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Jennifer Lopez through the years by Tanya ,  Jan 31, 2013

Actress, singer and dancer: in the entertainment world, this is known as a "triple threat."

Club alumna Jennifer Lopez is all that and more. Lopez honed her performing skills at the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club in the Bronx, N.Y., where she was an early member of the Club's renowned performing arts program. Lopez made her feature film debut in 1995. Her 1997 portrayal of slain Tejana singing star Selena won Lopez a Best Actress award from American Latino Media Arts. A popular recording artist, Lopez's Grammy-nominated 1999 debut album, On the 6, sold more than 6 million copies worldwide.

If you want to cook one of the hottest Cocktails of our time you should take a lot of talents: acting, singing, songwriting, dancing, fashion design, show business, entrepreneurship, choreography,  a model – mix them, and you’ll get Jennifer Lopez.


  • tremendous persistence in achieving a dream;
  • stubbornness;
  • greediness for success;
  • luck.

To cook a Dream Cocktail you should take a small but very goal-oriented girl from a poor district of New York – Bronx. Her family was very poor so J.Lo had to cook the dish of her success alone without anyone’s help.

Her parents wanted for Jennifer to achieved success in life that’s why insisted on “serious” education; thus Jennifer attended Baruch College to get into law business, but the girl didn’t leave her dream about scene and had enough power to add tremendous persistence to her dish of success: she had a day job in a law company and danced in Manhattan clubs at night. Jennifer paid for her singing and dancing lessons herself.
Just in a month after getting on a payroll of a respected law company Jennifer added the next ingredient to her dish – obstinacy – she left her law education, quit her day job and… left home (parents didn’t understand such “light-minded” behavior of their daughter). In such a way a young girl encountered problems of an adult life in the age of 19. She lived in the dancing studio, got $20 for a dance in a cheap video and attended various castings almost every day.
It took many months for J.Lo to add the next ingredient to her Cocktail – luck (she got a job as a “Fly Girl” dancer on the television comedy program In Living Color). Finally the chain-reaction gave serious results: she started getting interesting roles in movies; the most significant one was the main part in “Selena” (J.Lo was one of almost 20,000 actresses who applied for this role, and after getting $1,000,000 for this part she became the most high-paid Latin American actress at that time).
Now Jennifer was rich and famous but it doesn’t mean that the Cocktail is ready! As you know, most of our recipes consist of many ingredients and it was time to add the next one – the singing career. As always, J.Lo was very self-confident and started cooking her first music album – On The 6 (a reference to the 6 subway line she used to commute to work in Manhattan from her home in the Bronx during the early years of her career).

The album was the brightest expression of her Dream Cocktail: in a blink of an eye it got the Billboard 200 and the Billboard Hot 100! If You Had My Love, Let’s Get Loud, Waiting For Tonight– bursting ingredients of the Cocktail that proved that a talented person is talented in everything!It was a very good start of a music career… and definitely it was not the end of the cooking process!

Jennifer applied too much efforts to achieve success in show-business so couldn’t stop after getting such a bright triumph! She is greedy for success, that’s why cooks only from the best ingredients and always gets the tastiest results: as a producer of different shows (for example, “DanceLife”), as a business-lady (in fashion industry she launched a clothing line, in restaurant business she opened a Cuban restaurant, in a perfume industry she introduced few fragrances; she also owns a film and television production company) and as a beautiful woman (she is one of the Most Beautiful in the world).

What driving force brought her such an astonishing success? It was a simple desire to make the dream come true mixed with tremendous persistence, huge obstinacy, greediness for success and sweet luck that she managed to see and to use.