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Adorable Halloween Costumes for Dogs by VeresJanan ,  Oct 14, 2015
Dogs and cats wearing Halloween costumes
Adorable Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Two Lady Bugs and a Monkey

Maggie, Gracie and Trooper - Dobermans

Dogs Halloween Costumes - Dobermans in Halloween Costumes


Luke, a Standard Poodle

Dog Halloween Costumes - Poodle Dressed as Zebra

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This sea-dog is ready to hunt for monsters of the deep. (And yes, he dives for Scuba-snacks.) But does he ride a Sea-Doo?
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Lobster Dog

The pincers on this little lobster-paws are harmless. But the intense cuteness of this crustacean creature will grab you like a vice grip and won't let go!
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Mighty Lion Dog

Who knew a dog could make such a fierce king of the jungle? (Just don't call him “Kitty.”)