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Top 10 Best Valentine Surprises by Tanya ,  Feb 10, 2015

Number 10

Cook her favorite meal

You know the old expression, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"? Well, this maxim applies to women, too. And it's also a great way to get into their pants. Impress her with your culinary skills by cooking up something she loves to eat. She'll be blown away by both the meal itself and the time you took to research and create it. Even more importantly, when she walks in from work and sees her man cooking her favorite meal for her, she'll be more than happy to offer herself up as dessert. Make sure you throw something sexy into the mix too, like chocolate fondue. Nothing seals the deal better than giving your woman a hefty dose of cocoa goodness

Number 9

Set up a scavenger hunt

Here's a fun and highly creative activity that is sure to amaze her. Use your relationship and past experiences together as a theme. Place clues in various familiar locales and use questions that will lead her to new locations with the promise of a gift or reward at each. Write clues like, "Go to where we first kissed" or "Take a drive to where we got drunk on our anniversary." At each stop, have another note planted along with a candy or a chocolate treat to inspire her along the way. Have the clues eventually lead her back home, where you can whisk her to the final locale on her scavenger hunt: the bedroom.

Number 8

Take her shoppin

This one is fun for her and easy to execute for you. Shopping is likely already one of her favorite activities, so, rather than just buying her a gift, take her along to pick it up. For the gift itself, get her some traditional Valentine's Day fare, like jewelry, chocolates or the gift that keeps on giving: lingerie. As a bonus, why not kickstart the day by surprising her with some jewelry you picked out? You could get her some earrings, a necklace or a beautiful ring. She'll only love you more for it.

Number 7

Rent a limo

You may not have rented a limo since your high school graduation, but you know what? There's a reason that you rented one back then. It was fun and a sure-fire way to impress the ladies. It can still be both. Arrange for the chauffeur to pull up to her work when she is finished her day, then invite her in for a whirlwind ride. Take a long drive around the city, and play tourist by visiting the sights while you eat caviar and drink champagne. You'll have her feeling like the most special woman in town and, as a bonus, you can put up that barrier that separates you from the driver and make out like teenagers all over again.

Number 6

Learn together

As it involves learning, this one will take some additional effort on your part. But that doesn't mean that you can't do something that's both romantic and fun. Remember all those times she suggested taking dancing lessons? Well, put on your dancing shoes, pal, now is your chance to make her wish come true. Book some lessons at a salsa or merengue club. They're both sexy dances that'll get the two of you hot and heavy once you start perfecting your steps. If dancing's not her bag, put your names down for scuba diving lessons. You'll get to see her in a skintight rubber suit, and it'll give you an excuse to put your new skill to work on a tropical vacation.

Number 5

Plan a romantic evening
Start your romantic evening by preparing its final stop: Rent a fancy hotel room, decorate it with candles and set the mood with music. Put some champagne and wine to chill, then fetch your woman for an unforgettable night. The trick here is to never let her know what activity you have lined up next. She'll love the thrill of the mystery her man has put before her. Buy her a sexy outfit, and present it to her at the start of the evening. Next, take her out for drinks and dinner at an upscale restaurant, and then go dancing. At the end of the night, bring her to the hotel and give her the second, more revealing outfit that you picked up for her. Have her model it, then let nature take its course.

Number 4

Revisit your first date
This is a simple activity, but it's guaranteed to bring the memories flooding back (the good ones, that is) and make her grateful that she's with you. Assuming you remember where you had your first date, replicating it should be easy enough. If it was at a restaurant, speak to the manager beforehand to make sure you can get the same table and order up the same fare as you did your first time there. Surprise your woman by telling her you're going out for Valentine's Day, but don't specify where. Once you get there, she'll understand the reason for your choice -- women always remember these things.

Number 3

Be her slave for the day
At first glance, this might seem like a lot of work. And if your relationship is in turmoil, you might not want to give her the opportunity to say, "Okay, slave. I want you to clean up the house, paint the basement and re-tar the roof!" Lay out some ground rules beforehand. Tell her that you'll be her willing slave for the duration of the day, on the conditions that no manual labor be involved and that all her fantasies be indulged. This should get her thinking in a direction that you'll both enjoy.

Number 2

Organize a romantic getaway
You've seen this a million times on TV: The man buys plane tickets to some exotic locale like Hawaii or Venice, and takes his overjoyed woman away on a surprise vacation. Why has it become such a clich? Because it works. This is one of the best gifts you can give your woman. It's completely out of left field, and she'll be able to brag to her girlfriends about what a great man she has. You'll go down in the boyfriend hall of fame. Just make sure you do this right. Clear her schedule with her office beforehand, so she doesn't get fired for missing work. Pack all her bags for her and make the other necessary arrangements so that all she'll have to do is hop in a cab with you and relax on a beach for a couple of days. You'll be congratulating yourself on a job well done for the rest of the year, as will she every time she rewards you in bed.

Number 1

Hey, if you were planning to pop the question anyway, why not make it extra special by doing it on Valentine's Day? There is no greater gift, and no greater surprise, that you could give your woman. Just get the ring ready, practice your kneeling motion, rehearse your lines, then pop the question. Your instant gratification will be some crying, hugging, kissing, jubilant screaming, sex, or all of the above. The long-term bonus? You'll never have to worry about forgetting what date you got engaged on.

start planning

Now that you have all these ideas to work with, go make your plans and get ready for her to shower you with love and affection for your efforts.