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Red Skirts for the Spring 2013 by alexey ,  Jan 28, 2013
The Red Valentino girl, inversely, is the dreamy type. The slightly coquettish, unbridled sort. Nostalgia is her fuel. They also like to think that she does “everything in reverse”. Even the way she dresses herself. What feels right is what’s going out the door with her.
Ghetto tunes against the stately home interior of Home House proved a jarring juxtaposition at Emilio de la Morena's S/S13 show. The collection, too, had a duo of ideas vying for attention. One, the feisty Spanish female of de la Morena's heritage. The other, a chic, modern woman who understands what works for and enhances her body.

How to Wear the Right Color Spring Skirts


    Stay in the know about spring fashions by keeping up to date with the seasonal fashion forecast. While fashion magazines are an excellent resource for the right spring looks in color, you can also find more current runway looks online.
      Choose colors for your spring skirts that will complement your skin color. Since your legs may be bared for the first time in many months, you may be able to reduce their pale appearance by choosing colors that will enhance your skin's natural undertones of red or yellow.
          Shop for skirts in lighter shades of the primary colors red, blue and yellow. Typically, pastel shades of these hues are reminiscent of spring flowers and the holidays associated with this season.

          Look for citrus shades for a warm spring look. Since these are typically variations of the warmer hues of red and yellow, your skirts will exude warmth like the rays of spring sunshine.