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Bath, Bristol, Wells. by michael ,  Jul 26, 2013
The first target point in my itinerary was Bath. Most of the guides set it as "must go" place.  Since, as usually, I was late with my trip preparation I could not find anything in city by reasonable price. Bristol is just 15 min away and I booked there appartment for 2 nights.  It was not that bad decision. I really enjoyed Bristol's city center.
Anyway, from Heathrow to Bristol is about 90 min driving, but, first, I stopped in Windsor castle
After dropping bags in Bristol's apartment I rushed to Bath. Bath is antique city settled by Romans (actually, same, as many other British cities)  Well, it was evening already and all attraction sites were closed. I just enjoyed strolling on streets of Bath and river embankment.


Next morning we started from trip to Wells. I really loved this city. 

If you like medieval cities, as I do, you will enjoy Wells much more thан Bath. Early morning with light rain made city deserted and my walk particularly enjoyable. 

There is also very impressive cathedral: 


Market near cathedral was full of local style humor:

Bishop's palace was closed for wedding, but gardens were open and really enjoyable:

Coming back from there to Bath was not fun at all. Saturday just added to make it extra crowded. It took me few loops over city center to just find place in parking lot. All parking lots were full by cars looking for spot.
Streets were crowded and line (well, britons call it queue)  continues around the corner of Bath main attraction - Roman bath. The place was so crowded that I had to wait in order to get close to every view point or poster. The site itself is pretty interesting, but if you do not have some special interest in roman civilisation you can easily skip it. Well, maybe I was just in right place in wrong time. Anyway, my advice, if you are crowd fans and tourist from China do not go to Bath on summer weekends.

I spent pretty enjoyable evening strolling central streets and embankment in Bristol. Very English city which does not pretend to be major tourist destination is really fun. Even local crowd moving from pub to pub just added to the local expirience.