who looks exactly like actor Nicholas Cage

Lookalike: An eBay seller claims to have a 4” by 2.5” carte de visite photo, right, from around 1870 of a man who looks exactly like the 47-year-old star of Con Air, Ghost Rider and The Rock, Nicolas Cage, left in 2006

TrovoltaLookalike: The 1860 photo of John Travolta looks very similar to a shot taken of the Grease star in 1980

Eerie likeness: The 1860 photo of John Travolta looks very similar to a shot taken of the Grease star in 1980

He is a member of the Church of Scientology, which believes in reincarnation and asks some members to sign one billion year contracts of service.

And one photograph collector in Ontario, Canada, claims he has found a picture of John Travolta from a previous incarnation in 1860.

The 150-year-old photo of a man who looks remarkably like Travolta has been put up for sale on eBay.


Reincarnation? The original 1860's picture of the John Travolta look-a-like is up for sale for $50,000

Genuine: The photograph collector selling the picture says it has not been tampered with

Genuine: The photograph collector selling the picture says it has not been tampered with

The listings comes after another antique dealer joked that he has a photo that is proof Nicolas Cage is more than just an a-list actor - he’s also a vampire who lived during the American Civil War.

The eBay seller claims to have a 4” by 2.5” carte de visite photo from around 1870 of a man who looks exactly like the 47-year-old star of Con Air, Ghost Rider and The Rock.

The seller, who has put the starting price at $1million, says the photo is 100 per cent genuine and was taken of a man who lived in Bristol, Tennessee, around the time of the Civil War.

The man who put the photo on eBay is Jack Mörd, of Seattle, Washington, whose Facebook page says he is originally from Los Angeles, California, and owns ‘The Thanatos Archive’.

'My theory is that he allows himself to age to a certain point, maybe 70, 80 or so, then the actor “Nicolas Cage” will “die”,’ Mr Mörd joked.

They’re back in the news with a rumoured breakup on the way.

Here’s what I wrote about them in 2007 in my book Celebrity Past Lives:

She’s much older than her husband, but the star of The Scarlet Letter has so far taken everything in her stride.

Past Lives: Demi and Ashton were mother and son in America during the Salem witch-hunts. Ashton pleaded with his mother to give up her witchcraft, but Demi ignored him because she could cure many ailments and remove hexes placed by black witches.

As he grew older, he hated the stigma of being born to a witch and sometimes openly cursed his mother.

Finally, he made false allegations before a judge and, because of such damning evidence from her own son, Demi was hanged in the town square.

Ashton now protects her as her husband, with a snow owl spirit to prevent any more deceit.

Anne Boleyn and Princess Diana

Posted onbyJeanette

As I revealed recently, many members of the Royal Family had past lives in the reign of Henry VIII. In particular, Prince William is the reincarnation of Henry’s illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy, and Kate is the reincarnation of Fitzroy’s wife, Mary Howard.

I can now reveal that the late Princess Diana was the reincarnation of Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn. As well as being Fitzroy’s stepmother, Anne was Mary Howard’s first cousin.

Unfortunately, Anne was beheaded after failing to produce a male heir, Fitzroy died aged just 17, and Mary Howard never remarried.

In this life, of course, Diana also died young but I predict that William and Kate will have a long and happy life together with at least two children.

Barack Obama — the gambler

Posted onbyJeanette

In one of his past lives, Barack Obama was born into a very wealthy white family in America’s South in the early 1820s. His parents owned many farms and had once been slave owners.

He never worked a day in his life despite being given the best education. He was highly intelligent but the only motivation he had was to gamble.

When he was 25, his father gave him a large sum of money and sent him away, telling him not to return until he had doubled the money.

He sank most of it into real estate but kept some for gambling and partying.

His idea was to wait until the value of the properties had doubled, collect his money and march triumphantly home. He likened it to an African tribal ritual where the young man would hunt and kill a lion to prove himself.

Unfortunately Barack bought most of his land sight unseen and left all the dealing to his land agent.

Two years went by and Barack was almost broke, having lost heavily at poker. He decided it was time to collect his money and return home. Barack instructed his agent to sell all the properties and to send him the titles to sign.

By now the agent had disappeared and so had the original investment. Barack soon discovered he was the proud owner of nothing but mosquito-infested swampland.

His laziness and lack of motivation had brought him undone. He never returned home, too ashamed to face his father.

In this life, Barack has the lion spirit with him.

Kate is the reincarnation of Fitzroy’s young wife, Mary Howard, and that Prince Harry is the reincarnation of Mary Howard’s brother, Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. As you’ll see below, there are striking resemblances between the current royals and their previous incarnations.

'Shah Rukh is a reincarnation of a Bengali dancer'

For some dreams, one lifetime is not enough. So says Shah Rukh Khan in the movie, Om Shanti Om, in which he dies as a struggling junior artiste but reincarnates as a successful Bollywood superstar. In real life too, it may be a similar story, if an American doctor, who specialises in reincarnation research is to be believed.Walter Semkiw, an occupational medicine physician practising in San Francisco, believes that Shah Rukh Khan is the reincarnation of a dancer and actress called Sadhona Bose - who starred in a few films of the 1930s and ’40s. Bose’s most successful film was Raj Nartaki, released in 1941. But after that, her career flagged and she was eventually reduced to begging.Sounds bizarre? There’s more. Semkiw’s book, ‘Born Again’ features reincarnation case studies of a number of international celebrities, including numerous Indian personalities, ranging from Amitabh Bachchan to Jawaharlal Nehru. For instance, according to Semkiw, Bachchan is the reincarnation of American actor Edwin Booth, who was considered one of the finest Shakespearean actors of Victorian times, while Bahadurshah Zafar, the last Mughal king, was reincarnated as Jawaharlal Nehru.Semkiw’s book, which was released last year, has evinced considerable interest, with even Shah Rukh reportedly saying that while his religion did not permit him to believe in a past or future life, he still wanted to see Sadhona Bose’s pictures.But how did Semkiw come to his conclusions about the past lives of so many people? He says that it was through a combination of psychic sessions as well as a lot of background research. “It all started when I consulted Kevin Ryerson, a famous trance medium. I found that Kevin was able to channel an Egyptian spirit guide named Athun Re, who, I realised over the course of multiple sessions, had the ability to make accurate past life identifications. However, since my background is in science, I needed evidence to be convinced that whatever matches were being told to me were 100% correct,” he says.One does wonder, however, if the good doctor, though well-intentioned, might have been led on by say, the medium that he was consulting? “Such skepticism is understandable,” says Semkiw, “since I also started out as a hard-core skeptic. But during the course of the sessions, the matches involved individuals in history that were so obscure and so hard to get information on, that there was no way that the spirit guide or the medium, for that matter, could have made the matches without accessing some spiritual source,” he says.What finally convinced him, says Semkiw was when the name he received as an answer was researched and facial features, personality traits, talents etc matched, there were invariably striking similarities. Amitabh Bachchan, for example, says Semkiw, not only shares a love for acting with his supposed past life persona of Edwin Booth, but also has similar personality traits, which have been passed on from one lifetime to another.
Incidentally, Edwin Booth was the brother of John Wilkins Booth, who is infamous in history as the man who shot Lincoln, although Edwin himself, was determinedly apolitical, saying that politics simply did not suit him - a feeling Bachchan might sympathise with.Not just that, Edwin Booth’s family has also been reincarnated as people who are close to Bachchan in this lifetime, claims Semkiw. Jaya Bachchan, for instance, has been identified as Mary Mc Vickers, Edwin Booth’s second wife, while Rekha is believed to be Edwin Booth’s first wife, Mary Devlin.
a seriously researched possibility according to researcher of past lives, Dr Walter Semkiw. Amitabh Bachchan had been linked to a plethora of beautiful actresses during his hey days and one of them was the sensuous Rekha. However according to Dr. Walter, Amitabh was a Victorian actor known as Edwin Booth during the 1860’s. And according to the researcher, Rekha is the reincarnation of Booth’s first wife, Mary Devlin Booth. Dr Walter Semkiw is a member of the board of directors of the International Association for Regression, Research and Therapies. In his book ‘Born Again’ the researcher has shown with detailed studies and pictures how Amitabh Bachchan could be the reincarnation of Victorian actor Booth, how Rekha could easily be Mary Devlin in a past life and also how Jaya Bachchan could be the reincarnation of Booth’s second wife Mary McVickers. Devlin died after a few years of marriage and then Booth remarried McVickers. Well not all people may believe in past lives, but Semkiw definitely has put forth some interesting concepts in his book and is a staunch advocate of past lives. Co-founder R.Ranganathan of the Institute of Metaphysics and Research, Pune says “Past Life Regression is all about opening your subconscious to learn about your past lives.” Dr Walter has compared the facial features, personality traits, interests, likes and dislikes of actors Amitabh, Rekha and Jaya in his book and according to him they come very close to the likeness of Edwin, Mary Devlin and Mary McVickers respectively. Walter’s has also used other high profile people from society and compared them with people from a past life. Well whether you believe in the concept of past lives or not, we’re sure that Mr. & Mrs. Bachchan are not going to find their counterparts of a past life very insightful especially since it involves the tale of another romantic liaison with a popular ex-flame.
In researching cases, says Semkiw, he found many instances where ambitions that were not fulfilled in a previous lifetime were being completed in the next. “The best example is that of Hollywood actress Halle Berry, who has been identified as the reincarnation of 1950s actress Dorothy Dandridge,” he says.Besides having a strong facial resemblance, the two had other similarities too. Both were born to black parents in Ohio - Dorothy died in 1965, while Berry was born in 1968. Berry, in fact, also went on to make a movie on Dorothy. During the course of the movie, she became best friends with Geri Branton, who was also Dorothy’s close friend and who claimed that she was taken aback when she first saw Berry, “because she was so much like Dorothy.”One of Dorothy’s dearest wishes was to win an Oscar, which she never did, because a certain amount of prejudice existed against blacks in Hollywood at that time. However, years later, in 2002, Halle Berry became the first black woman to win an Oscar. “Finally, as Halle Berry in this lifetime, Dorothy Dandridge fulfilled her goal,” says Semkiw.
Did you know that Mahatma Gandhi has been reincarnated as Van Jones, the celebrated American civil rights and environmental activist who was named Time magazine's "environmental hero" in the US in 2008? "Objective evidence that forms the basis of past life studies prove that Jones is the reincarnation of Gandhi," world's leading past life researcher and best-selling author from the US Walter Semkiw told IANS in an interview.

Jones' facial bone structure and features are the same as that of Gandhi's, Semkiw said.

"His manners and body language are also similar to that of the Indian freedom fighter and he does the same things Gandhi did in Africa during the 1930s - campaign for civil rights. Like Gandhi, who was named Time magazine man of the year in 1930, Jones figured in Time's list of most influential men in 2008 and in several other magazines," the researcher said.

Walter Semikov,in his Book ‘Born Again’ declares Amitabh bachchan to be the reincarnation of Edwin Booth,the brother of John Wilkes Booth, the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

He also states that APJ Abdul Kalam as the reincarnation of Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore and Jawaharlal Nehru, the reincarnation of  Bahadurshah Zafar.

In resea

The story may seem strange, but celebrity reincarnation stories are a dime a dozen. Sylvester Stallone believes he was once a Guatemalan monkey and Loretta Lynn believes she was once a Cherokee princess who served as a mistress to a powerful king. Then there is the story of Glenn Ford, an actor who starred in more than 100 Hollywood films and is especially famous for his roles in cop movies, war stories and westerns.

Ford became interested in reincarnation while doing a movie on the Dutch psychic Peter Hurkos. In December 1975, he underwent a series of hypnotic sessions in which memories of his past lives came flooding back. Ford learned that a few lives ago he was a nineteenth century Scottish music teacher named Charles Stewart. Stewart loved horses, as did Ford, but where Stewart was a piano virtuoso Ford couldn’t play a note. While under hypnosis and thinking about his life as Stewart, Ford was able to play Mozart.

Academy award-winning actress Shirley MacLaine describes her past lives in her 1983 book, “Out on a limb”, which was made into a five hour TV special. It follows her affair with Gerry Stamford, a British socialist politician, and a married man. MacLaine said he awakened in her a spiritual hunger. She later meets David Manning, an amateur painter with an interest in Eastern spirituality. At a Los Angeles bookstore, Manning introduces MacLaine to literature on metaphysics, reincarnation, and New Age philosophy. At first she is shy about embracing her spirituality. But that changes, thanks to Manning. In a pivotal moment, while standing on a beach on the Pacific Ocean, Manning lifts both arms to the sky and shouts: “I am God!  I am God!”

Later she meets Sture Johanssen and Kevin Ryerson, two mediums who reveal experiences from their own past lives. Ryerson provides a metaphysical explanation for MacLaine’s attraction to Stamford: 300,000 years ago they were married in the mythical city of Atlantis. Manning then persuades MacLaine to come to Peru with him and search for spiritually-enlightened extraterrestrials. “Plato professed to know that other civilizations such as Atlantis existed,” MacLaine explains on her website. “Most of our great thinkers have professed to have had an intuition or guidance that they couldn’t describe…I have discovered knowledge of other physical lives, relationships that felt as if they had been in place forever and foreign soils that felt like home.”

Hollywood action hero Steven Seagall has starred as an ex-CIA operative, a retired Special Forces soldier, a Navy SEAL and a vengeful gun-toting environmentalist. He has also spent more than 20 years studying with high Buddhist priests in Japan and Tibet and was recognized by one Penor Rinpoche as the reincarnation of a holy 17th century Buddhist disciple. When asked if he had memories of past lives, Seagall answered: “If you practice [Tibetan Buddhism] and practice and dissolve into the emptiness with the practice and you are concentrating on bodhicitta more than anything else, you will probably start to slowly dissolve the veil of who you think you are into your true nature, which is a combination of all your lives. We just have to remember them.”