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Elisany Silva – 17 Year Old Brazilian – The World’s Tallest Teenage Girl by Sagittarius ,  Mar 17, 2013

But Elisany says she's much happier now thanks to the positive influence of her new boyfriend Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho, a construction worker who's 5'4". There's a one-and-a-half foot distance between them, but neither of them care. Their age difference, however, is of slight concern to me (he's 22) but let's move on.

Says Elisany: "The only thing that really affects us is when we hang out holding hands - it seems like he is my little brother or son. But I didn't choose him, God did."

And Francinaldo: "She is a beautiful person. She is tall but she is so pretty, with a beautiful face. I don't mind having a tall girlfriend. I feel free and relaxed as a person and don't care what people say."