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Pelican 1620 Case with Foam for Camera (Black) by Review Summary ,  Jul 29, 2015

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Pelican 1620 Case with Foam for Camera (Black)
Report Date: 08/12/2015
Based on 50 customer reviews
Overall satisfaction: 4.8
Returned or considering to return: 6.0%

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Individual Feature Rating
Case4.3   average

Quotes from the Reviews - What People Say about:


"In short, great case, but it will provoke frustration if you pack it carefully for air travel and then find the contents strewn haphazardly around upon arrival."
"Out of dozens of cases I've had one small failure - called Pelican - in two days I had a replacement part which was on the case in about 5 minutes."
"The weight of the case is a challenge with today's baggage restrictions so, we pack even smarter now."
"(the only reason I haven't yet is because I would not be able to utilize all the room in another case this size).The case was used during transportation on a shipboard environment and was able to keep my equipment safe, secure, and dry."
"Just know that this is one of the better if not the best case for airport travel as checked in baggage."
"I LOVE Pelican cases."
"Good solid case that does what it's made for"
"I have tried many other cases in my time traveling overseas and nothing....NOTHING beats the functionality and durability of these cases! "
"It's a heavy duty durable case, which is great, but it's a very heavy case even when empty."

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