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More keeppies by alexey
Sweet World by alexey ,  Apr 5, 2013

Don't make a mistake.  This is chocolate!

Chocolate ~ Exotic• White chocolate panna cotta, passion fruit, almond crumble• German chocolate, coconut espuma, candied pecans• Bittersweet chocolate cream, rum bananas, macadamia nut

Strawberry margarita jello shots,

July is a great month: it is summer in all it’s glory, so of course it’s been declared National Ice Cream Month AND National Berry Month. I don’t know what organization determines these national designations, but we food bloggers love themes and I’ve seen tons of frosty frozen treats to cool a sweltering nation, luscious, exotic ice cream and gelato flavors, and mouthwatering berry cakes, scones, and muffins to support this theory.