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Sparkly Paper Lanterns by Priyanka ,  Jan 24, 2013
Every year Rapunzel spent locked away in the tower, her parents sent beautiful floating lamps into the night sky in hopes that their daughter was out there somewhere to see them.
Paper lanterns have been associated with both Asian and European cultures to add to the aesthetic appeal of a place. In accordance to the material used for construction, these paper lanterns are classified into various categories such as paper, metal frames, tough paper sheets and even bamboo. In Japan and China, paper lanterns are closely related to festive times and this is the primary reason that they are available in a huge variety there. From decorating homes to advertising, these paper lanterns have served numerous interesting purposes. In this section we offer some paper lantern craft ideas. The craft projects range from how to make a simple paper lantern?, How to make a flying paper lantern or sky lantern?, how to make paper bag lantern? and much more.
All it takes to come out with a beautiful paper lantern are some supplies and loads of creativity. Paper lanterns are something special to make as they are quite inexpensive and excitement they promise is completely unmatchable. Soft glow of paper lanterns can add warmth to any area of the home, thus making them simply perfect to be placed anywhere.
How to Make a Simple Paper Lantern?All it takes to come out with a beautiful paper lantern are some supplies and loads of creativity. Paper lanterns are something special to make as they are quite inexpensive and excitement they promise is completely unmatchable. Soft glow of paper lanterns can add warmth to any area of the home, thus making them simply perfect to be placed anywhere.• In first step, the paper being used needs to be folded lengthwise so that creases are formed. Then with the help of scissors these folded edges are to be cut while starting and ending at about 1 inch from edges.• Now the paper can be unfolded and the designs desired can be made.• Next step is to glue the one inch edges and allowing the lantern to dry by holding them with paper clips. In this step, the ribbons with which the lantern is going to be hanged are to be glued.• Now measure lantern’s diameter and then cut a cardboard piece which matches the dia.• In the last step, tap lights can be placed on the base of the cardboard and then switched on. There is no compulsion that only tap lights can be used for illumination, option of candles could also work fine.When making paper lanterns, it has to be ensured that the lantern is given enough time to dry up. When using decorative fabrics or strings to the paper lantern, it would be better to avoid the heavy and hanging stuff as this would ruin the paper’s condition.

How to Make a Flying Paper Lantern or Sky Lantern? 
Flying lanterns also known as the sky lanterns can add sparkle and excitement to a dull party. In most of the Asian festivals these flying lanterns are considered as a favorite decorative item. Areas to use Chinese sky paper lanterns and flying paper lanterns are infinite as they can be used in conjunction with music or fireworks anywhere.

• To come out with a unique flying lantern, it is required to pin four tissue paper sheets to a clothesline, spraying with a fireproof product and then allowing the paper to completely dry.
• Second step is to affix with glue both the treated and untreated sheets of tissue paper and then joining them end-to-end.• Now is the time to draw pattern that is like a half mitten as with this the lantern is going to look like a hot air balloon. Four half mitten portions are to be then joined with a tape on a flat portion with open bottom. This is the mock up design and if it appears fine, the tapes can be removed.
• Then with the help of a craft pattern, the tissue papers are to be cut ending up with four curved pieces with a straight edge. Now the pieces of the flying lantern are to be glued up together, leaving the side edges opened and bottom of the lantern ready.• Now one has to make a bamboo hoop by cutting a bamboo into thin strips and then gluing up the ends.
• Then install wire X to the frame, covering the cardboard square with a foil and then securing them to the center of the X with the help of staples.
• In next step a foil cup has to be created which can hold cotton ball and then it has to be taped to the center of the pad.
• In this step the tissue paper has to be attached to a hoop at the opened bottom and it has to be ensured that the foil cup faces inside.
• In the last step, the person needs soaking cotton ball in the rubbing alcohol and then placing this saturated cotton in foil cup. Now the cotton has be lighted as with this the whole lantern will get filled with hot air. When sides of lantern get warm, it will start going away and then it can be released.If it is warm outside, then only flying lanterns are to be launched, otherwise it is not going to fly away. How to Make a Diwali Paper Lantern Diwali, the festival of lights is known for its pompous and illuminated spirit and diwali lanterns are slowly becoming an integral part of the celebrations. For the people residing in India, diwali is the most awaited festival and everyone loves to have unique decorations all over the house. Diwali lanterns not only make the ambience look illuminated but are also considered as a symbol of positivity. Kandeel is the Indian name of diwali lanterns and almost every household celebrating diwali likes to have these in home.
• First step requires taking sheets of the A4 paper and then joining them from one end to other using glue.
• In next step, one can color the paper with bright shades and allowing them to dry up completely.
• For making diwali lantern, paper has to be folded in the same style as one makes paper fans. This process requires tucking the fold over an inch and making other fold in the opposite direction.
• Now pull all the papers softly to separate them and start unfolding the lantern slowly at one end. •Following the creased folds, the unfolding process has to be carried out as this would result in 2 v shaped papers.
• With the help of a sewing needle, start from one end and push it firmly through all the folds leaving almost half inch of the thread on each side. Then same process is to be repeated on the opposite side and finally the threads are to be tied on each end.
• Now the diwali paper lantern is ready to be revealed by pulling out the folded papers gently. To add to the beauty of these diwali lanterns, one can display different colored lights as this adds to their festive look.

How to Make Paper Bag Lantern? 
Paper bag lanterns are popular in most of the eastern countries due to their elegant and sophisticated designs. Anyone can create a paper bag lantern at home by using fancy papers and paper shopping bags. Thick plastic bags should be used as these can withstand a good amount of pressure and experimentation.
• Gather up the things that would be required to make paper bag lanterns namely scissor or cutter, pencil, paper bag and light bulbs.
• It all depends on ones interest to choose the designs and patterns. Sketching both sides of the paper bags is the first thing that has to be done.• Then using a cutter, the design formed with sketching can be cut.
• Now that the design has been cut, lighting device such as candle can be placed inside the paper bag. One thing that has to be ensured is that no part of the paper bag touches the lighting area as this could make it burn.
• With the help of perforation, designs can be placed on the lantern easily and this is quite time saving also. Making lanterns out of a shopping bag is an easy task, but one thing has to be assured that has paper does not sag to any of the sides.

How to Decorate a Paper Lantern With Tissue Paper 
Any kind of decoration on the paper lanterns is going to make them look beautiful and attractive. Paper lanterns can make any area of the home illuminate and make the entire ambience appear vibrant. Tissue papers are a favorite option of decorating the paper bags as with incorporating a decorative flair becomes easy.
• When it comes to decorating the paper lanterns with tissue paper it would be better to come out with a unique theme. Be it Christmas tree or a birthday party, one can choose any that seems creative and easy.
• Now is the time to buy all the required stuff such as paper bags, tissue papers, pencil, scissors, tea lights, tape and some sand.• The first step requires placing the stencil on the top two third of the paper bag as with this the candle is going to light up completely. With the help of the pencil the stencil can be traced.
• Once it is completely traced, scissors can be used to cut this drawing. Now one has to poke scissor’s tip to the drawing’s corner. Then cut following the line till the entire picture comes out.
• Now tissue can be slide into the paper bag ensuring that the stencil area is properly covered. Tape the tissue paper in the inner area of the bag till it is totally secure.
• In the last step, 1/3 rd of the paper bag has to covered with sand and then put a light in the center of the sand. Then the light can be illuminated to let the tissue decoration become visible.Decorating paper lanterns is easy and one has to see that the tissue papers are handled carefully.

How to Make a Round Chinese lantern 
Round Chinese lanterns are known for their soft glow as with them mood of any room can be changed dramatically. Making round Chinese lanterns is a very simple process if one has papier mache base ready as then only the task of adding lights is left.
• Things required for making round Chinese lanterns are balloons, strings, flour, rice paper, scissors, glue, thread, lighting fixture and pins.
• Inflate a balloon according to the size of the lantern that one desires to have. Then hang the balloon with the help of a string so that it these could be used from all sides.
• Now use a one inch wide strip of the rice paper that goes right with the balloon’s length.
• Next is the step to create the papier mache solution by slowly mixing up equal quantities of water and flour. This mixture has to be stirred till a batter like consistency is formed.
• Now the rice strips are to be dipped in this glue solution and the excess glue from the corners has to be removed before these are placed on the balloon.
• Till the balloon is covered properly, these strips are to be applied.
• Now that the balloon has been covered, it has to be given some time to dry up.
• In this step, on the either sides of the lantern small holes are to be made using scissors and then pieces of balloon have to be removed through the opening areas.
• Now one need to take 2 wire pieces that could fit into the hole easily and then glue the wire circle from all the ends. For hanging the lantern, straight pieces of wire are to be placed in the center of the holes.
• Once the above steps are done, with the help of a thread a tassel for hanging the lantern has to be created.
• Now each lantern can be filled with the lighting fixture that could illuminate them. While selecting rice papers, if one wants to add a fun element then multiple color one can be chosen.

How to Make a Paper Lantern From Computer Paper 
Making paper lanterns from a computer paper is the easiest possible kids craft and can be done by anyone who loves crafting. For this no mastery is required as all it asks for is a little bit of creativity and loads of fascination.
• First step involves folding a paper into half by going in the lengthwise direction.
• Now with the help of the folds, snips are to be formed, keeping aside 1 inch for the margin.
• In the last step, these snips are to be unfolded and stapled to form a paper lantern. For this one has to cut 1 inch strip of the computer paper and then affix them to make a handle.By the end of this process, one can have a simple yet attractive paper lantern.

Buying Paper Lanterns For The Festive Season 
With the arrival of the festive season, everyone is on the hunt for a highly attractive decorative item and paper lanterns certainly fits the bill. sells paper lanterns wholesale. If you are looking for cheap paper lanterns, buy them in bulk. You will find a huge variety that is not only attractive but economical also. Buyers can browse through the complete collection of Japanese and Chinese paper lanterns to select something different this festive time.

Here Is What You Will Need To Make Your Chinese Paper Lantern Craft

Check out the list below to see what you will need to make a Chinese Paper Lantern with your child. As you can see, the list of items required to make your Chinese Paper Lantern is really basic. You don't have to get anything special.
  • Colored Construction Paper (A4 size)
  • Glue/Tape/Staplers
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Stickers, Glitters, Gems, Colored Pen or Other Decorations
The beautiful paper lanterns that adorn the streets of Japan during festivals and holidays are like non The beautiful paper lanterns that paper lanterns with a little decorative paper and some simple cutting techniques!  These look fantastic hung through out

Step-by-Step Instructions To Make A Chinese Paper Lantern With Kids

  • Gather the items you will need to make your Chinese Paper Lantern
  • Fold an A4 sized paper into half lengthwise
  • Draw horizontal lines about 1 inch apart starting from the folded part upwards but not all the way to the top. Leave about 1 inch undrawn at the top
  • Cut along the lines you have just drawn
  • Unfold your paper
  • Glue/Tape one end of the paper onto the other end forming a circle or lantern shape
  • Cut another strip of paper to make a handle and glue the handle in place
  • Decorate the lantern as you like
These decorations really layer on the style. Any pale-colored paper lantern can be covered with tissue circles (buy them precut -- no scissors required) for a charming fluttery finish. They may look intricate, but it takes only half an hour to make one. The lanterns appear festive and ethereal by day and, if you place low-wattage lightbulbs inside, softly radiant by night.

Tissue-Paper Lantern How-To

The lanterns are monochromatic, but you can play with the design by creating an ombre pattern (gradations of the same color) or stripes. You can even use green disks at the tops of the lanterns so that they resemble berries with leafy stems.

Tools and Materials

  • Tissue-paper disks in assorted colors
  • Double-sided tape
  • 14-, 16-, or 18-inch-diameter paper lanterns

1. Starting at the bottom of the lantern, use small squares of tape to begin attaching tissue-paper disks around the hole, overlapping them.

2. Working toward the top, continue sticking and overlapping disks to cover the lantern.